Why is it bad to eat at night and why do you want to eat before bedtime? TOP best recommendations how to satisfy hunger at bedtime

on 11.05.2017

With the onset of night, many who are so eagerly trying to lose weight wake up literally brutal appetite. Is it worth starving yourself, or is it possible to have something to eat at bedtime? If you do not have the strength to endure hunger, there are products that do not harm the body and health, and are acceptable for use at night. What kind? Learn further.


The main thing in the article

Why do you want to eat before bedtime?

First of all, it should be noted that at night a person should fall asleep and allow the body to rest, but not eat at all. If food was eaten less than two hours before bedtime, then the food eaten will not be beneficial,and it will only add to the load on the organs of the digestive system.

If you really want to eat - limitmilkydish orvegetable saladwith the addition of vegetable oil. Food should be light, fatty, butter or sweet will not work. The best option -a cup of kefir, warm tea or milk- Replace snack drink.

The woman eats the meal

In order to disaccustom oneself to such an abnormal habit, it is safe to even say “harmful”, one must first find the cause of such a sudden appetite in the dark:

  1. What you do not have time to eat during the day, eat up at night.Most people because of the insane rhythm of life just do not have time to eat normally during the day, while losing breakfast, lunch or dinner. And in the evening there is no way to control the famine that has accumulated during the day. This activity is fraught with the fact that after a night of overeating, a person does not want to have breakfast in the morning, and this is no reason to rejoice. The body quickly becomes accustomed to eat in such a rhythm and a certain algorithm of actions occurs every day:afternoon restraining from eating - at night overeating - in the morning lack of appetiteand so in a circle.
  2. Food for comfort.For many, food is a kind of antidepressant. The person simply seizes the excitement, thereby removing excess stress. This ritual, though indirectly, resembles the addictions of smoking and drinking alcohol. In this case, a person does not need food, as a way to eat, but only as an opportunity to get rid of the negative accumulated during the day.
  3. Jamming fears.For example, darkness. At the subconscious level, when a person goes to bed, he feels a strange discomfort and anxiety. A night eating can create the illusion of security and tranquility.


To eat or not to eat: what to do if you want to eat before bedtime?

  1. You can eat, but not very fatty foods.The less fat that comes with food, the less it will accumulate in the body. You can eat low-fat meat or cottage cheese, cereals, boiled in water - they will give satiety, but will not turn into extra calories.
  2. A small snack before bedtime.Dinner should be 2-3 hours before bedtime, a slice of lean meat with vegetable salad, or curd with ryazhenka and muesli will be only good. But when it is completely unbearable, then a low-calorie snack to help you.
  3. Light dinner.The tastier and fatter the dinner was, the stronger the appetite will arise after a couple of hours, and eating dinner at one time will be impossible.So make a knight's move - divide the portion, intended for dinner, into several parts and use them in several receptions throughout the evening in small parts.
    Leaving your workplace, eat yogurt, or when you get home, allow yourself a small light snack, and after half an hour or an hour, have dinner. So it will be easier for you to muffle a strong hunger and control eating only the right food at dinner.
  4. Variety in food.When there are a lot of different ingredients in the dishes on the plate, they have more many-sided flavor combinations. “Recognizing” them, you eat more slowly, and the feeling of satiation arisesbefore.Thus, you are satiated with less food. Try to combine in a salad, for example, several varieties of vegetables.
  5. Food on the eve of the full use of food.Nutritionists in their recommendations resort to one simple trick: 20-30 minutes before the evening meal, be supported by a small piece of meat, fish or cottage cheese.with ryebread in combination with a glass of kefir. So dinner will not happen on an empty stomach, and it will be much easier to stay.It turns out that the combination of animal protein and starch saturates the body well with minimal calorie intake. This advice can also be simplified by drinking before meals in 15-20 minutes of mineral or purified water.
  6. Do not limit yourself to delicacies.Dainties most often mean fatty or sugary foods. It is created more to lift the mood through taste buds, but not to saturate the body with nutrients. Eat each piece of delicacy slowly, do not overeat, as this kind of products always lead to gaining excess weight.
  7. Replace food with herbal tea.Make tea from mint, lemon balm, linden, chamomile, - not only is it good for the body, but also not to eatwill want.
  8. Carry out the last meal without spice.Various spices and seasonings irritate taste buds and increase appetite. After a tasty spicy food you want to eat even more. Not for nothing, do you want to eat fatty, festive food more than dietary andfresh.
  9. Little dessert.Allow yourself after a light dinner to eat a small piece of dark chocolate, yogurt with minimal fat content, fruit.Just do not add sugar to fruit, they already contain a huge amount of it.

If you still decide to overcome the feeling of hunger and not eat at night, read our article "How to satisfy hunger without food and get rid of the feeling of hunger in the most effective and simple ways."

Why eat at night - is it bad?

Healthy breakfast. Bowl of yogurt with granola and berries

In addition to overloading the digestive organs, as already mentioned, the absorption of food at night can provoke a number of troubles.

From the side of medicine it’s unhealthy to eat at night - it leads to excessive productioninsulinwhich in turn"Helps" accumulate fat tissue. This is where the dilemma arises - to overeat is bad, butDo not eat at all - also impossible.

Therefore, it is important to fully dine, but do not overeat at night - there must be a happy medium. Remember! Fully - does not mean tight, it is not synonymous.

Scientists from the United States conducted a study. Experiments were conducted on mice, they were divided into two groups and fed too fatty foods. The only difference was that one group was fed in the morning and the other in the evening. Absolutely all the mice gained weight. Only the first grouprecovered by 20%, and the second - by 50%respectively.Here is a good example of what night eating is fraught with. Food at night and slim figure - things are incompatible.

