Why does not sound work?

Many people, working on the computer, listen to music, so the absence of sound becomes a real problem. However, it can be solved quite quickly, without seeking help from a service center.

From our article you can find out why the sound does not work on the computer.

The reasons for the lack of sound on the PC

There are several reasons whyThere may be no sound in the computer. For this reason, you will need to try several ways to restore it before you can restore everything to its own.

Headphones or speakers are out of order

Let's start with the most obvious reasons. If there is no sound on the PC, then first of all you should check the operation of the speakers or headphones. The equipment may be out of order and need to be replaced. There is a possibility that the problem is in the wiring, so you need to check it too. Maybe the speakers just are not plugged in, or the headphone is off.

There is also a possibility that the device has lost its settings. You can read more about this in our article How to adjust the sound.

The corresponding service is disabled

Look at the speaker icon you can findin the lower right corner of the screen. Will it be crossed out in red? If this is the case, you will need to click on the icon with the right mouse button: the menu will drop out, in which you need to select the "Enable sound" option.

Missing driver

The reason for the lack of sound on the PC may be the lack of a driver. The problem can be solved as follows:

  1. You will need to right-click on the icon"My Computer", select "Management", then go to the "Device Manager" section. Look at this section for yellow warning signs.
  2. Find the subsection "Sound, video and gamingdevice "in which your audio playback device should be. If there are yellow icons or there is no device for playing sounds, you need to install the required driver.
  3. To do this, go to "Start", find the "Run" command and enter the services.msc command, then click "OK". Before you will open a window in which you will need to find the service "Windows Audio".
  4. Check its condition: it must be working. If this is not the case, you need to click the service twice, set the start type to "Automatic", then click "Apply" and start the service.
  5. Now go to the "Control Panel" and selectitem "Sounds". It is important that the correct audio device is set by default. Then review the settings of the sound utility and configure them as you like. If the utility is not installed, then it can be done directly from the sound card. Go to the "Start" menu, select "Control Panel" and load the utility.

Breakdown of sound card

In some cases, the absence of sound is associated witha malfunction of the sound card. To check this option, you must replace it with a new one or contact the service center. If you are sure that the sound card has nothing to do with it, but there is still no sound, you can try to return to the previous recovery point in the operating system. To do this, go to the "Start" menu, select "All Programs", then "Standard" - "Service" and "System Restore". Wait until the system is restored, and check the sound: it may appear.

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