System "Minus 60": reviews and recommendations

Very popular recentlyuses the method for weight loss, which was proposed by Katerina Mirimanova - the "Minus 60" system. The woman managed to lose weight by about 60 kilograms in just one and a half year, while her skin elasticity remained and postnatal stretch marks went away. Such results simply deserve applause. After all, this is proof of a great willpower, a desire for excellence and a desire to be better. The system itself produces results that are delicious, it's not just a diet, it's a peculiar way of life. This is the propagation of separate food and the principle known to us all, "exclusion of food after 6 pm".

The value of the system in connecting the whole complexmeasures to reduce weight. This became known after reading the numerous headings "system minus 60 - reviews" on the Internet. It includes the diet itself, a system of physical exercises, as well as a unique training "Psychology of weight loss." Only using these principles in the complex will make you feel like a healthy person, full of energy, with a sense of the absence of extra pounds.

As Katerina Mirimanova says, the "Minus60 "is a panacea for many women.It is for those who are disappointed in the constant diets and diet pills, who are tired of fighting the constant temptation to eat something delicious.You can eat up to 12.00 if you can not eat after 6pm. The representatives of the fair sex have already experienced all the results that the "Minus 60" system gives, the reviews are only positive, they say that it is not hard, since the system helps to rebuild the entire body for a special diet, and the absence of dinner does not cause any discomfort The main thing is that the system shows results already in the second week of its use, strangely enough, but it is characterized by the most sparing mode of eating, which is ideal for weakly and weak-willed people.You do not have to force yourself, it's enough just to enter a certain regime. , so that a person does not deny himself anything, but he adhered to a certain time of eating, just have to remember how your child's diet is organized in a kindergarten. If it's hard, then find a partner, it's better that it's a neighbor, a good friend or the eldest daughter. You will receive an additional stimulus.

E. Mirimanova - the "Minus 60" system. Basic principles

According to the system, up to 12.00 you can eat absolutely everything, while you do not need to count calories and monitor the size of the portion. Water is drunk without restrictions. As you know, water is the basis of life. The amount of salt is also not limited. But do not forget that food should not be salted so as not to provoke swelling. You can consume sugar and its derivatives only before lunch. Breakfast is mandatory for the launch of exchange mechanisms in your body. The amount of food for one meal is strictly individual. The system "Minus 60" results will show anyway, regardless of the amount of food, but through compliance with the rules of nutrition and regime. A large number of fruits can play a cruel joke with your weight loss. For products that can be consumed for lunch and especially for dinner, restrictions are imposed, but there is a choice of which - no one will remain hungry. Late supper (after 6 pm) is excluded, only two weeks is enough and the system "Minus 60" shows the results, and you slowly get used to it. A snack between meals is not advisable, since the metabolic process is disturbed. A rigid diet and fasting days are condemned, that as it is the present violence over the human body. The only strict restriction of this system is a ban on the use of milk chocolate (with the bitter black can be eaten, as well as cookies, cakes and pastries - but only until day 12!).

System "Minus 60" - reviews

Each woman is trying to share with friendsits results. Especially if they are positive and really have something to tell. In the Internet, there are many different opinions about how the "Minus 60" system works, the results with step-by-step photos. From these photos look smiling women, with joy, the confidence that they have succeeded, and they could. And we can say with confidence that the "Minus 60" system (reviews from already thin women confirm this) is aimed at correcting the way of life. It helps to change your life and yourself in it, which means that the results will be visible right away.

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