Weather in Sochi in January 2019

Nowadays, more and more Russians prefer to spend their New Year holidays not abroad, but in the territory of their country. Many of them choose for rest the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus. Probably why so many people are interested in what the weather will be like in Sochi in January 2019.


Water and air temperature in Sochi in January

It should be noted that this city is protected from the European part of the country by the Caucasian mountains. The familiar January cold of the Central part of Russia does not reach here. Moreover, the city itself is located at more southern latitudes.

Weather in Sochi in January 2019

As well as throughout Krasnodar Region, the weather in this region is relatively warm for winter. The daily January temperature fluctuates around + 6-8 degrees. Although there are days when the thermometer is in the region of +15 degrees Celsius. Nighttime temperatures are negative, but this is more the exception than the rule. Usually, at night the temperature drops to + 2-4 degrees. In the mountains, the temperature can be much lower. After all, it’s not for nothing that Sochi was chosen as the capital of the Olympic Games.In winter, there is a steady snow cover in the mountains. This suggests that the temperature here is below zero. At the same time, vacationers feel comfortable.

In the city itself, it rarely snows, and even then at night. In the afternoon, as a rule, there is no trace of him. Light frost in the city in January is observed a couple of times. Basically, it is cloudy with an average temperature of +8 degrees. Night rate, on average, is +2 degrees.

Very often wind blows in Sochi in January. Especially, they annoy the skiers when it is further snowing.

In windy weather and on the coast feel uncomfortable. There is a lot of humidity and it often rains. At this time, it is better to visit any cozy restaurant or go to a museum or other cultural institution.

About any swimming in the sea, can not speak. Although, the sea does not freeze in January, the water temperature of +8 degrees cannot be called comfortable. At this time, only fishermen can be seen on the shore.

Speaking about the weather in general, it can be noted that in January half of the month will be sunny, the other - overcast. Precipitation in the form of rain and snow will be observed for about seven days.In the mountains, this figure may be greater due to the snow, which will consistently cover the slopes of the Caucasus Mountains.

The climate is also characterized by the following data:

  • The lowest temperature in January was in 1892: minus 13.4 ° C;
  • the highest temperature index was observed in 1948: plus 21.2 ° C;
  • the average minimum temperature in January is: + 3.6 ° C;
  • the average maximum temperature in January is: + 9.6 ° C;
  • January average temperature: + 6,1 ° C;
  • the driest January was in 1919. Then for the whole month there was precipitation: 2 mm .;
  • the wettest month was in 1892. In January it was: 615 mm.;
  • the most precipitation fell per day: 182 mm, in January 1892;
  • The monthly norm of precipitation is: 184 mm;
  • number of days in January with solid precipitation: 1;
  • number of days with mixed precipitation: 5;
  • it rains on average 19 days;
  • average wind force in January: 2 m / s;
  • north wind - 15%;
  • northeast wind - 20%;
  • Eastern - 29%;
  • southeast wind - 9%;
  • southwest - 5%;
  • western - 6%;
  • northwest wind - 12%;
  • calm - 6%;
  • average air humidity: 73%;
  • the number of days with snow cover in Sochi is 0;
  • total cloudiness in January: 79 points;
  • clear days: 2;
  • cloudy days: 10;
  • cloudy - 19 days:
  • days with snow - 6;
  • with a thunderstorm - 2 days.

