What is needed and how to choose tweezers for nails

To the image of any modern woman was successfuland complete, it necessarily requires a beautiful and high-quality manicure. It can be done both in an expensive salon and at home. In any case, for the implementation of this procedure will need tweezers for nails. True, they can use not only girls, but also men who also prefer to keep their nails in order. This tool is often called a bookseller.

Knipser (nippers) is a special tool,which is used for cutting nails. He cuts the nail plates in a semicircle, preventing the cracks on the sides. The tool has gained its popularity due to the fact that it is a safe accessory that allows you to gently cut your nails. There are large, standard, small and side nail clippers.

Features of the choice of tool

The modern market is full of variety of booksellers. Therefore, it is necessary to know which tool should be given preference, so that it does not damage either the nails or the skin. When choosing nail tweezers, you should consider the width of your nail plates. Owners of wide and large nails are suitable tool, featuring a large cutting blade (6 millimeters or more). If your marigolds are narrow and small, then it will be enough to measure 4-6 millimeters. Consider the angle of inclination of the tool blades with respect to the surface to be treated.

Further guidance is recommended that,how good you can manage the wire cutters. If before you never even held such a tool in your hands, then stop the choice on the tool with a small length of cutting blade. Thus, the risk of injury will be reduced to a minimum. If you know what a tool is, and even use it at a professional level, then the most important criterion of choice should be for you the quality of the steel from which the cutters are made. The best material is stainless steel, used for the production of a number of surgical instruments.tweezers for nails отзывы

The quality of the tool sharpening and the method for determining it

People who regularly use tweezers fornails, reviews leave that it is necessary to determine the quality of the sharpening of the accessory before you buy it. Thus, such a product is obliged to save its acuteness not only with intensive and constant use, but also after chemical or high-temperature treatment.

Check the quality of sharpening is not difficult andinexperienced user. You just need to take a plastic wrap and hold it with a blade. If the tweezers are good, then they will cut it simply and easily. And the sides of the bookseller should match each other as closely as possible.http: krasota / dlya-chego-nuzhni-i-kak-vibrat-shipchiki-dlya-nogtej_2.jpg

Storage of tweezers and choice of children's tools

In the care of the baby will definitely needtweezers for children's nails, you can use them instead of scissors. With this tool you will remove the protruding part of the nail plate from the crumb. To buy, of course, you need a child-sized device. Between such a tool and a tool for an adult, there is no fundamental difference, except perhaps the size.

Whichever tweezers you buy, you need to store them in a protective special case so that the cutting blades do not touch each other.tweezers for nails

We hold the tweezers correctly

To prevent nails and fingers from being damaged in the process of theircutting, you need to learn how to hold the tool correctly. Hold the thumb on the connecting mechanism, with the rest of the fingers tighten the spring of the device. The cutting blades of the booksellers should always be pointed downwards. It is better to use pliers with an integrated spring, which will avoid unnecessary movements.how to sharpen tweezers for nails

Sharpening tweezers at home

How to sharpen tweezers for nails, knows anya man who at least once in his life resorted to the help of this tool. The procedure does not take much time and effort. It will take an ordinary bar, one that is used for sharpening kitchen knives. Tweezers should be opened as much as possible and start gently to sharpen them. Beware of sudden movements: they need to be done smoothly. Having finished the procedure, check the quality of your work. This can be done with polyethylene, as with the purchase of tools. In the case of properly done robots, the knapser will not crush the material.

To facilitate the grinding procedure will help grindmachine. Therefore, if it is found in your house, it will be just wonderful. In the special connector, grip the open forceps and sharpen the grinding wheel with a grinding wheel. Here again, everything needs to be done smoothly. It is best to use a diamond-plated circle.

To perform the above procedure,ordinary sandpaper. This variant differs from the previous ones in that it is a softer and simpler procedure. Whichever method you use, after the manipulation of the forceps is recommended to wipe with a lint-free cloth.

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What is needed and how to choose tweezers for nails What is needed and how to choose tweezers for nails What is needed and how to choose tweezers for nails What is needed and how to choose tweezers for nails What is needed and how to choose tweezers for nails What is needed and how to choose tweezers for nails