The medicine "Pyrogenal". Instructions for use

Candles "Pyrogenal" refer to immunomodulatorswide range of effects. The drug is also available in the form of a solution for injection. The drug has the ability to activate the reticuloendothelial (connective tissue), hypothalamic-pituitary and fibrinolytic (plasmin) system. Characterizing the drug "Pyrogenal", the instructions for use indicate its anti-inflammatory and desensitizing (reducing sensitivity) properties. The drug is used in adjuvant (postoperative) therapy.

Due to the ability to stimulate cells in the phagocytic system, phagocytosis, secretion of oxygen radicals, tumor necrosis factor, interleukin-1 and interferon synthesis are activated.

Due to the effect of the preparation "Pyrogenal" on fibroblasts, the synthesis of collagen is prevented, the maturation of fibroblasts is accelerated.

The drug promotes the activation of the adrenal cortex, increases the level of hormones.

Medicine "Pyrogenal" instructions for userecommends as a nonspecific therapy of ureteric stricture and urethra, chronic liver pathologies. The drug is used for immunorehabilitation and immunoprophylaxis against a background of incomplete recovery after a viral or bacterial disease of an acute nature. The medicament "Pyrogenal" is used in gynecology for adhesions, inflammatory processes in the appendages of the uterus. The indications include venereal diseases, burn pathology. The injection solution is additionally used to stimulate the regenerative (recovery) processes associated with diseases or injuries of the nervous system (peripheral and central). Injections "Pyrogenal" instructions for use recommend for certain allergic diseases (bronchial asthma), diffuse streptoderma of chronic course, psoriasis and other pathologies.

After injection, along with an increase in temperature(in connection with the pyrogenic effect of the drug), there is a decrease, and then an increase in the concentration of leukocytes. In addition, the permeability of tissues, the blood-brain barrier, including.

To contraindications to the drug "Pyrogenal" instructions for use include acute fever, pregnancy, as well as individual intolerance.

As practice shows, along with gooda clinical effect is also noted by a good tolerance of the drug to patients. In particular, this applies to the use of suppositories, which, in addition, are a convenient dosage form.

Candles are designed to be inserted only in a straight linegut (rectally). One suppository per day is recommended as a single dose. The introduction is carried out on the recommendation of the doctor each or every other day. The initial dose at one time is 50 mcg. In a day, the dosage should not be more than 200 μg. The therapeutic course involves the introduction of twelve to fifteen suppositories.

When using candles "Pyrogenal" as a monotherapy for immunorehabilitation and immunoprophylaxis, the recommended dosage is 50-100 μg. Therapeutic course - from five to ten suppositories.

On the recommendation of the doctor, combined use of suppositories and injections of the drug "Pyrogenal" is allowed.

As a rule, the introduction of suppositories is not accompanied by negative effects. In some cases, the temperature may rise to 37-37.6 ° C and slight malaise.

The drug "Pyrogenal" is compatible and sufficientit is well combined with different drugs used in the treatment of the above pathologies, enhances the effectiveness of chemotherapeutic agents in complex therapy.

It is recommended to consult a doctor before using the medication.

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