To phone "not buggy"

April 1, 2018

Today, one can hardly be surprised by the fact that smartphones and tablet computers are very close to the functionality of a full-fledged desktop PC, and they can cope with many tasks even better. However, the more complex the device, the higher the likelihood of errors and other troubles. One of such problems for smartphone users may be the “freezing” of the operating system of the device.

To phone "not buggy"

The reasons can be washed a variety of - from the factory marriage, which can only be taken for granted, and that happens much more often, to improper use of the device by the user. However, if the problem has appeared and interferes with work, it is worth thinking not about its origin, but about solutions.

There are two main ways to solve problems. The first is to throw out the old phone and buy a new one. However, units can afford to change gadgets like gloves. So for the vast majority of people only the second way is acceptable - the path of repair.

If the device is under warranty, then the only reasonable step would be to take advantage of the right to free service. It is necessary to show initiative, but not in this question.If the device is not subject to warranty service, then the elimination of "brakes" may take some time. First of all, it is worth finding out the possible causes of performance problems. As a rule, they most often owe their appearance to the human factor. For example, many seek to install the latest firmware, losing sight of the fact that it is not always the hardware and software components respond to such changes adequately.

Чтобы телефон "не глючил"

Since modern phones work with smaller copies of conventional processors, problems may be the same as on a regular computer. We are talking about too much load on the CPU. For example, many users begin to complain about the decline in performance, while opening up to 7-8 applications. Another possible reason is that the user installs third-party software that is not intended for this device model.

Finally, the best way to translate all problems into the category of potential can be an elementary reading of instructions. As a rule, the owners of smartphones do not bother to read the manuals, although many important points, in particular, performance information, etc., are spelled out quite clearly and can easily save the user from problems.

Чтобы телефон "не глючил"

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