What foods are harmful at night?

There are a number of products that can worsen health, lead to a set of extra pounds and can completely spoil sleep.

  • Avoid taking overnight foods that are digested by the stomach for a long time. In other words -whose low glycemic level.
  • Eliminate products that tend to causefermentation:at night, digestion is not so intense, while pathogenic microflora is active and can cause discomfort, bloating and diarrhea.
  • Spices and spices(including garlic)stimulate the appetite, their use in the evening is fraught with the fact that after 1-2 hours you want to eat again.
  • For a long time, up to about 6 hours, digestedfish and meat, except chicken breast and turkey.Do not lean on them after 6-7 in the evening.

Do not eat dinner with the following foods:


Is it harmful to drink water at night?

Water is the basis of all life, without which life on Earth is simply impossible. Water can and should be drunk at any time of the day when your body requires it. This brings undoubted benefits.

  • At night, when a person breathes or sweats, loses a lot of fluid.To maintain water balanceReplenish your body with a drink, and even better - put a glass of water near the bed.
  • For normalthe processes of digestionwater is needed, it regulates many issues related to acidity, prevents the occurrence of constipation, etc.
  • Helps remove toxins from the body, promotes healthy skin color. Lack of fluid can affect the formation of kidney stones and gall bladder.
  • Contributes to the removal of toxins, perfectly muffles the appetite, which will benefit your figure.
  • Plus for the cardiovascular system. According to studies, people who drank less than two glasses of water a day have a 41% more chance of having a heart attack than those who drink more than five.

How to drink water to lose weight, and what other slimming cocktails will help you to get slim shape, read our special article.

Limitations associated with night drinking water:

  1. Often people fear edema.Yes, indeed, when the body lacks water, it begins to accumulate it in the form of edema.But after a very short time, the body will understand that dehydration does not threaten it, and the problem will go away by itself. However, this rule does not apply to people suffering from disorders of water-salt metabolism.
  2. Also alarming andextra load on the kidneys.Healthy kidneys passing through them with a volume of 2-2.5 liters does not threaten anything (which is considered the norm), but for those who have problems, it is better to coordinate with the doctor.
  3. Drinkingdaily water rate, you can not be afraid that important trace elements will be washed out of the body.


How to get rid of the habit of eating at night?

The main task remains to put in order the food, resorting to less fatty foods and reducing its volume.

  • An evening walk.Later, eating is often due to the need to calm down, rather than satisfy hunger. In order not to eat again - go for a walk.
  • Treat the body, not the stomach.Relax with a bath with foam and aroma oils, go for a massage or take a contrast shower. Physical euphoria will not let you think about food.


  • HikingPhysical activity invigorates, improves mood, and when a person is in motion, he simply has no time to think about food.But do not overdo it, the load should be feasible and moderate.
  • Fall asleep before - eat less.Healthy full sleep has not hurt anyone. Go to bed early, it will be less temptation to conduct an audit in the refrigerator.
  • Aromatherapy procedures.Put a few drops of your favorite essential oil in the aroma lamp or simply buy fragrant sticks. Smells choose soothing, direct your sense of smell to relaxation. About what smells help fight appetite, read here.
  • The principle of self-hypnosis.Convince yourself that you can eat at night, then this activity will become completely uninteresting. But if you constantly think that it is impossible to eat at night, it is easy to break.
  • No time to eat.Behind a crazy rhythm of life often there is not enough time for a meal, so turn this lack into dignity. Visit public places: cinema, theaters, museums, exhibitions. This will enrich your inner world and for a while you will distract from thoughts about food.
  • Keep in mind only healthy foods.Put a bowl of fruit on the table, it's not scary to have a snack. But high-calorie dishes are removed from the eyes.
  • The most charming and attractive.See in yourself a slim and seductive girl.Is such a gorge in the middle of the night?
  • Stickers on the fridge.Cover the refrigerator with stickers with your bad habits, let them always be under your nose and will not allow you to open the refrigerator once again.
  • Motivating photo on the fridge.This may be a photo of donuts, which you would never want to turn into, or an image of a slim girl whose figure you would like to possess.


Foods that you can eat before bedtime

There is an exception in every rule, if you really want to eat, and you can’t fall asleep at all, have a bite to eat some of these products, they are low-calorie and will not adversely affect your figure and health:


As soon as they had dinner, brush your teeth, this is a psychological device that will protect you from further eating and set you up for sleep.

How not to eat at night: video tips experts

Each person is unique, and it is precisely “his own” method of dealing with the famine that has arisen. Do not be afraid to deal with the problem - seek the help of specialists, it is important to jointly find the cause of excessive appetite at night. Do not make a cult of food. A person must eat to live, and not vice versa.Bring back your diet throughout the day, and nightly snacks will go out of need.

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Why is it bad to eat at night and why you want to eat before bedtime TOP of the best recommendations how to quench the feeling of hunger at bedtime 91

Why is it bad to eat at night and why you want to eat before bedtime TOP of the best recommendations how to quench the feeling of hunger at bedtime 24

Why is it bad to eat at night and why you want to eat before bedtime TOP of the best recommendations how to quench the feeling of hunger at bedtime 2

Why is it bad to eat at night and why you want to eat before bedtime TOP of the best recommendations how to quench the feeling of hunger at bedtime 40

Why is it bad to eat at night and why you want to eat before bedtime TOP of the best recommendations how to quench the feeling of hunger at bedtime 69