Wishes to Grandpa Happy Elderly Man

Good day! Today we heartily want to congratulate all the grandfathers on whose well-deserved holiday gray hair has penetrated and whose faces were covered with fine, deep wrinkles.

We wish all grandparents to keep their light in their eyes, hearts and soul. Let your years give you a sea of ​​pleasant memories, and your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren just make you happy!

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Funny congratulations on the Day of Elderly People in verses and prose

Congratulations to the grandmother. Happy Elderly Man. In verse and prose.

Best Greetings to Grandpa Happy Elderly Man in Poems

Happy Senior Day, dear grandfather,
Our kind, beloved, glorious,
You have a lot - many years
In our family, the most important.
May your life be long
Let joy, happiness, knock at home
You shall be strong, grandpa, and hold on,
Let the bad weather pass you by.


You are always fair, calm,
In our family, you're just a treasure
Such a good grandfather,
Congratulations on the holiday I am very happy.
On the day of the elderly, accept the warmest words,
May happiness always smile to you
Let life be like a full river
May God grant you health, joy, warmth.

Happy older people congratulate you
I won't leave without attention
Grandpa, you are my real hero
And the soul is always young.
Be always healthy and confident
Be always meaningful to everyone in our family,
May fate favor you
May the cherished dream come true.

Happy elderly people, dear grandfather,

Forget alarm, sadness and cold,
Though behind your back you have been for many years,
But you are beautiful and young soul.
Let the sun shine for you,
And let the stars shine more often,
Let her give you every day
Good luck, joy, happiness.

In the day of the elderly, congratulations accept
I wish you strong health and many years
To always by example
We were inspired, dear grandfather.
Let every day reward you with good
Joy, luck and happiness
Let life flow like a full river
Let in impotence run off all bad weather.

You are an example for me, a real hero
I am proud, admire, admire you,
I always need your wise advice,
T walking encyclopedia is not a secret.
On the day of the elderly I wish you from the heart,
Do not grow old and not be ill, do not be sad or bored,
May your dreams come true,
I wish to live, not to grieve, and never lose heart.

Funny poems grandpa Happy Elderly Man Day

Dear grandfather, you are not yet old,
You are wise and young in spirit,
We live with you always in joy
You warm us like the sun in spring.
Happy older people congratulate you
We wish you strong health,
Let everything be fine in your life,
Let for your good, fate will generously reward you.

My dear grandfather
Holiday celebrate.
Seniors today
The world is honored.

I wish you, grandfather,
Good health.
Forces will be let for
Light feast.

Grandpa, my dear little man,

I heartily congratulate you.
Today is your holiday,
I wish you health and well.

I wish not to be sick and smile more often,
For trifles, I wish not to be sad.
With a good mood to wake up,
The most beloved grandfather to be!

Grandpa, my dear grandfather,

I hurry to congratulate you today
I wish you good health
Throw away any blues.

I wish more longevity,
Let children and grandchildren give you joy,
Happy Older people congratulations
I wish your dream come true.

The day of the elderly has arrived

You, grandpa, congratulations,
I wish you vigor and strength
Live a fun, not discouraged!

Be strong in spirit and healthy
Do not worry about trifles
I will help you with everything
Live and do not be afraid.

Man is my best grandfather!

You are intelligent, noble, strong-willed,
A sense of humor pretty much endowed
In many matters you are strong!

I wish you health, victories,
Interests, joys and long years,
Good smiles best friends
Implement the desired ideas!

My grandpa is elderly,

But not at all old
He is young in life
Healthy and ruddy.

Let his year run
Happy crowd
That was always fun
My grandfather is dear!

Nothing clouded
Beautiful deep sleep
And the heart to beat
Health in unison!

Short sms to grandpa Happy Elderly Man

Grandpa, you are the head of our family!

Let your eyes shine with joy
Let the heart be warm and light,
And surrounds love and goodness!

You understand life better than us
You give the necessary and true advice,
We thank you for your example,
After all, you have achieved everything you wanted!

In our generation, all men are glorious,
Grandfathers and fathers are the main ones in our families.
But today is my grandfather's holiday:
Only seniors - how to call it?

Yes, my grandfather lived, he saw a lot,
Only the decrepit old grandfather did not.
He is young at heart, so strong,
Grandpa is athletic, passionate about something.

I want to wish for the grandfather of forces,
So that and more fresh you were!

Congratulations to the beloved grandfather Happy Elderly Man in prose

Favorite Grandpa! I congratulate you on the Day of the elderly, but, honestly, this is not your holiday. You are still young, full of strength and energy, and age is just a number! Thank you for your hard work and golden hands, the whole house is always on you! Stay always the same full of energy and vigor, never pain, and do not even think to grow old! We love you!

Grandpa, on the International Day of Older Persons, I would like to wish you the strongest and most durable health, body and soul vigor, optimistic strength and self-confidence, I wish you cheerful mood, sincere love of close people and well-being in the house.

Grandpa, on the International Day of Older Persons, I want to wish you strong forces and inexhaustible energy, vigorous health and fun of the soul, brave deeds and sincere love of family, honor and respect, well-being and optimism.

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