Weather forecast for January 2019 from Hydrometeorology Center

This respected organization has been observing the weather in the Caucasus for decades. She has accumulated a large number of statistics on temperature data in this region. The hydrometeorological center on the basis of archival data for the past five years has already prepared a forecast for January 2019. We present this information to our readers:

Daily temperature, ° C Night temperature, ° C
01.01.19 +8 +4
02.01.19 +7 +2
03.01.19 +7 +3
04.01.19 +7 +3
05.01.19 +6 +3
06.01.19 +8 +4
07.01.19 +8 +2
08.01.19 +8 +1
09.01.19 +3 +1
10.01.19 +5 +2
11.01.19 +6 +1
12.01.19 +8 +3
13.01.19 +9 +2
14.01.19 +9 +1
15.01.19 +9 +4
16.01.19 +8 +4
17.01.19 +7 +2
18.01.19 +8 +2
19.01.19 +9 +2
20.01.19 +9 +4
21.01.19 +9 +5
22.01.19 +10 +4
23.01.19 +9 +4
24.01.19 +10 +4
25.01.19 +9 +3
26.01.19 +8 +4
27.01.19 +9 +4
28.01.19 +10 +5
29.01.19 +9 +4
30.01.19 +10 +4
31.01.19 +10 +2

Why visit Sochi in January

If several years ago Russians came to this city mainly in the summer to enjoy the warm sea and sun, now Sochi has become in demand for recreation in the winter.

This trend appeared after the Olympic Games were held in it. A large number of comfortable hotels and sports facilities, including a ski resort in Krasnaya Polyana, opened up to this sporting event in the city.

Most often, our citizens choose tours for eight days. The cost of living in January is from 2 114 rubles per day.

In order to avoid problems with accommodation, it is better to use the service early booking.

If you come to the ever-green city in January with children, then you should definitely visit “Sochi Park”. It is located in Adler, near the Olympic Park. Here you can get acquainted with the six thematic fabulous zones. In them you can learn about the culture and rich heritage of our people, as well as meet your favorite fairy-tale characters:

  • Snake Gorynycha;
  • Firebird;
  • Russian warriors and others.

The park has a huge number of different attractions. Here you can safely spend the whole day. Moreover, the number of interesting points of supply are close by:

  • cafeteria "With the heat of the heat";
  • snack bar "Mangal-Futur";
  • Cafe "Magic Garden";
  • restaurant "Guidon".

Weather in Sochi in January 2019. Water and air temperature

During the winter holidays, various shows and performances are held in the park. Also here you can visit the museum "Experimentanium". Especially the kids like to go on New Year's Eve to the estate of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. Masquerade parades with the participation of giant figures in Venetian masks with the presence of the Nutcracker and porcelain dolls are held in it.

It will be interesting for little children to try the hut of Baba Yaga. In it you can meet:

  • Kikimoru;
  • Brownie Kuzyu;
  • Black cat;
  • Leshego:
  • Koshchey the Immortal, etc.

Next to the main tree "Sochi Park" will flood the rink, which will also host New Year's performances.

By the way, you can settle with your children in Sochi in this park at the Bogatyr Hotel. It is very convenient, as the Olympic facilities, Rosa Khutor and other city entertainments are very close by.

Also in the winter in Sochi you should definitely try the Olympic Village and the Olympic Park. Here you can see:

  • "Adler-Arena" - speed skating center;
  • Ice Palace "Big";
  • ice rink "Puck";
  • Winter Sports Palace "Iceberg";
  • stadium "Fisht".

It is also interesting to visit the Olympic Village. It was there that lived delegations of athletes from around the world.

Speaking about the winter holidays in Sochi, one can not forget about the city dolphinariums. There are two of them in Sochi. One is located in the Riviera Park, and the other is in Adler in the “Resort Town”. They present:

  • sea ​​lions;
  • dolphins;
  • white whales;
  • seals;
  • walruses and other marine animals.

Children under five can attend dolphinariums for free, and the cost of an adult ticket is 600 - 800 rubles.

In general, in Sochi in January you will not be bored. Moreover, we have listed not all the attractions of a wonderful city. Also worth a visit:

  • cable car;
  • complex "My Russia";
  • the center "Galaxy";
  • "Gorky Gor; od Mall";
  • AJ Hackett Sochi Skype;
  • Arboretum;
  • Sochi Discovery World;
  • reserve, located not far from Rosa Khutor and others.

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