Vacuum cleaner Samsung SC4326: review of technical parameters, customer reviews + comparison with competitors

The Korean firm "Samsung" supplies the commercial market with various household appliances, including vacuum cleaners. Korean-made devices are distinguished by an interesting design, well-thought-out architecture and quite decent technical characteristics.

Traditionally, the balance of price and quality. A good example is the Samsung SC4326 vacuum cleaner, the design of which is considered as part of this review.

Features of the model Samsung SC4326

Taking into account the importance of cleaning household living (and other) premises, an obvious factor in such matters is the availability of cleaning equipment - an essential aid in the preservation of physical strength.

Owners of residential buildings, apartments, hotel business often need equipment for cleaning effective action and at the same time relatively inexpensive.

Overview of Vacuum Cleaner Features

Execution of the vacuum cleaner in the classical style, taking into account the budget cost (4 - 4.5 thousand rubles.), In fact, does not give reason to consider some special details or functions. Nevertheless, some of the equipment of the Korean model can be noted.

In the commercial market there are enough offers, among which Samsung SC4326 (budget model) is clearly not the last.

SC4326 technical specifications for operating mode

Type of construction standard cyclone type
Types of cleaning exceptionally dry
Power consumption 1600 watts
Suction power 360 watts
Waste container 1.3 liters
Noise level no higher than 80 dB

Completion of the Korean device does not shine with a wealth of nozzles of different configurations, however, those accessories that are included in the classic package are enough for the economic cleaning work.

Working complete set of the vacuum cleaner
The Korean vacuum cleaner Samsung SC4326 completed in a working condition. The main nozzle is installed on the bar as a cleaning accessory, the transport handle is raised - ready to be transferred to the place of work

Attached to the vacuum cleaner nozzle for cleaning carpet and hard surfaces, as well as a nozzle for processing baseboards, powders, seam joints.Traditionally, a corrugated hose acts as a connecting link between the nozzles and the vacuum cleaner.

An additional accessory corrugations is a telescopic tube-rod. At one end of the corrugated hose there is a mechanical lock under the inlet of the vacuum cleaner, at the other end there is a corner pipe, equipped with a simple regulator of the suction force.

SC4326 Vacuum Cleaner Input Jack
It looks like the nest of the input channel on the body of the Korean vacuum cleaner, where the corrugated hose is inserted. Mechanical fixture accessory securely held inside the slot

The main module of the vacuum cleaner has dimensions280x395x238 mm- a completely compact engineering solution, which contributes to the convenience of cleaning.

The module is equipped with a 6-meter network cable, thanks to which the radius of coverage of the cleaning area is not less than 9 m. There is a mechanism for quick cable rolling onto a reel inside the module.

Waste bin with cyclone

A kind of design feature is a waste container. Rather simple in design, the vessel for collecting dust and other contaminants is made of transparent plastic.

Waste bin with cyclone
Thus, the design of a cyclone separator, which forms part of the design of the garbage collection, looks like. The container is tightly closed with a lid, after which it is inserted into the vacuum cleaner housing niche

As a result, a visual control of the dust bag filling is available to the user, which is convenient and practical. On the case of the container there is a label on the level of filling. On top of the container tightly closed lid in the color of the main body.

The removal of the container - detaching it from the body of the machine - is done with a slight movement of the hand. For the execution of such an action is a handle. On the removed container, the user just has to open the lid and remove the contents.

Garbage container removal
A convenient large handle on the body of the trash can provides a free indent / insert. At the same time tightness of the container is not broken. It is enough for the user to apply a minimum of tractive effort.

Inside the container, in the central part, a cyclone glass is arranged, which takes up about half the space. As practice has shown, this design of the cyclone is quite effective in terms of the separation of suspended particles.

Two-stage filtration system

Design feature Samsung SC4326 existing filtration system is difficult to call. However, the two stages of the fine filter on the budget model is a real feature.

True, the device of filtering systems is represented by the simplest version using ordinary foam rubber as a filtering material.

Sheet foam rubber is installed in the area directly under the waste container. The filter in the area of ​​the back wall of the main module is a prototype of the HEPA technology.

Full set of vacuum cleaner filters
A complete set of accessories included with the filter system. In disassembled form, both fine filters are included in the design of the vacuum cleaner, including the garbage collection container.

