War Games in Sochi 2018

According to the curators of the tournament in the face of the organizing committee and the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the Military Games in Sochi 2018 will become an event, in truth, on a global scale. According to preliminary data, delegations of many world powers will come to Russia to compete for the main trophy of the tournament, among which representatives of China, Serbia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Zimbabwe are traditionally listed.

War Games in Sochi 2018


War Games in Sochi 2018

According to the information published on the website of the Armygames-2018 Organizing Committee, the next stage of the world military sports competitions will be held at specially prepared ranges near Russian Sochi. The tournament starts at the end of July and ends in the middle of the last summer month.

Official competition program

War Games in Sochi 2018

As you know, the World War Games are held in several successive stages, each of which consists of competitions in separate military disciplines. In 2018, Sochi spectators will be able to see competitions in the following types of program:

  • "Tank biathlon";
  • "Sniper line";
  • "Landing platoon";
  • military intelligence;
  • "Artillery fire"
  • "War rally";
  • "Calculation of the UAV";
  • "Medical relay"
  • "Field kitchen";
  • "Engineering training"

In addition to the above, professional military personnel from different countries of the world will compete in such disciplines as: “amphibious assault” and “Sea Cup”, “master gunsmith”, “Suvorov onslaught”, “clear sky”, “road patrol”, “aviadarts” and also will take part in joint demonstrations.
Traditionally, the attention of the majority of domestic fans in the Armygames will be focused on “tank biathlon” and “aviadartsu”. And this is not surprising, because it is in these military disciplines that employees of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation win the highest marks every year.

Participants in the Sochi Military Games 2018

War Games in Sochi 2018

According to the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Sergey Shoigu, within the framework of the future competition will be attended by delegations representing the states of the Near and Far Abroad, including countries in Asia, Africa and South America. Last year, the following teams fought for the Armygames-2017 trophy: Russia, China, Belarus, Israel, Armenia, Egypt, Serbia, Kyrgyzstan, Iran, Azerbaijan, Moldova, India, Kuwait, Uganda, Laos, Thailand, Greece, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Syria, Morocco, Angola, South Africa, Uzbekistan, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

Given the rapidly growing popularity of the World War Games, it is possible that the geography of the upcoming Armygames in Sochi will become even wider. In 2018, Indonesia and the Philippines submitted bids from participants.

Main favorites of the tournament

War Games in Sochi 2018

According to many experts, in the 3rd season of the International Military Games the victory will again be celebrated by the Russian national team. This is explained not only by the quality of domestic technology and the high level of training of our servicemen, but also by “native walls”.

In favor of the Russians and statistics show - in the overall medal standings of all 3 previous championships, the national team took the first places. Last year’s Armygames-2017 was no exception. Employees of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation were the best in the "tank biathlon", "depth", "law enforcement officers" and other competitive disciplines.

The top four looked like this:

1. Russia (11 gold medals);
2. China (7 gold medals);
3. Kazakhstan (3 gold);
4. Belarus (1 gold).

Despite the fact that Russia remains the undisputed favorite of the upcoming War Games in Sochi, the competition within the project is becoming tense. Last year, the Chinese team showed excellent results, managing to get as close as possible to the leader.Given the small gap in the overall team standings, specialists do not rule out a loud sensation in the 3rd season of the Armygames.


War Games in Sochi 2018

Thanks to the success of the two previous championships Armygames, the project is becoming increasingly popular and prestigious. Every year the number of its regular participants is replenished with new teams. According to preliminary data of the organizing committee, in 2018 the World War Games will be visited by 27 official delegations representing teams from 27 countries of the world. To date, the exact schedule of the tournament stages is still unknown, however, according to its curators, it will be published in May of this year.

Brief information about the competition program:

  • date and place: July - August 2018 (G.Sochi);
  • participants: professional military personnel from 27 countries;
  • winner of the tournament 2016 and 2017: the Russian team.

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