Variety of floor designs

Screeds are usually used when tiles, materials in a roll, or thin parquet boards and boards are used as flooring. Dry prefabricated screed began to apply not long ago. They are made from fiberboard and gypsum fiber sheets.

When laying insulated linoleum screed is made of expanded clay. Such a screed is one of the best bases for modern flooring. Not insulated linoleum is usually laid on solid sheets of chipboard, under which are placed cement screeds or non-rigid fibreboard.

Lags are laid under the supporting parquet sheets and parquet boards thicker than 1.8 cm. Lags are wooden blocks or boards that are laid perpendicular to the boards under the floor.

In Stalin's homes there is always an earthen and slag preparation. In modern houses it is used again, although often apartments are sold without laying the floor, leaving their device to the owners.

Lagging floors

In wooden houses, the carrier part of the floor are beams, which are cut between the rims of the frying pan,so that the beam goes out the end.

They make logs of coniferous wood. They must be impregnated with an antiseptic composition.

Lags, as a rule, are laid on the ceiling, installed on the ceiling or on the columns of bricks.

When the logs are installed on brick columns, several layers of roofing material or roofing layers are placed on top of them, then a layer of wood is placed, and only then the logs are strengthened. Waterproofing material is used and when logs are installed on the beams.

Experts recommend that when creating brick columns to follow the following tips:

- the optimal cross section is 25 by 25 cm;
- use corpulent baked bricks;
- Solution 25 mark or higher;
- for the foundation for brick columns, take clay and concrete, in which the ratio of sand and gravel is above the norm and is 1 к7;
- the ground should be well tamped.

When the floor is arranged on the top floor, only the walls serve as a support for the beams. As a rule, the length of the span is three and a half meters. In case it is more, you need to strengthen another beam, which serves as an additional support.

Method of laying parquet on subfloor

As a rule, lags are placed at a distance of forty to fifty centimeters from each other. Most often, logs are made of a 10x5 cm timber. If financial capabilities permit, a 10.10cm timber can be used, this will make the whole structure even more solid and stable.

One of the existing types of flooring on the logs is the “black floors”, as they are called. So say about the floors made also from boards, but cut off or not cut off, but not from special laths. Such floors are made as a lining or a screed for a thin parquet shield, ceramic tile or parquet.

It can be said that “black floors” are an excellent alternative to the standard concrete screed. Sometimes it is expensive and irrational to make a coupler with a height of fifteen to twenty centimeters. In this case, it is easier and much cheaper to create a “black floor” on logs with brick columns or on wooden beams.

In some cases, such floors are not made of boards, but from plywood sheets laid on logs or particle boards. "Black floors" are prone to diseases of conventional wood floors on logs - creak and rot.

If they are laid and used correctly, then they are a great base for any flooring.

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