What is remarkable about the cuisine of fusion?

At all times people have tried to combine at first sight incongruous things. Not always something good happened, but sometimes the result exceeded all expectations.

What is fusion cuisine?

Japanese rolls, Mediterranean salads,Chinese noodles and many more different delicacies - there are so many delicious dishes in the world, but why is it all separated from each other? Is it really necessary to choose each time? And this instead of connecting all the finest elements from the cuisines of the world? In fact, everything is possible.

kitchen fusion

Kitchen fusion (from English fusion - fusion, mixing) - at the same time one of the newest and oldest trends in cooking. However, this term refers not to
only to this area, it can be foundliterally anywhere. In the case of cooking, the peculiarity of this style is the combination of the incompatible. But this is not a team solyanka, as it might seem, every dish is carefully verified and literally is a masterpiece of cook art. Only high-quality culinary specialists can filigreely combine elements of European and Asian or Mediterranean and Pacific cuisine. However, at a more or less simple level, this direction is available to absolutely everyone.


what is fusion kitchen

Of course, at all times there were people who were looking for new tastes and combinations.
They gave the world wonderful dishes, which now seem to be familiar and not surprising. But once unimaginable combinations seemed wild, and therefore terribly popular.

However, the kitchen fusion got its name not sofor a long time, despite the fact that its existence clearly numbers hundreds, and most likely even thousands of years. It is for sure not known who was the first to return to this direction. One of the versions is the French chefs, who wanted to rekindle the fading interest in their culinary traditions. Another option - Americans, angry at the whole world for the fact that their national cuisine is considered fast food. In any case, the second birth of this direction gave a powerful stimulus to experiments, including at home.

How to do it?

Talented self-taught cooks, unfortunately, are rare, but this does not mean that the kitchen in
style fusion is not accessible to mere mortals. The first steps in this direction can be done following the following principles:

  • add unusual spices to traditional dishes;
  • replace the usual ingredients with more exotic (instead of an apple - mango or pineapple);
  • combine European dishes with oriental sauces;
  • experiment with the design;
  • adapt recipes to local tastes.cuisine in fusion style

You can make an unusual note in any way.dish, but you need to remember that in any case, all ingredients should be fresh and quality. Even the kitchen fusion does not allow the use of cheap cheese instead of parmesan in recipes
in the Italian style.

It is easy to diversify your diet, if notbe afraid of experiments. At first, you can only slightly change the usual recipes, adding unfamiliar seasonings, making the dish a little more acute or emphasize the sourness. The taste of each ingredient should be felt separately, but in general the composition must be harmonious. That's what true fusion cuisine is.

Other modern styles


In the conditions of fierce competition in the restaurantbusiness chefs have to invent new directions to please the discerning guests. Perhaps, one of the newest and most unusual styles is molecular cuisine. Its peculiarity is that all dishes are served in an extremely unexpected way: salmon cream, beetroot ice cream, spinach spaghetti, strawberry foam. Talented culinary experts believe that this is a return to the roots, pure tastes. But it is almost impossible to repeat this at home without professional equipment due to special cooking conditions. So while cooks, the next fashion trends, it remains to master the cuisine of fusion.

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