Voronezh Park "Eaglet" - a place that is worth visiting the whole family

Voronezh is big and beautiful enoughA city in which there are many parks and green areas. One of the oldest places for recreation of citizens is located in the center, not far from the main railway station. This city park Voronezh "Eaglet", in which today you can not only walk among the riot of greenery, but also ride on various attractions. What kind of entertainment is there in this recreation area and where is it located?

Park "Eaglet" (Voronezh): discovery and history of improvement

Park of the Eagle of the EagletOnce in Voronezh, at the intersection of the streets of FriedrichEngels and Peace, was the parade ground of the Mikhailovsky Cadet School. After the events of 1917, this place was the area of ​​the Third International. In 1954 a recreation park appeared on this territory, designed by the architect N. Ya. Nevedrov. To date, this green zone is one of the oldest in the city. The territory of the park is well-equipped, there are quiet walks for walks, and modern attractions and cafes. Many townspeople like this place, come here to relax from the hustle and bustle of the big city and take a walk with the children.

The modern territory of the park

Recreation ParkThe last large-scale reconstruction was carried outin 2009. Thanks to a whole complex of works on improvement and restoration of objects, the park of Voronezh "Orlyonok" has become even more beautiful and well-groomed. The old Youth Theater was demolished, new paving slabs were laid, in addition, modern bright lanterns and comfortable benches appeared. Also during the reconstruction was restored one of the main characters of the park - a beautiful fountain with interesting sculptures. There were new children's and sports grounds in the recreation area. Today Voronezh's park "Orlyonok" is one of the favorite places of rest for the townspeople, young mothers with children and teenagers regularly walk here.

Attractions and interesting monuments

Want to make beautiful photos and admiresurrounding species? Go to the park from the side of Feoktistov Street. This entrance is considered the main one, it is decorated with white gates with columns and cast-iron fence. One of the most modern attractions of the park is a monument to the poet O. Mandelstam, established in 2008. The writer devoted the cycle to the city "Voronezh notebooks", as Voronezh played a special role in his destiny. From the side of the street Friedrich Engels in the park is a memorial to the fallen soldiers of the Red Army. In the park there are other sculptures, small changes in decor and landscape design can be observed every season.

Amusement and entertainment

Park of Eaglets Voronezh openingPark Voronezh "Eaglet" - this is one of your favoriteplaces for family rest of all city dwellers. Here you can have a good rest and without extra expenses: on the territory there are modern playgrounds, you can ride bicycles and rollerblades. But, undoubtedly, the most interesting are the attractions installed here. Among them there are a variety of cars, trains and swings for the youngest. In summer, trampolines and mechanical rocking machines are also installed on the territory of the recreation area. There will be entertainment for teenagers and adults - it's "roller coaster", circuit, "Centrox" and many others. The park "Eaglet" (Voronezh) offers attractions for every taste, it will be interesting for everyone to ride on them. After extreme rest, you can sit in one of the local cafes, order light snacks and drinks or a full-fledged hot lunch.

How to get there and what to do in Orlyonka?

Park of Eaglets Voronezh attractions The city park of rest is practically inthe very center of Voronezh. The main entrance with a gates gate can be found from the side of Feoktistov Street. By public transport to get to the recreation area is not difficult. To leave it is necessary at the stop "Children's Park", buses № 8, 76, 68, 67А, 58В, and also fixed-route taxi № 49В, 61.

According to many townspeople, the recreation area is the mostlooks attractive in the summer. With the onset of cold weather, most of the attractions stop their work, summer cafes are closed. However, even in winter you can go skiing and wander through snow-covered paths. Are held in the park and various events, children's parties and folk festivals during the All-Russian holidays. Be sure to visit the park "Eaglet" - this is one of the most beautiful and oldest recreation areas in the city. Many newlyweds in Voronezh today include this place in the route of the wedding walk to make beautiful photos for memory.

The park occupies a relatively small area, but,Despite this, on its territory there are noisy entertainment facilities, and quiet shady avenues for walking. Here you can find a place for everyone - you can sit in a cafe, read in silence on a bench, do an active sport, make beautiful photos or get your adrenaline dose while you ride on attractions.

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Voronezh Park Eaglet - a place that is worth visiting the whole family Voronezh Park Eaglet - a place that is worth visiting the whole family Voronezh Park Eaglet - a place that is worth visiting the whole family Voronezh Park Eaglet - a place that is worth visiting the whole family Voronezh Park Eaglet - a place that is worth visiting the whole family