Weather in Moscow and region in February 2017

According to the Hydrometeorological Centerweather in Moscow and region in February 2017It will not surprise people with cataclysms and stormy changes.

Winter this month will not go beyond the average standards, and this will undoubtedly please.

It is unlikely that any of us would like to feel the effect of 30 degree frost or to see meter drifts of snow on the streets. In Moscow, February looks more like spring than it does the winter month, although occasionally there is still fierceness in it.

Weather forecasters have already made their verdict regarding the weather for 2017, which you can find in this article.

What to expect from the weather in February

As is known, in the last month of winter there are fewer days. This can not but rejoice, because each of us understands that spring will come faster and the sun will finally shed its gentle warm rays to the earth.

Referring to the statistical weather data for the past years, one can see that abnormally high temperatures in Moscow and the Moscow region were not observed.

On average, the temperature regime did not fall below 12 degrees below zero. As for precipitation, they were also moderate and even.

Weather in Moscow in February 2017

By tradition, in early February, the greatest amount of snow falls, which remains with us throughout the month, periodically updated. Already towards the end of winter, the weather replaces anger with mercy, allowing the first drop to sound.

Note that lower temperatures prevail in the north of the capital, but to the south warm winds of the spring wind are already beginning to be felt.

Recently, the weather throughout Russia has not been distinguished by consistency, so it is impossible to completely and completely predict what kind of surprise nature will bring in the future.

But all the same statistics from the Hydrometeorological Center allow to determine the preliminary climatic parameters expected in February 2017:

  • daytime temperature - 9 ° C below zero;
  • night temperature - 5 ° C below zero;
  • the number of clear days is 1;
  • daylight duration - 9 hours;
  • the number of days with precipitation - 1;
  • rainfall - 24 mm.

Weather in the Moscow region in February 2017

In addition to these indicators, experts can easily determine the amount of atmospheric pressure, oxygen content and other parameters.

All these data allow forecasters to warn people against possible cold weather, to avoid the spread of diseases, to prevent problem situations on the roads, etc.

Accurate weather forecast in Moscow and region.

According to a specially compiled weather forecast for February 2017, it can be concluded that this month will be cold and cloudy for Muscovites. At night, the temperature may drop to -12 degrees Celsius. But already in the afternoon the situation will change drastically and on the thermometer residents of the capital can notice only -3-5 ° C.

The greatest frosts are predicted in early February. In addition, weather forecasters claim that the last month of winter will still have time to please us with fluffy snow-white snow - albeit not for long.

what is the weather in Moscow in February

In the middle of the month, the winter of 2017 will still be a full-fledged mistress in this area and will not reduce the frost. At night, the temperature still drops to 10-13 degrees below zero, but at the same time, during the day, there will be a slight warming in several divisions.

There will be a little less clouds in the sky and the first modest rays of the sun will pierce through them. Every day they will gain strength and warm more and more, awakening nature from a dream.

The end of February is expected to be moderately cold. Lying around the snow will begin to melt, revealing entire lawns. The temperature in Moscow and the Moscow region in the daytime can reach 0 ° C and at night - 7 degrees below zero.

It is possible that gray snow clouds will descend to the capital, but they will be empty, so it’s not worth waiting for precipitation at the end of winter. Already from February 24, a warm cyclone will be transferred from Europe, which will completely “touch” the harsh winter and it will begin to gradually disappear.

Air temperature in Moscow and the region

month weather forecast for Moscow

The following temperature conditions are expected in the capital of Russia:

  • February 1: -6 -11 ° C
  • February 2: -6 -12 ° C
  • February 3: -4 -10 ° C
  • February 4: -5 -9 ° C
  • February 5: -6 -9 ° C
  • February 6: -6 -12 ° C
  • February 7: -5 -12 ° C
  • February 8: -3 -10 ° C
  • February 9: -3 -7 ° C
  • February 10: -6 -9 ° C
  • February 11: -5 -10 ° C
  • February 12: -5 -9 ° C
  • February 13: -6 -10 ° C
  • February 14: -5 -8 ° C
  • February 15: -4 -8 ° C
  • February 16: -5 -11 ° C
  • February 17: -7 -12 ° C
  • February 18: -8 -14 ° C
  • February 19: -6 -12 ° C
  • February 20: -6 -13 ° C
  • February 21: -6 -10 ° C
  • February 22: -6 -11 ° C
  • February 23: -4 -10 ° C
  • February 24: -2-7 ° C
  • February 25: -4 -8 ° C
  • February 26: -2-7 ° C
  • February 27: -2-7 ° C
  • February 28: -3 -7 ° C

“Weather” signs in February

signs of February

Not only modern devices and specially trained people can predict future weather.

From time immemorial people have been eyeing the weather phenomena and according to them folded signs, which, oddly enough, almost always come true.So according to the weather in February you can find out what the spring and summer will be:

  • long thin icicles, hanging from the roofs, means the imminent arrival of spring, which will be extremely warm, and the summer - hot and serene;
  • if the sparrows are clowning and hiding their heads under the tail - the winter will drag on;
  • in February a lot of frost on the foliage and grass means that in the summer the dew will be abundant.

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