Practical use of the vacuum cleaner indicates the optimal frequency of cleaning the filter elements about once every two to three months.

Foam sheet filters are cleaned by a wet method - running water, followed by drying. Proper care contributes to the durability of the filter elements.

Elementary function management

The functionality of the Samsung SC4326 vacuum cleaner is the simplest, no frills, but it has its own characteristics.For example, the auto-folding feature of a network cable allows switching on in two ways:

  1. By pressing the "recumbent" shipping handle.
  2. By activating a small button (with the handle raised).

Extending the power cable to the desired length is achieved by a small pulling force of the user. As soon as the tractive effort is stopped, the cable is fixed by the brake mechanism. In such a simple way, the length of the power cord is conveniently regulated.

Cord Reel Lock Button
The button controls the folding mechanism of the power cord. This control can be activated individually when the transport handle is raised or act on it directly through the handle

The inclusion of technology in the active mode is performed by pressing a large round key, also located on the top panel of the main module. Pressing the return key again turns the vacuum cleaner off. This is a classic diagram of a machine communicator.

Running gear

The movement function of the vacuum cleaner plays an important role in the cleaning process. From the design of the chassis depends on the "permeability" and "turning" of the harvesting machine.In this sense, the chassis Samsung SC4326 looks quite effective.

The chassis is built on the basis of two large wheels. Both wheels are made on the basis of rigid polypropylene. Along the outer circumference of the wheels trimmed with rubberized material.

Big wheel chassis
Such a performance of the wheels of the vacuum cleaner provides a soft stroke technology for all types of surfaces. Tightness of the chassis components minimizes contamination

Due to soft rubber the easy springy course is reached. In turn, the third - a small wheel located closer to the hose connection pipe, provides good “turning” of the device.

In practice, it is noted that the vacuum cleaner freely overcomes the classic obstacles inherent in hard flooring.

Pros and cons of the budget model

A pronounced plus for each budget model of a vacuum cleaner is a price that satisfies most potential users. The version with the Samsung SC4326 machine is a clear confirmation of this axiom.

However, the advantages in price are often accompanied by a lot of disadvantages when it comes to the operation of the budget apparatus.

Vacuum cleaner function handle
One of the advantages of the Korean development is a convenient large shipping handle.It would seem an insignificant detail, but in practice such an execution expands the user's convenience.

Korean-made Samsung SC4326 vacuum cleaner has certain advantages as well as some disadvantages.

In addition to the market value, the advantages of Korean technology include:

  • application of cyclone filtering technology;
  • small overall dimensions;
  • sufficiently high suction power;
  • convenience of disposal of the collected garbage;
  • modern design image.

If we consider this model on the other hand, then you can see the negative aspects seen with use.

Making a list of shortcomings or disadvantages in the operation of this household appliance, and they have them, you will have to recall the following:

  • low durability of the electric motor (2 - 5 years),
  • the effect of static electricity on the body,
  • telescope extension rod,
  • manual suction power controller.

Let's talk more about the shortcomings of the Samsung SC4326. The design of the Korean vacuum cleaner is equipped with a brush-type electric motor, designed for connection to a 220-volt network.

Execution of section with the driving wheel axial.Active operation of the device is accompanied by rapid wear of the brush elements. Therefore, after 2-3 years of work, the task of acquiring brushes appears.

However, it is precisely the brushes to find on the market is problematic. It is necessary to purchase directly the engine assembly. Fortunately, the engines of the Korean vacuum cleaner (such as the VCM K70GU) are on sale.

Electric motor vacuum cleaner Samsung SC4326
This type of electric motor is used in the Korean harvesting system. This part is commercially available and may be replaced if necessary. The cost of the engine is about half the price of a vacuum cleaner.

The manufacturer declared a warranty for the motor no more than 5 years. Accordingly, one should be prepared for the failure of the motor after this period.

However, the five-year period promised by the manufacturer to the user will allow to fully appreciate the functionality of the vacuum cleaner. Initially, everything looks beautiful and well in terms of constructivism. Practice, however, often changes the beautiful pictures on the picture of the truth of reality.

The following video presents an overview of this model, made by a consultant of a hardware store:

The presence of a brush motor in the design, plus the presence of most parts of the body on the basis of plastic - all this leads to the effect of electrostatics.

The body of the machine, being electrostatic, attracts dust that accumulates in a thick layer. After completion of the cleaning, it is necessary to thoroughly wipe the cabinet with a damp cloth.

