The Avengers 4 (film, 2019)

The brothers Rousseau do not waste words: they promised that they would again bring insane, slab-shaped Thanos and superheroes of all times and peoples, putting an end to endless wars, and they did: Avengers 4 - a 2019 film.

Final battle

The continuation of the dynamic thriller, bursting into May heat, even before its premiere, managed to surprise fans of the space film epopee: "Avengers 4" gathered Superstar heroes and actors. Even Samuel Leroy Jackson temporarily left his beloved daughter Zoe and reincarnated as the first Avenger Nick Fury, director of the extraordinary Sh.I. No one wanted to abandon the proposed opportunity to show and tell about what happened to the universe after Thanos mastered the crushing Infinity Glove.

And a lot will happen. Deadly chaos reigned in the universe. Terrestrial and extraterrestrial races tremble, many flee in horror from absorbing universal evil, cities are evacuated. The deadly power of endless war overtakes everyone. Frames of catastrophic destruction are penetratingly real and terrifying (Marvel is a master of authentic special effects).All life on the verge of extinction — Thanos’s greedy thirst to enslave everything and everyone has never been so close to incarnation.

And then they come - together the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Avengers. And let Thor's surprise — the thrice-born Scandinavian god of storm and lightning — be great when meeting a talking raccoon, a tree-like Grute, a girl of a prayer-bearing mustache, who reads thoughts — he is a member of a team that fights where others are powerless.

Restoring universal balance is not a joke, but it is a weighty reason for a triumphant smile, because a detachment of fearless heroes draws strength where others see and hope. They are improving. They win.

Avengers 4 frame from shooting


Shooting a blockbuster started August 10, 2017. They were reminiscent of the “steepness of the buffet,” as the formidable Thor, an actor from Australia (yes, the god of the snowy Scandinavian lands, born in the southernmost Australian city) Chris Hemsworth, said in an interview. And how else, if the cast of a best-selling film that confronts universal evil and fateful good, included actors:

  • plaidKarren Gillanwho played the robotic Nebula (and she more than once will have to solve the “fathers and children” dilemma - to be the daughter of Thanos,oh, how difficult);
  • twice nominated for an Oscar CalifornianJeremy Renner, incarnated in Clint Barton, that beats from his bow always and from any position exactly on target;
  • recognizable everywhereRobert Downey Jr- consummate Tony Stark;
  • Chris Evans- almost immortal Captain America;
  • CanadianEvangeline Lilly- Imposing looking in the guise of a superheroic Wasp;
  • romanian americanSebastian Stan- he plays the Winter Soldier Baki;
  • father of three childrenMark Ruffalo, intermarried with the role of Hulk, which in peaceful life seems unremarkable, but in fact the most talented scholar Bruce Benner;
  • charismaticPeter Dinklage, organically reincarnated in Pipa - troll-swindler, who loves teleportation.
Karen Gillan

Karen Gillan

Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr.

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson

Chris Evans

Chris Evans

Evangeline Lilly

Evangeline Lilly

Jeremy Renner

Jeremy Renner

Stock up on sweet popcorn, book places and write applications for vacation: the grandiose, expected and desired fandom premiere of Avengers 4, whose working title sounds like End Game, is coming, a random leak was discovered on the operator’s personal site. Release date is scheduled for May.

In anticipation of the trailer, we propose to watch the teaser “Avengers: War of Infinity”, which will be released in May 2018.

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