A meaningful, inspired movement in love and nature makes us worthy.
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What is running

Before running, you need to grow when it becomes your air and food. And as a rule, adults, mature people more often choose this type of activity.

2nd daymorning, starting with a run.Honestly, did not want to get up. But realizing that the correct morning must begin with the sport, I overpowered myself and gathered. This is work on yourself. It is always difficult to say when to stop, and when to continue, so that quality growth is not replaced by a period of impotence and deterioration of the body. It is important to still feel your body. I am just learning. I want to say about my impressions.

Running is like a prayer.In the head, as in a clear sky, thoughts start to rush through, thought forms and you begin to see them clearly: the most important thoughts come to the fore, the most important realizations come.Silence in the shower.I just watch what comes to my mind. When I can not make a decision, I doubt, it torments me, and the way out is in sports.

I love to be alone.You can only hear yourself in a deep dive,but you can truly dive only through something that absorbs you completely, for example, through running and / or swimming, reading, observing, in a state of peace. Oh, perhaps the most invaluable personal experience.

And if you chose your path, including a treadmill, then you only need to walk / run to master it. And what an inexpressible feeling fills with every small victory over oneself, over one's laziness, fears, prejudices!

I didn’t really like running around school memories.Before running, you need to grow when it becomes your air and food.And as a rule, adults, mature people more often choose this type of activity.

Why did I choose him? Once I felt the need to run inside myself - so small children take off and run, for them it is such a natural joy that here they come off their place for no reason and run, run from something or to something, everything is just ,just running - it was fun when you were a kidand natural pastime. Children have so much energy that they need to release it somewhere, spend it, give it a run.

In adults, it’s probably like an instinct to run away from where you can’t be. Run away, run out of a state that is unbearable. Change the point at which you froze. Push yourself out of the vacuum that is sometimes created in our lives. And when you run, with every greedy inhalation and exhalation, something inside you brightens, cleaned, brightens, refreshes. Each cell of the brain and body begins to eagerly grab the freshness of the air of your personal morning.

Once there was such a project BegiZaMnoy, I accidentally got there, and this probably changed my view of running. Although I was not far from them then ran away. But this is about the fact that each period has its own tasks, decisions and activities. Many years later,I returned to running when stress and physical stress from office work began to have a destructive effect on me.Then the victory over herself on the treadmill helped to see her strength, to understand ourselves a little more, to prioritize the emotions of real and imposed by someone - the emotions of social order - a kind of husk, which we overgrow because of inverted moral principles and values.I read the book Murakami "What am I talking about when I talk about running," you know, I agree with him,True, I do not plan to run so much, but his description of the states is true.I like it.Movement is life, conscious movement with immersion in the process itself - it is the silence of a restless mind. I'm still just learning!

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