What is ICQ? How to install ICQ for Windows or Android

About what is ICQ or the same as among ourcompatriots are accustomed to talking, just "ICQ", almost every person who has access to the Internet at least once in his life knows. Previously, this system for the exchange of text messages was called an "internet pager", since there are really many similar moments with this small device. Transfer through "ICQ" can mainly text, and in small volumes. Each message comes instantly, regardless of the speed of the Internet. But in order to understand more in detail what ICQ is, when it appeared and how it works, we'll look at everything in order.what is icq

The first most realistic communication

Today, there are a lot of socialnetworks, thanks to which you can not only quickly correspond with your interlocutor, but also talk in real time, and even see it through a webcam. However, literally 10-15 years ago all this was not, but a program like ICQ has become a real find for the public.

Compared to e-mail, thisThe application works much faster and more efficiently. You can choose for yourself different statuses, tag them with tags, attach to your messages a whole lot of emoticons. In the old years, when the "ICQ" only appeared, it immediately captivated millions of people with its realism and high speed of sending messages. In offices and in apartments people began to install ICQ for the computer, choosing for this purpose such well-known programs as the standard ICQ-client, QIP, Jimm and many others.icq for windows

Some moments during registration

It should be noted that in our days "ICQ" is almostdo not use. Young people prefer "Skype", "VKontakte", "VibER" and other services, through which you can communicate through speech, not correspondence, and even see each other at a distance. Nevertheless, in some cases, installation of "asi" is necessary for work or other reasons (for example, in some eastern countries it is really possible to communicate only through ICQ, since access to the rest of the networks is blocked).

In order to create an account here, downloadto the client program. More often, we will notice, people give preference to QIP. Initially, this program is built in English, but today you can find a Russified version. After downloading, all you have to do is fill in the appropriate fields. You come up with a nickname (on it you can be found), then enter the name, surname (if desired), specify the gender, age and, if you want, you can also fill in the box where your interests are indicated. At the end of the procedure, you also need to come up with an ICQ password and confirm it.icq for android

Exchange of ICQ numbers and communication

Before we move on to finding friends inlimits of "ICQ", it is worth noting something. The ICQ password that you will think up for yourself, be sure to write down, as it is extremely difficult to restore it. Of course, if you are well versed in the computers and devices of different servers, then you can link your ICQ for Windows with the mail. So, through "soap" then it will be easier to recover the password. In other cases, it is very problematic to do this, and more often than not people are creating new numbers.

After the registration was successful, youget UIN - this is the name of your "asechny" number, according to which you can find friends. It is also used to log in to the system. You enter this number, a fictitious password, and you immediately get a list of your contacts, who is online, who is not, and so on. Similarly, by entering your friends in the search string UIN, you find them in ICQ, add to your contact list and communicate with them.icq password

Appearance and design of your correspondence

In what is ICQ, and how to become its client,we have figured out, and now we will consider how the process of communication will take place. Most often people prefer to correspond via QIP, which contains two windows: one with contacts, the other with messages.

The dialog box is divided into two parts. At the top shows the history of correspondence with the selected user, at the bottom you type the text itself. Contacts are arranged in alphabetical order, and those whose nickname begins with an English letter stand above others, whose name is written in Cyrillic. It is worth noting that in your contact list you can change the nicknames of users, and only you will know about it. Also to the top all your friends who are now on the network are pulled up, and at the bottom there are users in offline.

It is also important to remember one important point related towith the exchange of information in ICQ. Correspondence is always attached to a specific program, to a specific computer. If "VKontakte" is a network that stores your messages regardless of which device you came from, then in "ace" it's the other way round.icq for computer

Internet pager for modern mobile devices

Several years ago we still usedstandard mobile phones, for which came up with a whole mass of "asechnyh" programs. Now all mobile devices function on Windows, iOS or Android operating systems. For them, manufacturers of the Internet product have developed new versions of this program, which allow you to communicate in the same comfort and speed in real time.

For example, ICQ for "Android" - it's already a whole 18Applications that work in different ways and have a diverse design. Among them are Asia, Slick, Imo.Im, Meebo IM and many others. You can download them through the Playmarket and install for free on any Android platform. Considering different versions of these programs, you will notice that the design of some of them is completely borrowed from "Kvip", while others look like "Skype". In some similar applications, the dialog box has exactly the same appearance as the "VKontakte" correspondence. In general, there are many options, and which one to choose is a matter of your taste and preferences.icq correspondence

What is ICQ in our time and how it works?

Today, thanks to the information exchange systemICQ can send to their interlocutors not only small text messages, but also photos, "vordian" files, archives and much more. As in the new versions of programs for the computer, and in the clients for mobile devices, there is a function to "attach", and all you have to do is select the desired document and send it.

Of course, this is not the limit of technical progress,and many people today prefer newer services for communication. However, writing in ICQ, you can remain mysterious, mysterious, not as open and accessible as, say, in Skype or in the same "Contact." The interlocutor will only see what you send him, and everything else will remain a secret from your friends. Only basic information remains for them, as well as your status. It, in turn, you can also change and be on the network accessible only for a separate list of friends.

A small conclusion

Now you know the brief history of thisservice of communication. Based on the above material, you can also decide whether to install this program on your portable device or computer or not. Although it is worth noting that "Asya" is the best way to communicate for people who are at a great distance from each other. Therefore, everyone who wants to know about the life of their distant relatives and friends who have left is recommended to install this application.

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