What is the normal body temperature of a newborn baby?

Body temperature is an indicator of healthrights. Thermoregulation in a newborn is not fully formed and differs from the thermoregulation of children after a year. Parents often worry when more or less norms appear on the thermometer. If the body temperature of a newborn child exceeds normal values, this is cause for concern, as it can signal health problems.

However, in the first days of life can be observeda slight increase in the values ​​on the thermometer, which does not cause much harm to the body. The temperature of 37-37.3 degrees, which is measured in the armpit, is considered the norm. A week later, the value should be set at 36-37 degrees. If this does not happen, you should seek medical advice. It is worth noting that the normal constant temperature will be established only by the year.

Draw conclusions only after a regulartemperature measurements over several days. Measurements should be carried out at different times of the day and in different ways, recording all the indicators in a notebook. During the measurements, the mean value should be revealed - this will be the normal temperature of the newborn. A deviation from the norm should be considered the excess or decrease of these values, rather than the usual value of 36.6 degrees.

The temperature should be measured in the armpitcavity and its index should vary in the norm from 36-37 degrees. With rectal measurement, the value can be 36.9-37.4 degrees, with oral - 36.6-37.2.

In the mouth and in the inguinal fold, the value is usuallya few tenths higher than when measured elsewhere. In the first months of life, the temperature should be measured rectally. This is a reliable method, but after 5 months the child will most likely not give a normal procedure.

Body temperature of newborn baby in mouthshould be measured by a special thermometer. First of all, it should be safe for the baby. To measure the temperature of the armpit, you can use a mercury thermometer, and for other methods it is better to use the electronic thermometer.

The baby should have a separate thermometer. The temperature of a newborn baby may rise after crying or after feeding, so it should be measured when the baby is in a restful state.

The lowest values ​​will be on the thermometer at night and in the morning, day and night - the highest.

The increased body temperature of a newborn baby is not a disease. However, it can be a symptom of the disease. It can cause all sorts of infections, overheating, reaction to vaccination.

Reduce the temperature should the childit was two months old, there was no disturbance of the state of health, the handles and legs were warm and the values ​​on the thermometer reached the level of 38.5. If there are cramps and a noticeable blanching of the skin, and the extremities are cold - the temperature should be lowered when it reaches 37.5 degrees.

If the body temperature of a newborn child who suffers from heart, blood or central nervous system diseases has reached 38 degrees, it must be reduced.

For this can be used as medicamentousways, and physical. First, try to reduce heat by accessible physical methods, the first of which should be simple stripping. If the skin is red and the limbs are warm, you can wipe the body with a cloth soaked in water. Do not rub the newborn with vodka or vinegar. If vomiting, diarrhea, convulsions occur on the background of the temperature - it is necessary to immediately call an ambulance. Before using drugs to reduce temperature, you should read the instructions and do not exceed the indicated dosage. The main means of reducing the temperature in infants is ibuprofen and paracetamol.

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