Another operational problem, after some time using a vacuum cleaner, is the work of an extension rod telescope. This accessory due to wear rubbing surfaces, loses the property of fixation.

As a result, the telescope is simply not fixed in the desired position. However, this defect is directly related to the user attitude to the telescope rod.

Suction force regulator
One of the drawbacks of Korean technology is the suction force regulator. Sometimes in the open state of the regulator, garbage is sucked in through the opening, sucked in by a vacuum cleaner.

What do the owners say about the vacuum cleaner?

Reviews of owners of the Korean vacuum cleaner are traditionally ambiguous. Each completed user finds the sweeper as completely acceptable and not completely satisfactory. This is the cost of the practice of operating any household tool.

For example, one of the owners (an inveterate summer resident) seems to be 100% functional. He notes the effective collection of dust, sand, blades of grass, sawdust, etc.Given the light weight, the equipment is convenient to carry around the different buildings of the suburban area.

The other owner (urban) complains that the foam filters are too quickly clogged, especially the first one, which is installed under the container. The filter clog, according to the user, has a strong effect on the thrust, which is why the electric motor overheats.

But the majority of consumers speak about the equipment only positively, indicating a high quality of cleaning. In particular, it conquers good dust collection efficiency and suction power.

Samsung SC4326 main competitors

Equipment with functions of cleaning the premises, which is able to compete for the model SC4326, produced by many manufacturers of household appliances.

Therefore, in addition to Korean vacuum cleaners, it is possible to find similar designs among the products of other companies. We offer to get acquainted with models that are able to make a serious competition to Samsung SC4326.

Competitor # 1 - Scarlett SC-VC80B92

It is practically a related model, except for a detail that is quite important for the consumer - the presence of a garbage bag.

On technical parameters Scarlett SC-VC80B92 gains some power. At the same time, the market value of the product is noted at about 1 - 1.5 thousand.rub. lower than that of the Korean model SC4326.

Small differences are seen in overall dimensions - for Scarlett SC-VC80B92 configuration 26x34x195 mm. That is, this vacuum cleaner looks more compact.

Similar to the Korean design, a telescope rod is used in the accessory kit. The weight is 500 grams less, however, and the length of the power cable is reduced by about 1 - 1.5 meters.

Competitor # 2 - Zanussi ZANSC10

The appearance of the Zanussi ZANSC10 looks only slightly modified in shape and color. This harvesting machine has plum hull colors.

True, for mass production color range is not a strict limitation. On the market there is a product Zanussi of different colors.

This model has a slightly lower power consumption (1400 W) and suction (250 W). There are also differences in the manufacturability of the dust collector - a bag with a capacity of 2 liters.

Meanwhile, the reduction in power characteristics had no effect on the noise level - this parameter is higher by as much as 4 dB (84 vs. 80).

The mass of the device, however, is lower - 2.4 kg. Another obvious difference is the presence of an indicator on the body of the car, signaling to the user that the waste collection container is full.The market price tag on the Zanussi ZANSC10 model is about 1 - 1.5 thousand rubles. below (3000 vs. 4500).

Competitor # 3 - Philips FC9350 PowerPro Compact

Philips FC9350 PowerPro Compact looks like a serious competitor for the SC4326 model.

This vacuum cleaner, also of a cyclone type, is higher in price - 6,500–7,500 rubles, but in terms of operating moments it promises a more practical choice. Take, for example, the function of emergency shutdown of the machine in case of overheating of the electric motor.

Regarding the power consumption Philips more voracious (1800 W). At the same time, the suction power provides a maximum of 350 W (Samsung - 360 W). The noise level is slightly higher - 82 dB.

True, the garbage collection container is slightly larger in volume and is 1.5 liters. Also, the total weight of the model is not significantly different - 4.5 kg versus 4.2 kg for Samsung. Network cable of similar length - 6 m.


Korean-made vacuum cleaner Samsung SC4326 represents the “classics of the genre” of a series of low-end products. For the end user, this choice is accompanied by the investment of small funds and quite a worthy return in terms of organizing the cleaning of the household.

A relatively short period of service (5 years) is clearly no reason to think about how successful the acquisition will be. Because in the world of technology there is nothing eternal.Moreover, modern technologies make any equipment change a year after purchase.

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