The first working day in January 2017

New Year holidays for Russians is one of the most long-awaited events. After all, though, in the middle of the year you can relax for a few days, fly to warm lands, enjoy the time spent with your family and, of course, get a lot of gifts.

It is not customary to work in the New Year: rest and fun - that is what is appreciated. But at the same time, those organizations where revenues these days can reach their peak, do not miss the chance to work an extra hour and get a good profit for the entire time of the New Year holidays.

The first working day in January 2017for most of the population will come January 9th. This means that the holidays will last as long as 9 days: from December 31 to January 8. Stock up on food, gifts, good mood and enjoy every day of winter holidays, without thinking about the problems!

This is not all surprises from the government for working citizens. So, the list of weekends and holidays in January, which are subject to transfer, was approved recently.

The first working day in January

In 2017, they are installed in the following sequence:

  • January 1, 2017 (Sunday). This holiday day was postponed to February 24, 2017
  • January 7, 2017 - Christmas (Saturday). Holiday postponed to May 8

As we see, due to the fact that the holiday weekend was redirected to a different date, additional legal weekends are saved, only they will appear in other months.

The approved schedule is extremely convenient and practical, because it allows rational use of working time during the New Year holidays, so that people have a good rest, gain strength and readily begin to fulfill their official duties.

By the way, right now you can begin to think over your New Year holidays, discuss the holiday program with family and friends. Perhaps, one of you will decide to go on a long trip to hot countries - you can do anything during the winter holidays, thankfully, the number of days off allows it.

Features work schedule in January

working days in January 2017 in Russia

Despite the fact that the January holidays are approved by law, for some workers whose work activities are somewhat different from the generally accepted (shift), the first working day may begin several days earlier or later.

The labor law provides for such a situation, provided that the work schedule is coordinated with the employee himself, and he agrees to fulfill his official duties during the New Year time.

It is worth noting that such working days should be paid at a higher rate and the employee is entitled to an additional day off at any time convenient for him. This decision also needs to be agreed with the administration.

The benefits of a long weekend

Many of you probably already know the main advantage of a long weekend - good rest. But besides it, there are some other factors that make a long rest valuable and, at times, necessary:

  • The organism is restored, replenished with new forces, new rational ideas appear
  • Preventing massive illness, especially flu
  • Good earnings from taxi drivers, restaurateurs, travel agencies, cultural institutions
  • The opportunity to visit distant countries.

Shorter working days in January

when to work in january 2017

Getting out of the holiday marathon becomes a difficult challenge. It takes several days for the body to tune in to work and enter the previous working life.Therefore, January 9 can not be considered a full working day. As a rule, this day is spent talking about who has spent the holidays, people exchange emotions and photos.

By the way, most employers do not immediately join in the work either, so they understand that on the first day after the New Year holidays, it is unrealistic to achieve large production results. January 13th is the Old New Year - this day will be shortened in many enterprises of the country.

January 19 (Thursday) is one of the most significant days for the Orthodox Church. The Baptism of 2017 is coming. On this holiday, people are accustomed to follow the old custom - to swim in the hole. What kind of work here, when all thoughts are hovering around the ice font ...

Long holidays due to weather conditions

As a rule, in Russia there have long been no low temperatures in winter periods, but the weather is unpredictable in this regard. It cannot be said that in 2017 the “Epiphany frosts” will not come.

what date to work in january 2017

If the temperature regime falls below 20-25 degrees, many institutions close. Then workers, children and students will have additional time for rest.In addition, some work can not be done at low temperatures (construction, repair activities), so employees are forced to stay at home and wait for warming.

They only dream of peace!

There is a special category of workers, who can enjoy dreaming on New Year's holidays only in a sweet dream. Ambulance, police, fire service, military and transport workers - this is the main layer of specialists who are not asleep even when it is New Year’s in the yard. But their ability to work is compensated by cash bonuses and extraordinary weekends at a more quiet time.

Whatever your New Year holidays - long or short - try to spend them with benefit not only for themselves but also for others. At this time you can visit your relatives who live in another city; you can help your wife with the housework or, finally, finish the repair.

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