Wedding in autumn - a fairy tale in yellow-purple tones

Autumn is a comfortable weather, a riot of colors around, an abundance of fruit on the table, which is why this time of year the newlyweds took a serious and long time to take seriously.

Autumn nature is so bright that a wedding in an autumn style cannot be boring. And most importantly, almost all the decor needed to decorate a wedding celebration, literally lies under our feet!

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Autumn decoration of the wedding and invitation

The organization of the autumn wedding starts withinvitationsfrom which the guests will receive the first portion of the “orange” mood.

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Maple leaves, chestnuts, acorns, rowan or viburnum brushes, ripe apples are considered the traditional autumn decorations - feel free to use them to decorate wedding invitations.

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Wedding in autumn style is associated with comfort, warmth, sincerity. It is almost always bright: in orange, red-purple, golden brown tones - to match the entourage on the street.

Looks greatwedding archas if created by nature itself: the basis of a wicker vine, decorated with chrysanthemums, hydrangeas, asters, sunflowers, roses; draped with cloth and supplemented with dried flowers, fern, clusters of viburnum or ash.

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The newlyweds originals can decorate a living tree in such a manner and get married right under it!

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Do not forget to strew the road to the altar with the petals of autumn flowers - you will get an additional location for the autumn wedding photo session.

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Interestingly at autumn weddings look miniature pumpkins. They can not just add bouquets, but also decorate the venue of the wedding celebration.

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Photo zone, tables, the scene will benefit from the addition of sheaves of straw, wooden log house.

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Wedding in the fall: ideas for decorating the table and the hall

Table decorationat a wedding in the autumn theme - a logical continuation of the decor of the exit ceremony. There is a rule: there are not many colors.

Orange-ocher flower compositions in high vases, a garland of maple leaves on the table of the newlyweds will create the desired autumn mood. The balloons from chrysanthemums, cones or ears, suspended from the ceiling will complement the overall picture of the hall decoration at the autumn wedding.

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On the tables of guests you can put vases, aquariums with a herbarium and candles, crystal bowls with mouth-watering apples. Tie forks and napkins with orange bows, pin to them beads of mountain ash and a small purple leaf.

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Decorate plates with pumpkin figures, attaching to them a sheet with the name of the guest, for whom this place is calculated.

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We suggest decorating the backs of the chairs with flower arrangements in a general style, it is possible to drape traditionally with tulle or unusually with bundles of autumn flowers or fruits.

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Autumn Wedding Bouquet

Traditionalbridal bouquetin the autumn style - an ensemble of red and yellow chrysanthemums, miniature dahlias, nasturtiums, asters.

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Violet callas, burgundy roses and orchids look more bold and original, especially if you add feathers to the flower composition - a mix of autumn and Gothic styles will be released.

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The freshness and romance of the bride's image will add a bouquet in a rustic design, which is collected from wild flowers, garden semi-wild roses, vervain, green twigs, succulents, spikelets and even spines.

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The undoubted plus of the celebration during the "Indian summer" is the warmest and brightest in terms of color presentation time.Therefore, almost all autumn flowers for a wedding bouquet are easily complemented with dry sprigs, blue fern, cones, fruit, cinnamon sticks and mini pumpkins.

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Cake for autumn wedding

Autumna wedding cakealso need to stand in the main colors of the celebration. Many-tier cakes are decorated with a scattering of leaves and autumn fruits, chocolate, the decor of edible pumpkins, dried orange rings, physalis looks interesting.

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By the way, a good alternative to fancy cakes covered with mastic is a multi-colored cream that creates an ombre transition on sweets. This decor looks much more interesting.

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Ideas for a wedding photo shoot in the fall

Autumn photos are difficult to spoil - nature provides such a chic background! Well, if you choose this time of year for a wedding, go to the nearest forest, park or square.

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Great photos for the wedding in the fall are:

  • in a field against the background of straw sheaves;
  • surrounded by pumpkins. If the newlyweds are deprived of prejudice, you can make a couple of “scary” shots with Halloween pumpkins;
  • on the background of apple branches with ripe fruits.
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Successful wedding photos in the fall are obtained during a casual walk through the park, covered with a yellow leaf.The sun, breaking through the multi-colored crown, creates beautiful glare, so the light in the autumn park can compete with the studio one.

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If the weather is inclement, but you really want to take some street shots, use colored umbrellas and bright rubber boots.

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Another idea for a wedding photo shoot in the fall is a photo shot near the water: a river, a lake, a fountain using yellow-orange props: umbrellas, rugs, balloons.

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Autumn Wedding Dress

Autumn is the best time for an alternative wedding dress, when you can afford a dress of cream, gold, chocolate, orange, with a bright hem or an implicit autumn print.

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If the bride does not like experiments, she can give an autumn color to a white wedding dress with a belt of chocolate or orange color, a wreath on her head in the same style with a bouquet.

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A win-win for a wedding in the fall - a rustic dress with a non-breathable tulle skirt and lace top.

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In order not to freeze the outfit for the wedding in the autumn, it is better to add a cozy knitted shawl, poncho, short jacket, fur cape or plaid plaid.

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Interesting chips for the guests of the autumn wedding

In order for guests to be on the same wavelength with the newlyweds, use cute “autumn” chips and attributes.

Cozy blankets will support the right mood - this is how you will demonstrate your concern for the guests, flavored mulled wine instead of champagne, tea and cocoa. Light candles in the banquet hall with the scent of cinnamon and citrus.

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