What outfit to wear for the New Year 2019. How to choose a fashionable dress for all signs of the zodiac in the year of the pig

Good afternoon, dear subscribers and guests! How are you feeling? Today I want to touch on an unusual topic that many have already begun to interest. The New Year is not far off, and therefore many are already beginning to think about how to dress and somehow stand up divinely and coolly at this celebration.


Tell me, what ideas do you have about this? What will you celebrate this holiday. I know that for most Russians this fun is the most beloved and long-awaited. We all look forward to some miracles and believe in a miracle. Well, for kids, this is of course the Christmas tree and Santa Claus, and for older children and us, pleasant memories of mandarins, toys, gifts, etc.

In general, all have only positive emotions and great joy. Therefore, I suggest you think about this question of how and where to meet the year 2019, and most importantly, what to wear today.After all, then on the eve of the night there will be a big fuss in the shops and supermarkets, and you will definitely be upset by the situation, so that this does not happen, I suggest you some ideas for clothes. So let's go.

What colors and colors to celebrate New Year's Eve 2019

Boom! Boom! Hooray! Rattling fireworks, beating the chimes, oh, how great it is. Such a magical time and now it will come to every house and apartment soon. And in order for your New Year's celebration to reign in your rooms, you need to prepare it in bright colors.

How do you usually decorate and dress up your favorite accommodation? Be sure to share your wishes, feedback and suggestions at the bottom of the article. In the last article I shared with you toys of funny animals, which you can knit yourself in the amigurumi crochet style.

And then in the form of an original and cozy gift to give to your beloved friends, relatives, and also the most expensive household. In the next article, I will show you interesting room designs, and in this one we’ll talk about clothes and accessories.


All now begins to worry about the question of what color will be in the trend in the coming year.After all, as you know this year will be a yellow earthen pig.

I want to tell you in a nutshell that this year will bring a lot of good if you can find a common language with this amusing friend.

  • All the elements will be so powerful and powerful that you can easily settle all differences and relationships in family life. Many will find in themselves such uncharacteristic abilities and qualities that they will simply be in a pleasant shock. Those who are idle will finally be able to decide to take a step towards marriage. For those who dream of children, this year their dream will surely come true. Those who are still looking for their love will definitely find it.
  • The coming year must be fertile, and for agronomists, farmers will be productive and rich. Those who are chasing a loafer should think that the pig will get angry at you and take away all your money savings and deprive you of financial independence. Therefore, try to ensure that this girlfriend does not turn away from you at the very beginning of the year; in this connection, you will not only receive good material assistance, but also feel good luck in all other spheres of life.

Moving on ... The actual color scheme for meeting with a boar on a festive night for all dresses will be a yellow-brown color scheme.After all, notice that our dear crumble will be just yellow, respectively, and outfits will be like that.

So choose yellow, you can also use green and brown. But, all the same, I want to say the main thing, so that you look effectively and vividly show your individuality and originality to the pig. You can use golden shades in clothing, lemon-marsh color, as well as emerald green, and even light and dark brown combinations in dresses.

As for jewelry, choose such jewelry that will not cause great anger in a pig, for example, large chains or huge necklaces, these are bad associations. Make a fashionable hairstyle and apply makeup and you will be irresistible!

If you want to dress up according to Feng Shui, then choose yellow and brown. These are shades of warmth and comfort. Our pet is also favorable to orange, violet and lilac color. You can also dress in black, blue and blue shades, all this accepts a charming little pig.

Fashionable Christmas decorations and festive evening dresses - general recommendations

If you want to go deep and choose a dress for yourselfwhat element of the horoscope you belong to, then based on the Eastern calendar, you can draw such conclusions so that the coming year will bring good luck and success.


The most important thing is to choose what is most convenient for you, for example, for girls and women, dresses of short and long models, you can wear a trouser suit, a small heel. For men, pants and shirt are acceptable.

You can somehow stand out in a special way, for example, put on some kind of jewelry beautiful jewelry in almost any color scheme. Also buy in the store any additional accessories, such as a handbag, belt or clutch. In general, do everything to be irresistible in everything and then exactly the year of the yellow earthen pig will bring you only joy and success.

You can by the way treat everything with humor and get dressed somehow cool and rosy.


By the way, if you like very much red color, then you can pick up a dress or suit in a crimson or pink color, that is, red cannot be used in its pure form.

Important! You can not wear costumes and clothes in the leopard style, as a pig like this can be very upsetting and even angry.

