The Walking Dead: Season 2: The Walkthrough

In the game The Walking Dead: Season 2 passage often puts the user in the choice of solutions that affect the plot and ending in the project. The gameplay is made in the form of an interactive movie, where players are encouraged to perform only certain actions and watch the unfolding events. Everyone can build their history and see the correctness of their choice.


In a masterpiece called The Walking Dead: Season 2 passage in Russian begins immediately with the murders. Two years have passed since the end of the plot of the first part, Lee is dead, and Clementine learns to survive with Omid and Kristo. First they stop at the toilet, meet a looter who kills the companion of the main character. After this, the events are moved forward again, where Clementine is only with Christa. In this moment, you should encourage her and light a fire with the help of a board and one of two things to choose from. After spending the night, bandits attacked your camp. They grab a woman, and the girl needs to run away. Do push keys before obstacles. Near the river to fight with a zombie similar method. After a short respite, inspect the shore and move up the narrow path. There will be a dog with whom you should talk and tame. The dog will lead Clem to an abandoned refugee camp. The food is in the garbage can, it needs to be picked up. Then go to the dog, kill the zombies and take the knife from the corpse. walking dead season 2 episode 2 walkthrough

Continuation of the first episode

Continues in The Walking Dead: Season 2 passage in Russian (part 1) from the fact that the player needs to eat. At this point, Clementine will be attacked by her new companion, a hungry dog. It is necessary to fend off her, and as a result of this she will fall on the stakes. A person decides at this moment to kill or leave the animal to die in agony. After that, zombies come to the camp, from which it is necessary to escape. The heroine, who has been bitten by the dog's bites, will find two unknown guys, and they will take her to her camp. Here the girl will meet with unknown people. It is necessary to prove to them that the zombies are not involved in the injuries. After the conversation, Clem is locked in a barn. You can get out with a hammer, which lies on the shelf on the left. Put the box, take the tool and pull out the nails on the right. Leave the barn and through the hole penetrate into the nearest house. On the first floor, inspect all the rooms, in one of them there will be a sheet with the opinions of each member of the new team about the heroine. These records must be remembered. After that, go up and find a bandage with a needle. The first thing - in the bedroom, and the second - in the bathroom. At the end of the floor will sit Sarah and in conversation with her you can convince the character in friendly intentions to get hydrogen peroxide. Next in the game The Walking Dead: Season 2 the passage will make you return to the barn. Handle the wound by connecting objects. After that, there will be a zombie that can be killed with a hammer. The survivors will take you to their home, but soon the dead will attack again. The player will have to choose whom to save, and on this first episode will be over.Passage of the game The walking dead season 2

Chapter Two

In the game The Walking Dead: Season 2 (episod 2) the passage will continue from the site of the last fight with the zombies. Watch the video and explore the location with the person who was rescued in the last chapter. Offer him alcohol or cigarettes, after which you can try both. Next morning, go to the camp and tell about what happened nearby. Sarah will ask Clem to take a picture, and here the player can agree or refuse. When you go down, you have to teach the girl to shoot. Then go to the house and talk with an unknown guest who will ask many questions. In the evening all members of the community will return to the camp, and a serious conversation will be held. Sarah will try to blame Clementina for misdemeanor, and nothing depends on the answers in this case. After that, collect all your things, talk to a friend in the garage and head to the forest. Near the bridge, the territory should be inspected with binoculars. Return to survivors and report the information. Together with Luke, destroy the zombies and talk to the man. After that, the zombies will attack, and Clem must have time to save the comrade with the help of a beam from above. There will be a new man with a gun, who will try to make a conversation. Then Nick jumps out, and if you do not have time to stop him, he will shoot an unknown person. After that, go back to your friends, talk and enter the house. In it there is a box with supplies, which can be opened with a knife. Food is distributed to all people from the community.the walking dead season 2 passage on Russian part 1

