What is naivete - touching featurecharacter or disadvantage? After all, if earlier this quality was highly appreciated, now such people become objects of ridicule and deceit and often ask the question: Why do I all use.

Below, the notion of naivety is revealed and the character traits of a naive person are given.

What is naivete?

The naivete is inherent in man by nature. That's why all the children are so naive and trusting. They are surrounded by the love and care of their loved ones and they openly believe that the world consists only of kind, loving people. As you grow up and acquire life experience, "pink glasses" disappear. But there is a category of people whose character and temperament is characterized by softness and naivety throughout life.

Character traits of a naive person:

  • gullibility;
  • kindness;
  • ignorance;
  • openness;
  • simplicity;
  • unselfishness.

Very many take naivety for stupidity. In fact, naivety says more about the lack of life experience than intellect. Naïve people are often called lohas. Who is Loch? It's a trusting person who can be easily traced around a finger. And indeed, naive people often become victims of scammers.

Simple-mindedness and naivete are more inherent inyoung women. What is a naive girl? Maiden naivete is primarily associated with virtue. Children's trustfulness and frankness make a girl more attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex.

If, because of your naivete, you repeatedly fell into unpleasant situations, try to control your spiritual impulses, do not open up before strangers, be more careful and vigilant.

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