Well, now of course, we come to the main question of what to choose and how to dress for the New Year 2019.If you specifically want to choose an outfit from those considerations that you are one or another sign of the zodiac, then look for your sign and go ahead, as they say in a fashionable clothing store for shopping, to dress and dress up.

What to wear on the new 2019 year each zodiac sign to attract good luck

Well, so we got to the most important point, choose for yourself the appropriate version of clothing.

You can also watch this video here and determine for yourself what exactly you want, what kind of evening dress you want to try on and find in the store or order from a seamstress. For this, I propose to watch this video here:

Well, now we understand in more detail, I have attached you photo illustrations. I hope you will like it and you will surely find something for yourself, choose the appropriate style of dress))).

The main thing is to make you comfortable, comfortable, put some small ingredient or zest into your image in order to conquer all on the spot. Know you are a goddess! You can choose dresses long, and you can choose short ones, also dress up in retro style or in any other direction. But do not forget that this is still a holiday, and if you are in a good mood and on "fun" all will succeed.

By the way, these dresses and outfits can be easily worn at least in a restaurant, at least in a cafe and even for a New Year corporate party at work, and of course for home furnishings on a festive night.

What to meet and what dress to wear for the New Year 2019 girls: fashionable shades and the most current colors

Aries.Choose dresses with clear cuts in both the chest and the bottom of the skirt. Shoulders can be made open, the length of the dress can be both short and long. Therefore, in order to somehow hide your hangers and attract the attention of men, throw a handkerchief or airy tipple on yourself.

Taurus.As for the stubborn Taurus, then they will suit the options that will certainly underline their irreducibility and originality. Fabric for a dress can be absolutely any.

Twins. Such a sign as twins fit calm and flirty vraianta all sorts of dresses and costumes. Your goal is to turn absolutely anyone's head, to find your soul mate if it is not already there.

Cancer.The owners of the cancer sign should take a drastic risk of changing their image, because this very year will be fateful for you. Complement it with various accessories such as a mask, a bracelet, a chain in order to add mystery and mystery to your look.

A lion.This sign is characterized by tight-fitting outfits and mini skirts, remember, since you are a lioness, you will always attract the eyes of men, so be incredibly beautiful.

Virgo.Virgos will have to wear clothes that will emphasize their individuality, but they will not remove flirtatiousness and playfulness either. If you like a strict style, then this night you can apply it.

Libra.Dress very brightly and you can say defiantly so that you can not look away. If you still wear a modest dress, do not forget to decorate it with something, such as fur or a scarf.

Scorpionsit is possible and necessary to be open in dresses, i.e. to make large cuts on the skirt or neckline. You can bare back and gently and playfully beckon with your eyes men.

Ladies-archersYou are supposed to be sexy this year, so choose tight dresses, you can even choose some bright print, in general, stand out for all evil!

Capricornyou need to choose such an outfit so that it is at the same time festive, but also a bit strict. By the way, if you start experimenting with your appearance, the result will be very good.

AquariusThe simpler the better for this sign this year is the motto. But still use in your image more jewelry, as well as various knitted accessories.

Fisheson the contrary, no need to abuse accessories, so you will be irresistible. Choose light and harmonious outfits, preferably long dresses.

Jewelry and accessories

What shoes to choose for an evening dress, then surely decide for yourself, as long as it is comfortable for you. Pig loves shoes made of suede, leather and even fabric.

Jewelry should be either handmade, made with great tenderness and love, or this purchased jewelry made of gold, amber, wood, natural stones in gold shades, but not very catchy and huge. To avoid any associations with the collar.

And by the way, there is another interesting fact, use a clear amount of jewelry in your outfit, as astrologers recommend.

Here is another very interesting video on this topic that will finally help you decide on the task:

So choose, and most importantly, see all versions of suits, dresses, on models on the catwalk:

What to wear men from clothes for New Year's corporate party or home party

Men, as always, have money earners, as well as always opponents of how to stand out like that elegantly and beautifully, so let's say most always don’t tell me, or why I’ll go to the store, I have the same costume.

For those who still follow the latest news in fashion, here are the options for clothing:

Well, well, on this occasion, I welcome New Year in a festive atmosphere at home, or in a circle of friends and relatives. So with Coming all! Good luck to everyone and see you soon. Bye Bye!

Friends, share the article on social networks, as well as on any Internet pages, write your feedback, suggestions and suggestions. Add to my group in contact.

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