Studio apartment: how to fit everything?

When buying a studio apartment, people usually do not think about how they will place everything they need on a small square. Usually you just need to invest money and buy at least some kind of housing. Problems begin when repairs are over and you need to buy furniture. Here it turns out that the standard interior or not at all fit into the area allotted to them, or look too cumbersome.

Consider a few tips on how to make the studio more comfortable.


First of all, of course, it is worth saying that a kitchen to order according to individual sizes will be the best solution for micro-apartments. You can fit everything you need in the allotted space.

If there is very little space, you can refuse the dining table in favor of the bar counter. If the area allows, it is worth trying to accommodate an ordinary table.

In any kitchen a lot of space is occupied by a refrigerator. It can be “sent” to the corridor if you are willing to sacrifice the space of the hallway.

Sleeping area

Since in the studio apartment the whole area is one, it is especially difficult to resolve the issue with a sleeping place.The simplest and most obvious solution is a folding sofa that will play the role of seats in the living room during the day. But if you do not want to sleep on the couch, you can think about the following options:

  • a bed attic when the berth is raised, and under it the working zone or a recreation zone are placed;
  • The second tier in the room - this option is possible only with high ceilings, but then you can create a full second floor;
  • bed-transformer - in the afternoon it rises up and looks like a wardrobe (and sometimes it actually is);
  • retractable bed - in this case, you form a podium with a sleeping place inside, you can place a living room area or workplace on the podium, and at night the bed simply moves forward.


It is imperative to think of a closet, since studio apartments rarely have pantries and dressing rooms. In this case, wardrobes to order according to individual sizes are also best suited, you can order exactly the model that fits into your apartment.

Doors choose exactly sliding, so that they do not occupy space inside the room. By the way, sliding doors can be made in all rooms.


If you are lucky and you have niches in your apartment, be sure to use them! Most often, they make cabinets: just hang the door and set inside the shelf. But you can be more original, do it there:

  • working area (put a computer desk, sewing machine or any other accessories for your activity or hobby);
  • resting corner (armchair and floor lamp - and now you already have a cozy reading corner);
  • buffet - closed or open space for food storage; artificial fireplace - some niches are ideal for this purpose.

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