Writer Anatoly Nekrasov: Biography and Creativity

Anatoly Nekrasov, whose biography began 9September 1950 in the Altai, in the village of Belom, the first step in his career made as a regular locksmith. Over the years, he rose to the post of director of the plant. Until the age of 41, he knew absolutely nothing about psychology or esotericism. He was, as he himself says, a pure Marxist atheist.

The beginning of history

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And one day in those years, one clairvoyant saidhim, that he would become a writer. The news greatly amused Anatoly, because before that his greatest achievement in the field of writing was the drafting of orders for the plant, which he headed. But, as it turned out, the woman was right. And already after 10 years, Anatoly Nekrasov is a writer whose biography is full of a lot of research, the publication of many books and an impressive number of achievements in his field. How did it all start? What dramatically changed the life of this remarkable man?

Crucial moment

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In the forty-first year of life, Anatoly's healthwas in serious danger - he fell seriously ill. Doctors refused to treat him. But the verdict of the doctors did not kill in the future the philosopher the desire to live. He began to look for alternative ways of recovery. So gradually, Anatoly pulled himself out of the clutches of death.

After that, he began to think about questionshealth. What influences him? Why does not a healthy lifestyle lead to longevity? Exploring this topic, he went deep into the distant past. He began with the philosophical works of the famous sages of antiquity. For some time he lived in India, Syria, and then completely moved into the sphere of philosophy, psychology and esoterics. He graduated from the University of the Russian Academy of Education in Moscow and became a professional psychologist.

A New Look

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During his work, Anatoly Nekrasov becameto notice that the fundamentals of maintaining health are not only proper nutrition and exercise. He saw that the course of the disease largely depends on the patient's family, on the psychological climate in the house, on the principles on which this cell of society is built.

Starting to study the family, Anatoly Nekrasov facedwith the fact that nowhere is a systematic approach to its construction described. Reading the works of Confucius and other great people of the past and the present, he came to the conclusion that this approach never existed. Psychologists and philosophers viewed the family in separate parts, solving certain problems. And then he decided to fill in the missing elements of the mosaic.

Arguments of Anatoly Nekrasov about the familyhad not only a purely theoretical character. He conducted all scientific research in the first place, exploring his family, implementing a new approach in the practice of relations. After all, as the well-known psychologist believes, before you write something, you need to pass it through yourself, through your life experience.

Anatoly believes that in life there is nothingimpossible. You can solve everything: remove restrictions, get rid of stereotyped thinking and become freer. In his experience, he proves that this is so. In 65 years Anatoly leads an active lifestyle. Constantly travels, carries ideas to the masses - shares his experience and knowledge acquired over twenty years of work in the field of interpersonal relations.

Famous writer's family

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Anatoly Nekrasov already has seven children, seven grandchildren and one great-grandson. His wife often accompanies him on long trips. This is a big and friendly family.

It is recognized that he loves his family and his work,Anatoly Nekrasov. The photos he publishes from various trips prove this. The psychologist looks happy and energetic. And people who have visited his trainings and meetings, describe an incredible surge of energy and a desire to change something in their lives for the better.

Achievements in the literary field

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Anatoly Nekrasov is a writer whose rating of books is consistently high. And this is confirmed by the fact that many works have already been reprinted more than once. And some are translated into several languages.

Let us consider some of the works that were writtenAnatoly Nekrasov. The bibliography of this writer has about 40 books, not counting reissues. In this article, we will consider three works that are aimed specifically at preserving well-being in the family.

  • Anatoly himself in his interviews advises reading first of all his most famous book"Mother's love".This work touches on a number of importantHowever, the essence is to consider the negative, depressing role of excessive maternal love: when a child comes to the fore in the family, it becomes the sun around which parents and all other relatives spin. Spouses forget about each other, forget about themselves, and this leads to disastrous consequences.
  • "Rod. A family. Human".This book encourages a deeper exploration of the lives ofparents, grandparents. To trace the causes of problems in their family, in relations with other people. And on the basis of this, draw certain conclusions, change themselves, their relationships, so as not to repeat the fate of their ancestors. The author suggests a way of solving problems that stretch for the whole family. Anatoly Nekrasov believes that this work is necessary for reading by those people who are just going to create a family. This is a practical guide for those who want to become a true "captain of a family ship".
  • "Love polygon". We are accustomed to hear the concept of "lovetriangle ": when a third person interferes in the relationship of two. But in fact there can actually be more such elements. One of the spouses gives more love to the car, fishing, girlfriends, mother or children. On this basis, there can be significant problems leading to the destruction of the family.

How not to please in such a polygon? How to restore the balance of love in a family relationship? We are looking for answers in this book.

The books of Anatoly Nekrasov are worth reading. On their pages a great human wisdom is laid, which will help build prosperity, nurture love, find happiness.

Training work

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Certainly, for a long period of itsactivity as a psychologist Anatoly Nekrasov held many lectures and seminars for his readers and clients. But his last training "Flow of Life" is different from the previous ones. All because of the fact that in this work he combined all the knowledge and skills acquired over the past twenty years. The course allows for a short time to pass the point of no return to the previous life, to find happiness, which will increase every day.


Recently, Anatoly is working on a newchild. This is a completely new approach in the study of interpersonal relationships and working on oneself. "Master of a happy life" - this is the name of the play based on the books of Anatoly Nekrasov.

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