When to Start Tooth Teeth For Children?

That the child was always healthy and teeth, andthe oral cavity, and the digestive system, one should take care of the purity of his mouth from birth. Therefore, to the question: "When do you start brushing your teeth for children?" Doctors advise: "Even before their appearance!"

Of course, to call this the procedure of cleaning teethit is impossible, rather, it will be a gum massage and hygienic treatment of the oral cavity. But this is already the first step to accustom the infant to the necessary procedure.

Mummy should daily wipe the mucous in the mouth of the baby's finger, wrapped in a piece of gauze or putting on it a special rubber nozzle.

On the surface of this nozzle are smallSpines that produce gum massage. Gauze also contributes not only to cleansing the mouth, but also performs the function of massage. In addition, the child should get used to the fact that every day in his mouth, certain procedures are performed.

And yet, at what age do I brush my teeth?the child needs already with the help of a brush and toothpaste? The bulk of doctors suggest that you need to start with a year. Some people suggest using a soft brush already from the first tooth appearance. In any case, it is necessary to approach the selection of a brush with great care.

It should be with a short soft bristle, withcomfortable round handle. Even the smallest children react positively to bright colors. Therefore it is fine, if the brush is brightly colored, to have a handle in the shape of some animal. It is best for the child's psyche to have an orange color in combination with other "warm" shades. Do not forget that there is a child nearby. When parents brush their teeth with a toothpaste, then it is necessary to carefully consider this point. After all, little kids do not know how to rinse your mouth. They usually suck the paste out of the villi brushes. That's why a special translucent paste-gel was invented, which is not harmful to its digestive system.

In addition, every caring mother already knowstaste preferences of his crumbs. One turns his face away from strawberries, but simply adores the smell and taste of the apple, and the other hates the smell of cocoa, but sweetly smacks of cherries. And the manufacturers of dental children's pastes took care of this! It is easy to pick up exactly that taste, which is favored by a little man.

But if the kid even just chews the brush, will taste the paste - this is a huge victory! You should praise the child for this act! But then, after all, it is worth cleaning his teeth on his own.

After all, the dental plaque, even on one single tooth, harms not only the tooth itself, threatening tooth decay, but also together with saliva enters the digestive system, doing its "dirty business" there as well.

Some parents ask about whenstart brushing your teeth, indefinitely waving your hands. "That's when all the teeth change to real teeth, then we'll start. There is no need to torture the baby with stupid unnecessary procedures from an early age. Anyway, these teeth will fall out, clean them or not clean! "

Yes, that's right, the baby teeth will fall out. Only in the case when the teeth are already infected with caries, there is no absolute certainty that the new ones will appear healthy and in strictly defined places for them. Therefore, there is no need to argue on the topic when starting to brush your teeth for children: the sooner, the better!

Helping a small child with a tooth brushingshould be up to the age of eight. And only after this you can stop controlling the little man. But while it is small, it is necessary to put all your imagination, all your parental flair, to help him not just get used to an unpleasant procedure, but learn how to get real pleasure from it.

Although the question of when to start brushing your teethchildren themselves, rather controversial. Many parents allow children to practice mouth hygiene from five or six years old.

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