The most expensive car "Ferrari": review, specifications and reviews

The car "Ferrari" is a synonym for luxury. Automobile company Ferrari was founded in 1939 and almost from the very beginning of its activity it has gained popularity. Despite the fact that since 1989 this company became a subsidiary company of "FIAT", it still continues to produce incredibly beautiful, powerful and fast machines.

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About the history

The car "Ferrari" was published not immediately afterfoundation of the company. Initially, the company produced different equipment needed for cars. And when the concern started to produce cars, they had a different name, no less famous - Alfa Romeo. The fact is that with this firm Ferrari had a contract - to make cars under their brand. The first car "Ferrari" appeared already in the postwar years - in 1946. This model was called the Ferrari 125. Under the hood of the car, which is now more than 65 years old, a 12-cylinder aluminum engine rattled, due to which the company managed to equip the ordinary city car with the properties of racing, sports, and not at the expense of comfort. Therefore, as the emblem of the brand Enzo Ferrari (the founder) decided to choose a galloping stallion on a yellow background.

With this car, the company won the race"Targa-Florio" and "Mille-Milla", and a little later - and in the 24-hour race. The model was uniquely successful, and obvious. So after it there was a new car "Ferrari" - 340 America.

Issue 1975-1985

To not go too deep into the story, it's worthtalk about more modern models. And the most expensive. And they can be approached through the history of those models that have been produced since 1975. Then it was the car "Ferrari", known under the label "400". The car looked stylish - spectacular air intakes, beautiful headlights, four exhaust pipes, a sports body. But its technical characteristics were no less attractive. 4.8-liter V12 engine, producing 340 horsepower - this figure made this car even more desirable for many potential buyers. But that is not all. The most important thing is a 3-speed automatic transmission, known as GM Turbo-Hydramatic. Her Ferrari decided to borrow from the company, which is called General Motors. Up to 1985 this sports car "Ferrari" was produced. And then it was replaced by the model 412i.

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The 1992-1994 model

In the early nineties a new car came outfrom the world famous Italian concern - powerful, reliable, with excellent handling, extremely beautiful. The car "Ferrari" became a little different, and this model was known as 512 TR. It was a two-seater, equipped with a 4.9-liter engine with a capacity of 428 horsepower. Many said that this model is simply an improved Ferrari Testarossa. In fact, this has its share of truth. Visually, in any case, they are very similar. And in technical terms there is a certain similarity. However, the novelty turned out to be much more powerful. Because the specialists have made a number of improvements to the development. There were fired pipes produced by Nikasil and a new air intake system. Also, the compression ratio, other piston rods and an improved exhaust system were increased. And the motor was equipped with a control system like Bosch Motronic M2.7. Also, the novelty became faster in terms of speed to reach a mark of 100 km / h - in less than 5 seconds. And the maximum was 309 km / h. So the differences from the predecessor are visible.

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Ferrari 550 Maranello

This car "Ferrari", the price of which for todayday is about 100 000 dollars (it should be taken into account that the car is not new, it is at least 13 years old), in 1996 it replaced Testarossa F512M. Manufacturers have made a few more jerks forward, improving the model. The engine has become much more powerful. Firstly, its volume increased to 5.5 liters. Power was also increased to 485 liters. from.

The appearance also changed. The design studio, known throughout the world as Pininfarina, gave the car an incredibly elegant and beautiful image. The bright red car "Ferrari" attracted its eyes like a magnet. The interior was also a success. Inside, he looks unexpectedly modest, yet stylish. The specialists decided to do everything in an unconventional minimalist style. And it turned out, I must say, not bad. The dashboard turned out to be convenient - there is nothing that could distract the attention of the driver. The luggage compartment on the back row was designed very well, it turned out functionally - it can easily accommodate a rather large suitcase, which is also fixed with black straps.

Ferrari 612 Scaglietti

This is another legend of the Italian concern. This model was made in the body of a sports coupe class Gran Turismo. It was issued since 2004. The car body was made according to the latest modern technologies, using only aluminum alloys in the manufacturing process. These cool cars "Ferrari" turned out really chic. First, there was another landing system - 2 + 2. Secondly, more than 70% of the entire body is the power components. The remaining 20% ​​or more are aluminum panels. It is also interesting that this model - the first ever Ferrari with a V12 engine and body, which is completely made of aluminum.

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About the technical characteristics of Scaglietti

As for the power unit, the caris equipped with a 5.7-liter V12 engine with an increased compression ratio. Its power is 533 horsepower! A little more than four seconds you need a car to reach a hundred kilometers. And the maximum is 315 km / h.

By the way, the transmission installed on this model,is characterized by a special scheme. Its name is Transaxle. The motor of the machine is located behind the front axle, and it transmits the torque to the gearbox, which docks to the rear gear. Due to this, the most optimal weight distribution is achieved. 54% is given to the rear axle, and the remaining 46% is given to the front axle. The model can be equipped with a 6-speed "mechanics" and another gearbox, special. This is a 6-speed box, equipped with electro-hydraulic clutch control and speed switching. It is called F1A. By name, you can understand that this is a checkpoint, in the creation of which the technologies used in Formula-1 were used.

