What is poisoning?

Everyone has come across at least once in his lifesuch a nuisance as food poisoning, the main symptoms of which are diarrhea, nausea and fever. After poisoning, the body needs strength to recover, and where to get them, how not from food? In the article you will learn about what you can eat when poisoning, and what products should be temporarily abandoned.

Household poisoning can be causedunrefined meat or fish products, raw eggs, poor-quality dairy products. Be attentive to the products that fall on your dining table. Thoroughly wash vegetables and fruits, roast meat, check the shelf life of canned food and dairy products. In case of poisoning, always consult a doctor. Timely medical care will facilitate the consequences of poisoning.

What foods can I eat?

After poisoning, all the body's reserves are directed to cleansing from pathogenic microbes and to recovery, so it is worth eating light food.

Consider what is when poisoning. Usually, in such circumstances, there is no appetite, but if it is, the amount of food should be minimal. It is worth to drink a large amount of liquid in the form of water, black tea with a small amount of sugar and light herbal decoctions. The consistency of the food should be brought to a puree state.

What you can eat after poisoning:

  • homemade bread crumbs;
  • low-fat chicken broth;
  • liquid porridge on the water (buckwheat, rice, semolina);
  • mashed potatoes without butter.

Starting from the second day, you can make a variety in the menu of the victim. The following products are allowed:

  • boiled chicken meat in small quantities;
  • steam cutlets;
  • light fasting dishes;
  • rice broth;
  • boiled vegetables;
  • baked apples.

What kind of food is not recommended?

In the early days, coffee, juices,jelly, chocolate, fatty, salty, spicy and fried foods, sausages, smoked products, alcohol, carbonated drinks, canned goods. Refuse temporarily from sour-milk and dairy products, raw vegetables.

Can I eat fruit when poisoning? Start their use should be with 3-4 days. For a start, citrus fruits and apples, and pears, plums and grapes, leave until complete recovery.

Poison feeding regime

Doctors recommend eating often on poisoning(up to 6 times a day) in small portions, not reaching the state of complete saturation of the body. It is necessary to use probiotics to maintain the digestive system, they will help restore useful bacteria. Follow the diet after poisoning. In the first two weeks, saturate the body with amino acids - eat pea puree, canned mushrooms, sea and sauerkraut, fish, limit the consumption of meat to a minimum.

For more information on what to eat after poisoning, you can find out from the article "Diet in Poisoning". Be careful when choosing and preparing food, take care of your health.

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