Continuation of the second episode

In The Walking Dead: Season 2 (episode 2) passage will continue with the fact that Clementine, along with new friends will be near the ski base. There will be a small camp of people, among whom will be an old acquaintance from the previous part of the Kenny series. Soon the New Year, but because the camp is preparing for the holiday. Talk to all the people and decorate the tree with your friends. After that you will notice a dispute in the camp territory. Choose to sit down - Kenny or Luke. You will be seated by other members of the group, and it is up to the player to decide which side Clem will be in whose quarrel. The next day the girl will see that one person is following her. The brave heroine will follow her and talk. Here, the user will have to do in order to drive her away or give food. After that, go to Luke and talk about Nick's behavior. Next, there will be a scene with murder, where the player simply looks at the scene. When you go out into the street, you can lie or tell the truth about the girl's deed. Suddenly zombies will attack, and to start a battle with the dead, you need to turn off the generator. After that, shoot the monster with a gun. At the end of the second chapter in The Walking Dead: Season 2, the passage shows that the camp was captured by bandits under the guise of a zombie attack. They will kill some members of the community, and Clementine will have to surrender.the walking dead season 2 The passage in Russian

The third chapter

Continues in The Walking Dead: Season 2 (episode 3) passage from the fact that the robbers transport captive friends to their base. Enter the van and talk to all the people there. The team will abandon attempts to escape, which will offer Kenny. The heroine must decide who to support in this case. After the conversation, you will be locked in a cage where there is an opportunity to talk with Reggie and other friends. After the conversation, go to bed. The next morning there will be a general construction, where Sar will start talking with Clem. For this she will get in the face from Carver. If the player decides to support the conversation, he will also receive punishment from the bandits. After this, all will go to the specified work. Clem will help Bonnie reload and talk to her. After the arrival of Troy, go to the roof, where Reggie will begin to teach the girl to take care of the flowers. Here the main character will notice that Sarah does not know how to do anything at all. She can be helped, but at the end of the day, Carver will punish someone who has done poorly these activities. Reggie the leader will throw off the roof, and he will die. The next day, Clem will be assigned to Troy at work. Drag the load until you hear a dispute between Kenny and Mike. Suddenly, walking dead men will attack. In this case, passing the game The Walking Dead: Season 2 provides for a fight with a monster. After the victory, crawl under the shelf to another room, where Clem will save Troy. In the evening you will be called by Carver and will talk for a long time, and also promise many crazy things. Listen, take the food and go back to the group.walking dead season 2 telltale games

Continuation of the third chapter

Passage of game The Walking Dead: Season 2 in the middle of the third chapter will send the main character to steal the walkie-talkie. To do this, take the cable to the stairs and climb out onto the roof. On the right side, through the window, steal the intercom and return the same way you came. After discussing the escape plan, the guards will come, and the heroine will have to convince Bonnie to let her go outside. Go to the house where Luke hides. You will find that the comrade is not in place, so you should inspect the entire building. In the course of this lesson, appear Troy. The player will have to explain to the guard the reason for his being here. The man will punish Clem for disobedience with a blow to the face. At this time, Carver learns about the loss of radios and plan with the escape. The leader of the bandits will force the equipment back and Kenny will start to beat hard. The heroine should help a friend, but a strong opponent will deprive her of consciousness with one blow. After the incident, the survivors build a new escape plan, and Bonnie will help them. Clem wants to save Alvin's captive in Carver's house. To do this, get into the right room, distract the guard and enter the prison. In any case, the comrade will die because of a serious injury, and therefore you can immediately save yourself. From the beam of the building, you jump onto Carver's back, and Kenny shoots him both knees. The heroine can look at the death of the enemy or simply leave. In the final, you have to fight with the zombies and kill Troy at his appearance. In the course of the fight, Sarah will be bitten, and she will have to chop off her hand or kill the dead person. The final of the third episode depends on this choice.

The fourth chapter: the beginning

This episode begins with the fact that the playerswill have to save Sarah along with Jane and Rebecca in The Walking Dead: Season 2. Passing with Karn shows that it is enough to talk with surviving women and keep up with them during the escape. Clem will try to talk along the way. Choose replicas better yourself. At the meeting place, support Kenny to go in search of other team members. On the way back, talk with Jane, and she will talk about her sister. Under the closest corpses of zombies will be Sara's glasses, they can be returned to the proprietor. For the next turn, the heroine will find out that Nick has become a walking dead man and must be killed. Similar scenes with the murder of close friends showed the passage of Walking Dead: Season 1 (episode 2). Around the corner one more zombie will have to be killed, and near the barricade a small group of corpses awaits. Kill them in turn and be prepared to press the keys on the screen. To distract the rest, use a nearby car and a corpse of zombies. Put his head on the steering wheel, and he will constantly beep. The road to the right trailer is open. In it you will find Sarah and Luke. Lock the door with the table, use it to get out the next time you attack a mob of monsters. Help Jane fend off the zombies, and then try to convince Sarah to go with everyone. If she refuses, then hit her and take her with her. In the camp, you will find that Rebecca must give birth, so you need to ask Kenny for help. Survivors are divided into two teams and sent to find the right equipment. Clem must choose whom she will go with.walking dead season 2 passage episode 5

