Clean Thursday 2018

Great Lent, Clean Thursday and Good Friday are signs of the imminent coming of Easter. This bright spring holiday is sacredly honored by the Orthodox of the whole world. The Church calendar does not provide fixed dates for each of these days, so it is important for believers to know what numbers they fall in 2018. This information will tell you, not only when to perform the traditional rite of ablution, to restore order, to cook pastries and go to the temple. It is useful for conspiracies and rituals for money, love, health and well-being.

Clean Thursday 2018


Why clean?

On the Week by Orthodox every day is great. During this period, believers keep a strict fast and heed the sacred essence and will accept predictions that precede the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. A special mission entrusted to Thursday, nicknamed by the people "clean." It is on the 4th day of Holy Week that notorious events fall out:

  • Last supper
  • Jesus washing the feet of the apostles
  • Revelations in the Garden of Gethsemane
  • The betrayal of Judah

These gospel parables not only tell about the kindness and self-sacrifice of the Savior. They show people the righteous path to eternal life. Lent before the bright resurrection of Christ leads to the purification of the soul and body, and fixes the result of bathing in open water. It symbolizes the final rejection of the imperfect and cruel world, heals and restores strength.

Religious canons

Clean Thursday 2018

Church services are dedicated to the Last Supper and the Eucharist theme. Believers come to temples to pray and take communion for reunion with the Lord as a sign of readiness to serve their neighbor, as the Savior bequeathed to his apostles.

In the evening before execution, Jesus Christ gathered his disciples, broke bread with them, drank wine from one cup, and washed their feet. The act entered into the custom of the priests. He is practiced before the divine service, and the bishop performs the role of the Teacher. In the temples they pray for the Great Sacrifice, through which all followers of the Messiah are granted salvation and heavenly life.

When and how to meet?

The preparation for the coming of the Bright Resurrection of Christ lasts a whole week, which the Orthodox call Passion Week.During this period, the strictest fast in the name of Jesus and the deprivations he endured is observed. Maundy Thursday in 2018 will fall on April 5th.

On this day, the Orthodox decided to get up before sunrise and:

  • wash off sins;
  • clean the house;
  • prepare a ritual meal for Easter.

Preferred open springs are used for ablution, as it is believed that during the night the water becomes holy, heals and saves from sins. It is better to wash the face from silver ware. After cleaning the body, it's time to get out of the house, thereby expelling all the filth. Tidying up, it's time to pray and start baking Easter kleshey, preparing Easter eggs and Easter eggs.

Beliefs and signs

Clean Thursday in 2018. What is the number of Orthodox signs and customs

For centuries, on a sacred day, it is forbidden to give anything away from home. Any little thing, even banal salt, which the neighbor did not have, will take away wealth and peace. From the church bring a passionate candle. It is customary to light it during illnesses in order to inhale the healing aroma. For therapeutic purposes, it is also recommended to prepare Thursday salt: perepech and consecrate in the church.

It is believed that on Pure Thursday awakened otherworldly forces. In communicating with them, a candle with evening service will help.It is necessary to light it and go in search of the brownie, who likes to live in dark alleys and in attics. If the shadow of a shaggy spirit appears, then it is to wealth, the bald one is to poverty.

Rites in Russia

The fourth day of Holy Week is favorable for attracting financial well-being. The main thing is to know exactly when they count money and how to properly conduct the ritual. Old men advise to sort out cash three times:

  • at dawn;
  • at noon;
  • On the Sunset.

It is important that no one distracts from “accounting”. Before cleaning on Thursday, they put small change in a basin or bucket, and then wash the doors and windows to attract wealth. Blessed water has the reputation of healing, removes damage, rejuvenates and restores beauty. The same properties possesses Thursday salt.

Traditions of different countries

Clean Thursday in 2018. What is the number of Orthodox signs and customs

Christianity is one of the three world religions. Pure Thursday is honored not only in Russia, but also in other countries of the world, but there are distinctive differences. In Spain, the center of celebrations becomes Seville. Pilgrims come here and hold a grand procession. Italian housewives, after cleaning, prepare traditional dishes:

  • mussel soup;
  • rosemary bread;
  • sweets.

In France, the main meeting place for Christians is the city of Lourdes. Here, believers gather at fountains and springs and wash their feet to each other. The Orthodox in Greece adopted the oven "Tsureki" and paint eggs, and the Finns, instead of pasok, make hares. A masquerade is held in Mexico and fireworks are launched.

Plots of Great Thursday

Conspiracy What to do? What should I say?
On marriage Wash cat milk "How everyone pats cats

And as cats cling to everyone,

So me grooms

Pass will not give.

Now and ever

And forever and ever. Amen"

For a strong family Twist one thread from two coils, put it across the threshold. When the husband / wife steps over the thread, tie it in the middle with a knot and hide it somewhere. "Slave (a) of God (I) (name) and I,

His thread

Twisted together

Tightly curled.

How to knot on this thread

Will not unleash

So he is with me never

Do not break up "

For luck and happiness Wash the house with holy water "Cleaned on Pure Thursday

All mother earth

Cleaned on Clean Thursday

And my soul.

How to walk

In the sky the sun and the moon

According to your circle

Eternal Turn,

That's right

Will turn to me

Happy share

And fate.

Now and ever

And forever and ever. Amen."

On beauty Buy a mirror, without taking the change, stand between two trees and look at your reflection "Like the whole world

Looks in the mirror

On its reflection


So would you guys


Fought with me

And kissed

Yes vying to wake up

Torn to me.

In the name of the Father and the Son And the Holy Spirit.

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