Universal mount for ceiling projector: overview, description, mounting features and reviews

The ceiling mounting method of the projector isOptimum in terms of organizing the direction of the light flux. In addition, this type of attachment allows you to hide communications, protecting them from external influences. Manufacturers offer a variety of options and configurations of fixing devices, so every film-maker can choose the optimal solution for their operating conditions. But before choosing, you need to understand what the support for the projector is in principle. The ceiling arrangement of the equipment offers a lot of advantages, but also high demands on reliability and adjustment methods.

ceiling mount for projector

General information on ceiling fasteners

The fastener is metalThe design that connects the ceiling surface to the projector's body. The components of the device are made of high-strength alloy, so the risk of deforming the latch or disrupting the performance of its movable elements is negligible. In this case, even the simplest models are equipped with adjustment nodes - at least in slope and height. With their help, the user can orient the light ray of the image to the target screen cloth. To the features that distinguish the universal ceiling mount for the projector, one can attribute the possibility of its application to almost all modern models of equipment. This applies not only to projectors, but also to some models of television equipment, as well as monitors. Restrictions concern only one parameter - the maximum mass. As a rule, it is 20 kg, which is acceptable for most projectors regardless of class.

Types of devices

universal ceiling mount for projector

In the family of ceiling fixtures, we can distinguishthree types of kit - standard, "designer" and wall-ceiling. In the first case, the user receives a typical design that is fixed directly to the ceiling using a unified set of components. Usually it includes a ceiling mount, a connecting and adjustable bar, and a fixing bracket for the projector itself. Models-designers assume the presence of only a base for fixing to the ceiling without a bracket and a clip for the projector. In the future, at its discretion, the owner can assemble the fastening components specifically for a specific hardware model. The most reliable is the wall-ceiling mount of the projector, which provides for the placement of two fixation nodes. Accordingly, the design is attached to two planes - the wall and the ceiling.

Manufacturers of fastening mechanisms

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The manufacture of ceiling mounts isspecialized developers of brackets for multimedia equipment, and directly manufacturers of video equipment. The first category includes the firm Shekla, Pchela and the line Fix. Under these brands, you can find a non-standard mount for the ceiling projector, which will allow you to implement the original installation configuration. In addition, the models of these manufacturers are characterized by low cost - an average of 3-7 thousand rubles.

Companies that manufacture projectors also offeruniversal fasteners for both own and third-party products. For example, the ceiling mount for the BenQ projector in the CM00G2 version is suitable for most short-focus models. Also, this mechanism allows you to make adjustments in wide angles in tilt with a range of 25 degrees. An interesting variant is offered by Epson in the modification of ELPMB23. With this device, you can fix the projector, while maintaining a spacing of 150 mm from the surface.

Installation technique

ceiling mount for benq projector

First, make sure that the site forinstallation does not involve risks of mechanical impact and strong vibrations. Also, the possibility of power fastening to the surface is calculated. The ceiling must have a solid and reliable structure. Installation is carried out by means of screws or screws, on which the bracket is mounted. Then the support rod is screwed to the last one. At this stage, it is desirable to give it a safe position by fixing the adjustable nodes in the optimal position. Then the device is installed on the ceiling mount for the projector. Fixation of the projector body is usually done with the help of clamps, which are included in the structure of the fixing rod. Again, during operation, if necessary, it will be possible to change the orientation of the device position by performing simple manipulations with the regulators.

Reviews of ceiling mounts

Many users choose ceiling mountsbecause of their practicality. As a rule, the mechanism is established on an ongoing basis once and in the future its position does not change. Users also note a positive moment in terms of aesthetics, since the design has minimal impact on the interior, and some models even give a shade of Hi-Tech styling. But there are drawbacks to this decision. In particular, the ceiling mount for the projector is criticized for the lack of direct access. If you need to remove the projector or change its position, then you need to install the lifting device. However, such manipulations are not carried out often, therefore, to serious shortcomings, this factor is difficult to attribute.

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For long-term operation it is desirableinitially choose a fastener model with a sturdy construction made of metal with protective coatings. Such devices include ceiling mounts for the projector Epson, BenQ, Lumene, etc. They are made of rigid telescopic structures, resistant not only to mechanical, but also to thermal influences. But the cost of such solutions is about 15-20 thousand. Also, when choosing, it is worthwhile to envisage the possibility of supplementing the structure with auxiliary devices. Usually in the basic configuration, manufacturers supply wiring boxes to hide communications. If such a device is not available, then you can do with self-made niches. For example, in a suspended ceiling structure, channels with electrical wiring are often provided. In the same opening, you can also get wires from the projector, fixing the supporting structure to the profile of the metal frame.

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