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Love. How much everything is written, drawn, played, done and not done because of a feeling that is usually described by the word "love". Countless thoughts of the most famous people of our history, both past and present, try to reveal a mysterious veil that hides the true meaning of love. And is it, this sense? Apparently, every single person understands this meaning in his own special way and through the prism of his experience. What is love? What does love mean? Let us turn to the well-known authors who wrote about this feeling.

Quotes about love

Elchin Safarli (I was promised to you)

"I wanted you for myself, for the whole. In love there is a light and quiet jealousy, growing out of a desire to belong to all the seasons of your half. It's like squeezing in a fist warm, no one belonging to the coastal sand, but feel like it spills out of your hand. "

Quotation from the song

"Love is when you hear the pigeons kissing on the roof."

Jala-ad-din Rumi

"Without watching your heart, we will hardly achieve what we dreamed of terribly."

Wilhelm Hauf (Phantasmagoria in the Bremen wine cellar)

"I wanted to be a general just so that she read my name with a sinking heart ..."

I wanted to be a drummer just to let her grief at the door of her house in a deafening drum roll ...

I would like to become famous only so that the rumor about me reached her and she proudly thought: "Once he was in love with me ..."

Alexandra Marinina (Spring for the Mousetrap)

"... the ability to love a person regardless ofhow he treats you, this is a sign of tremendous spiritual strength. People are weak in essence hostile, they know that they are weak, therefore they try to limit the possibility of striking on themselves, that is, they initially see all enemies and go to rapprochement only with those who are guaranteed not to hurt them, do not offend, Do not be offended. A strong man is not afraid of anything, he knows that he will endure any blow, so he can afford the luxury of loving everyone. Well, maybe not to love, but treat well. He does not need guarantees of responsiveness. "

Alice Hoffman (Ice Queen)

"I would buy a bottle: one with the smell of oranges, the second with the smell of bluish ice, the third with the smell of tears and the fourth, with a smell so hot that it burns to death. Not really to death, but ... as if you're hovering over yourself, but you stay to live. "

Innocent Annensky (Two love)

"There is love, like smoke:

If she is cramped with her, she becomes dumb,

Give her freedom - and she will not ...

To be like smoke - but forever young.

There is love, like a shadow:

Day at the feet lies - you listen,

At night, he hugged so inaudibly ...

To be like a shadow, but together night and day ... ".

Gibran Khalil Gibran

"When a man touches a woman's hand with a hand, they both touch the heart of eternity."

Charles Spencer Chaplin

"Your naked body must belong to one who loves your naked soul."

Francois de La Rochefoucauld

"Love covers with its own name the most diverse human relations, supposedly connected with it, although in fact it participates in them no more than the rain in the events taking place in Venice."

Oscar Wilde (Happy Prince)

"Do you want me to love you?" The Swallow asked from the first word, because she loved straightforwardness in everything ... ".

Plato (Feast)

"Love is the thirst for integrity and the pursuit of it."

Jorge Bukai (I, she, he ... and again I am)

"Love for others arises in love for oneself and is fueled by it, and is closely related to the opportunity to see your reflection in a partner."

The quotes about love are just a drop in theocean of philosophers on this topic. Each author sees in his answer to the question, what is love. But beyond all doubt, love is a multifaceted diamond of the feelings and emotions of a person and a reflection of his life. How deep a person is, exactly so ambiguous, unpredictable and profound is his love.

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