Why does garlic rot on the bed. 7 reasons for the problem

Garlic is the most popular vegetable that you canmeet absolutely at every dacha site. It is in demand not only among gardeners, but also among gourmets. Only he can supplement the dish with sharp notes. But before harvesting, it is right and responsible to take a planting and growing. Only at first glance the vegetable seems harmless and unpretentious. In fact, the opposite is true. Let's take a look at the common question about why garlic is rotting in the garden. We will establish why this is happening and how to avoid the problem.

Why rot?

The problem can arise because of many factors. These include:

  • poor-quality planting material;
  • poorly chosen place for planting;
  • constantly moist soil;
  • unfavorable neighborhood with some vegetables;
  • garlic was initially planted incorrectly.

why does garlic rot on the bed

And this is only part of the main reasons that answer the question of why rotting garlic in the garden. Let's consider each reason separately.

How to choose a seed

For such a responsible business,denticles. It is best if you choose varietal garlic for planting. Modern assortment can provide more than 20 kinds of this fine vegetable. Every year the list of seeds is only replenished. You can buy them at any store in which you buy other vegetables.

Remember that the varietal garlic found in the store is difficult.And no one will give a guarantee that you are acquiringthat's it. It is better to take garlic from friends or neighbors in the country. In extreme cases, you can go to the market, taking with him a connoisseur, who will help determine the choice. If you still decide to buy garlic yourself, then look at its external qualities:

  1. On denticles there should be no traces of rot and stains from pests.
  2. It is not recommended to plant garlic of import origin on our latitudes. He will not give a good harvest.
  3. Cracks and cuts on the teeth are not allowed.
  4. Look carefully at the bottom. If it has small cracks, then this indicates that garlic was attacked by a tick.
  5. Before landing, review that all protective teeth retain protective scales.

Why does garlic turn yellow and rot?

You will need the same advice to select an onion.It is chosen in the same way. If the seed was chosen initially low-quality, then do not be surprised why he rotts onions and garlic in the garden.

Where to Plant

The choice of a landing site should be approachedresponsibly. Vegetables like fertile soil. It would be better if it grew cucumbers, beans, peas or zucchini. It is not recommended to plant garlic after onions and potatoes. If your land is infertile, then this can be corrected by the following drugs:

  • superphosphate;
  • potassium sulfate;
  • humus;
  • urea.

The more fertile your land is, the more you can harvest from one square meter of the garden. One must be prepared for the fact that garlic can begin to deteriorate.

7 main reasons

To find out why the garlic is rotting on a bed, you need to understand why this can happen. We will tell you about the seven main reasons:

Reason 1.Lack of nitrogen. The lack of this substance in the ground does not allow the plant to develop well and grow.

Reason 2.Strong drying of the top layer of the soil.After prolonged rains and watering, crusts are formed, which prevent the ingress of oxygen to the roots of garlic. Because of this, many gardeners have a question, why rotting garlic in the garden. What to do, you probably already guessed: it is necessary to loosen the soil after each irrigation.

why does garlic rot on the bed what to do

Reason 3.Too acid soil. If garlic is planted on such a land, then it will not only rot-he will start to turn yellow. In this case, a whole complex of procedures is carried out, which is aimed at deoxidizing the soil.

Reason 4.At the initial stage of vegetable growth it is abundant and often to water.

Reason 5.Pests. If insects have chosen your garlic, then be ready to yellowing the leaves. The most terrible of them-these are nematodes. First they hit the fruit, and then go to the stems and leaves.

Reason 6.Diseases contribute to the formation of rot and yellow. The most common disease is called fusariosis.

Reason 7.At the final stage of the growth of garlic, yellowing of the leaves can occur. This is considered the safest reason. All the juices from the leaves go into the development and growth of the head of garlic.

We examined why garlic is rotting on a bed. How to fight and care for the plant, we will tell further.

Take care of garlic

To prevent all the unpleasant consequences, garlic must be carefully taken care of. This complex includes:

why does garlic rot on the garden how to fight

  1. Warming of the garden, if you plant a vegetable for the winter.
  2. In spring and summer do not forget to carry out top dressing of garlic. To do this, use ammophoska or nitrophosphate in an amount of 20 grams per square meter of the bed.
  3. Loosen and weed the soil from the weeds.
  4. It's time to remove the arrows. Do this in June.
  5. Collect the ripe harvest when the leaves and stem are completely dry and lie down.
  6. After you have dug a vegetable from a bed, it must be dried.
  7. Garlic is stored in a woven form. This garlic is used by many as an edible decoration of the kitchen.

why does onion and garlic rot on the bed

Now that we know why the garlic turns yellow and rot on the bed, it's possible to adjust the care for it.


Do not forget that garlic requires a constantattention and care. As soon as you forget about him, he will immediately begin to ache. In order not to return to the question of why garlic is rotting on a bed, check the causes and prevent them beforehand, until the situation worsens.

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