What to wear with tights? The answer is simple...

What to wear with tights? This issue is increasingly asked fashionistas who tend to look stylish at any time of the year and emphasize the beauty of their figure. In this article we will talk about how to combine leggings, who can wear such clothes and what are its features.

what to wear with tightsSo, leggings (or leggings) - a kindtight pants. In more simple and understandable words, such pants resemble tights without a bottom for the feet. Initially, if you believe the history of fashion, leggings were worn by the US military in order to emphasize their male figure. The name of this wardrobe subject, according to this theory, came from the word "leg", which in English means "leg". In Russia, these trousers were called "elk" in honor of the material that was used for their tailoring - elk skin. In the women's wardrobe, they came through the success of the fashion collection Chanel at the end of the last century.

In our time, tight pants sew the mostvarious fabrics, including cotton, wool, suede, leather, etc. In addition, leggings today can be of different models, styles, colors. They are added various kinds of pockets, zippers, decorative elements that help the fair sex representatives emphasize the individuality and style. Under what to wear tights, and when should I abandon them?under what to wear tights

Note that this is a universal part of the wardrobe. Not only that you can wear leggings at any time of the year, changing materials and colors depending on the weather and mood. They are also suitable for dresses, tunics, shorts, and skirts. This versatility opens the girl just incredible space for flying fantasy and experimenting with style.

What to wear with tights, if you preferclassic style in clothes? The answer is simple: it can be either an elongated tunic or a short A-shaped dress. In autumn, very stylish look leggings in combination with a long sweater. If you have average height, choose leggings and a dress of the same color. This visually lengthens the figure and makes you slimmer. As a rule, such dress or tunic comes to the line of the thighs and below.

If you are thinking about what to wear with tights in the summer, note that with light summer dresses it is better to combine a shortened version of them.

with what to wear colored leggingsThis wardrobe is often worn with skirts up toknee or lower. In this case, we must not forget that this option will shorten the legs, so it is only the long-legged girls who should choose it. In most cases, it will be more appropriate to look with a leggings mini-skirt or a "tulip" skirt, just above the knee.

Why wear colored leggings? Let's start with the fact that colored leggings are chosen by brave and young women of fashion. This option - an excellent choice for a walk, a disco or a trip to the gym. When choosing such elk, you should pay special attention to the top of clothing and accessories. So, for example, with bright colored leggings, it will be better to look a light top and accessories in tone.

And what about the shoes? What to wear with tights: ballet flats, sneakers or high heels? Leggings are universal enough that depending on their style, color and style under them you can put on any shoes! If you are a short or miniature girl, give preference to a low heel. If you like comfort and convenience, feel free to combine leggings with summer flat shoes. In the autumn it is very fashionable to wear tight trousers with ankle boots or boots.

Whatever leggings you choose, the main thing is that they fit you and your type of figure. Do not be afraid to experiment with images, but do it wisely.

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What to wear with tights The answer is simple What to wear with tights The answer is simple What to wear with tights The answer is simple What to wear with tights The answer is simple What to wear with tights The answer is simple What to wear with tights The answer is simple What to wear with tights The answer is simple What to wear with tights The answer is simple