Fourth episode: from the middle to the end

Continues in The Walking Dead: Season 2 passage (episode 4) with the fact that Clem goes to Jane on the platform near the jewelry store. While a woman is picking at the castle, you will notice a lame guy. Distract him with a conversation, and Jane will disarm him. In his bag, he has medicines that can be taken away or left to him. Then the way goes to the museum to Bonnie and Mike. There, behind the box, in the corner of the room you can see bottles of water, but they can be picked up only by penetrating a small hole. Clem will do it, but there it will be attacked by a zombie that Mike will kill. In the museum there will be a raccoon, after which you can run, in the process of searching and other necessary things. After returning to the camp, labor will begin at Rebecca. You can either help her in the tent, or go outside and defend the camp. If you decide to back up the cannon from the gate museum, then the observation deck collapses and Sarah will fall down. Only Jane, who hangs nearby on the wreckage, can help her. When the women get out, ask Mike to help destroy the site. Beat on the bindings and run back to the gift shop. After the birth, Jane decides to leave the group, Luke and Kenny will quarrel again and Clem should decide this dispute about leaving the jewelry store. You can stay for Rebecca to rest a little. On the way to the nearest town the woman will ask for a rest and at that time a group of lame guy Arvo will surround Clementina's friends. During the conversation, Rebecca will die and turn, and Kenny will kill her. A skirmish will begin and on this in The Walking Dead Game: Season 2 the passage of the fourth episode will end.

The last chapter (the first part)

Begins in this chapter The Walking Dead: Season 2 passage (episode 5) with a gunfight. Shoot first a bald guy, and then cover Kenny. He will deal with his enemies and take Arvo into captivity. He agrees to show the camp of his team. A man will start to suspect a lame guy in a deception and beat him with his feet. You can stand up for him and help Keney to treat the wound near the eye. After that, talk to Luke about the affairs in the group. The next halt will be made by the team at an abandoned power station. Talk to Luke, congratulate him on his birthday and drink whiskey together. He will tell you about his worries, then he should go to Kenny. Try to convince that new people are friends and you can trust them. Before going to bed, talk to Arvo, and in the morning, get ready for the journey. Kenny will find a zombie, and it's better to shoot him without delay. You will see the camp houses and decide to go around them on the ice. Luke falls under the water and asks him to quit, and Bonnie will ask to be saved. The man in any case will die, but the choice remains for the players. In the new camp, Kenny will fix the car and start a dispute about the direction for the trip. In this case, the subsequent passage in The Walking Dead Telltale Games: Season 2 depends on the user. You can support anyone in this dispute.the walking dead season 2 walkthrough

End of the game

After a dream, Clementine discovers that Bonnie, Michaeland the lame guy wants to escape together by car. When they try to stop them, Arvo will shoot into the heroine and she will lose consciousness. Scenes from the past will begin, where Lee will return. Waking up, the girl will see herself in the car with Jane and Kenny, who do not stop quarreling. The situation is heating up and Clementine feels at an impasse. At the nearest stop, Kenny will go into the reconnaissance and come across a group of walking dead. You have to control the heroine of the car, until you get into an accident. The three of us through the mountains of snow go to the nearest house. There Kenny and Jane are going to fight to the death, and only the girl can separate them. They will not stop, and therefore have to choose whom to kill on their own. In The Walking Dead: Season 2, the passage will give this choice twice. The wound inflicted on another character will not be fatal, so you can either help him, or go with another survivor, and give up the victim. This will start the scene with the ending, and the game will be passed. It is worth knowing that the article describes only specifically taken decisions. The story narrative may differ if the player decides to choose another path. Then the chain of events will turn into a different direction, but the key moments will not change.

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