 Ferrari racing cars

Ferrari F430 Spider

Speaking of racing cars "Ferrari", you can notnote the attention of this model. It was published from 2005 to 2010. This car was a constant participant in auto racing and, of course, Formula-1. This model also acquired a new design. Five-spoke wheels, stylish air intakes, rear wing, which was integrated into the plastic transparent cover, beautiful, aerodynamic body shapes ... All this made the car not only powerful and fast, but also attractive.

This machine has a soft roof withelectric drive, which is added in 20 seconds. Still at the car rather big (for such model) a luggage carrier - 250 liters. And in general it is very comfortable inside. Seats are worth noting with special attention - they are incredibly comfortable and have excellent fixation. The generation of these cars was equipped with 8-cylinder engines. It was 32-valve petrol engines, which were developed by the company together with "Maserati", and the result was excellent. 490 "horses", up to a hundred - in four seconds, and a maximum of 311 km / h. The expense, of course, rather big - 13.3 liters on the highway and almost 27 liters - around the city (100 km), but if such a car required less - it would be amazing. The engines operate, by the way, under the control of a 6-speed semi-automatic gearbox.

Ferrari FF "Gran Turismo"

This model should be noted with special attention. Officially, the car was presented in 2011. In this model there are two features that are fundamentally new for the concern. And they consist that the company has decided to embody all-wheel drive version and a supercar in a body a hatchback.

This model was replaced by a car like the Ferrari 612Scaglietti. Its maximum speed is 335 kilometers per hour, and to accelerate to a hundred, the car takes just over 3.5 seconds. This model is positioned as the most powerful and fast all-wheel drive in the world. How much does a Ferrari car cost? Its price is 300 thousand dollars. The cost is impressive, but it justifies itself.

The machine turned out to be practical - due to the systemfull-drive the car it turns out to lead more confidently even in uneasy weather conditions. Although the snow, even the rain - the car will go perfectly. In addition, it is on this machine that the naturally aspirated V12 engine is installed. Its volume is as much as 6.3 liters. This power unit produces a capacity of 660 "horses". And the motor is running under the 7-speed robotic gearbox, equipped with a double clutch - like many other cars produced by this concern. The same is installed on California models and 458 Italia.

Ferrari sports car

"Ferrari Italy 458"

This car was introduced to the world in 2009. Its manufacturers created a mid-engine scheme, through which it is possible to achieve the most optimal weighting on both axes. This car was developed in conjunction with the famous studio Pininfarina. Interestingly, the 458 Italia is the first car in the entire company's program, equipped with a motor with direct fuel injection. And what about the engine? It is as powerful as many other Ferrari powertrains. 570 "horses", acceleration to hundreds - 3.4 seconds, and a maximum of 325 km / h. This is not the most powerful model, but one of the most effective and, incidentally, economical. This car requires 13.7 liters per 100 km of track. And this is less than many of its predecessors.

Equipped with independent suspension springs (front - on double wishbones, and rear - multi-link).

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

Now we should talk about the car thatcosts 275,000 euros. This "Gran Turismo" with a 6.3-liter atmospheric engine. To date, this V12 is considered the most powerful among all cars produced by Ferrari. The motor is much more efficient than the 599. What about the control system? The machine is equipped with a special start / stop system, which helps to reduce the consumption of gasoline at idle. Just like on 458 Italia, FF and some other models, there is a 7-speed automated semi-automatic checkpoint. By the way, this car uses truncated gear ratios.

The body was made on an aluminum frame. Here, just like on many other machines, the developers used the third generation of carbon-ceramic discs. Excellent stability of the machine and control of traction was achieved due to the Manettino set on the steering wheel. By the way, even in this model new aerodynamic methods were implemented. One of the distinguishing features of this sports car is the air channel, following the hood, along the sides of the car and across the flanks. This increases the clamping force.

The car is not cheap. But the most expensive car "Ferrari" - SA Aperta. Exclusive version! And it costs about 520 000 dollars.

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Latest novelty

And a few words about a car like the Ferrari 488. This novelty was presented in February 2015. Luxurious, presentable, reliable, fast - the car has amazed everyone. It boasts a 670-horsepower engine, which is the most powerful among those engines that are installed on the production cars of Ferrari. Up to hundred model is accelerated in exactly three seconds. Of the updates - new brakes, made of carbon-ceramic. In addition, manufacturers have endowed the car with an active cooling system of the brake system. This model is able to overcome the track of Fiorano in a minute and 23 seconds. In general, the car turned out to be worthy - attractive with its interior and exterior, as well as with technical characteristics. This is one of the most expensive models of the concern. It is worth more than 275 000 dollars.

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