Types of security systems

February 7, 2018

The desire to protect the company or dwelling from the occurrence of various unforeseen situations associated with the failure of communications or with the penetration of uninvited guests, creates the need for precise control of everything happening in the territory of any protected object. To do this with the help of security personnel, without the use of additional automated tools, it is extremely difficult. In such cases, various security systems come to the rescue.

Security systems: main types

CCTV systems. Necessary to assess the activities of all those present in the room, which is being monitored. For example, in a supermarket, where there is a large number of customers and service personnel, video surveillance is conducted in order to identify possible thefts or prevent a possible conflict. In residential buildings, the installation of video surveillance is necessary to monitor the attendants (if there is one) in your absence or to record cases of unauthorized entry into the home.

Types of security systems

These systems are constantly being improved and offer an extended list of services for their clients. The introduction of digital methods of information processing is in full swing, software for servicing video devices, as components of more large-scale and complex complex systems for the protection of objects, is constantly being improved.

Fire and security alarm systems. Installed for early detection of fire. The timely detection of a fire makes it possible to inform in time about the necessary assistance and ensure the saving of people's lives and the safety of property.

Dispatching systems. Automated monitoring of all communications allows you to prevent possible accidents on time, and in case of their occurrence, immediately inform the dispatcher of any problems. Dispatching systems are used in many facilities: in schools and hospitals, in enterprises and in residential buildings, in facilities that need remote control.

Types of security systems

Access control systems. They are necessary to prevent unauthorized persons from entering the protected area who may carry out theft or damage to the personal property of citizens.For residential buildings, the most common access control systems are intercoms and doors equipped with combination locks. At the enterprises, such access control systems are used as all kinds of blocking devices. It can be turnstiles, gates, gateways, automatic barriers, automatic doors. All of them, as a rule, are opened with special keys that are available only to those people who are allowed access.

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