Stels Navigator 470: specifications

Children grow very fast. Therefore, parents need to understand that their active kids will soon grow out of their old bicycles. Then it is worth thinking about buying a more serious transport - a teenage one. Since the child is already big, he needs a stronger and more reliable unit. In this article we will talk about the bicycle Stels Navigator 470. What is this model and what are its characteristics?

Short description

"Stealth" is the Russian brand of the company«Velomotors». She has been producing bicycles, scooters and ATVs for about 15 years. Many components are imported from China, Taiwan and European countries, and then they are already assembled at the company's plants. Therefore, its products are relatively inexpensive.

Stels Navigator 470 is a teenage bike. In general, the whole series, where there is number 400, belongs to this category. This simplifies the search for the desired model. This bicycle is the middle link. This is no longer a children's, but not an adult bike. It has its own characteristics.stels navigator 470

Bicycle Stels Navigator 470

He refers to the mountain category. This makes it a thick walled strong frame, suspension and unique geometry of the structure. Calculated Stels Navigator 470 MD 24 for children from 9 to 15 years. But this figure is arbitrary. Everything depends on individual parameters. The main thing is that you can ride it with a height of 135 centimeters. Those who are not yet mature, we must wait, because it will be too big for them.

It is one of the most popular teen bicycles. It can often be found in sports stores.

Since the bike itself is not too big, it weighs a little: only 13 kilograms in full configuration. Therefore, it will be easy for children to demolish it on their own steps.

It is designed for the style of cross-country. That is, it is perfect for riding on city streets and parks, as well as for rough terrain, along with its natural obstacles in the form of bumps, stones and loose surfaces.

Models are issued every year with some modifications. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to what year the bike is released. Some accessories may vary.

stels navigator 470 md

Frame Stels Navigator 470

One of the very good moments that she is heremade of aluminum alloy. This material facilitates the construction and makes it resistant to corrosion. The special geometry of the iron beams is designed to withstand heavy loads during driving.

The frame has a bright design. You can choose it in 3 color categories: white, black, blue. Its size is 13 inches. That is, for adults it will be too small.


According to the type of suspension Stels Navigator 470 MD refersto Hardtails. This means that only the front wheel is damped. This bicycle is equipped with a spring-elastomeric fork. It is not very effective. On such cheap models as Stels Navigator 470, put the most simple equipment. Most often it is made in China. And cheap depreciation, on the contrary, only makes it worse, because it weighs quite a lot (about two kilograms). Then it's easier to put a rigidity - just a hard fork. But it is much easier than the props that are on inexpensive bicycles.

The fork stroke is only 50 millimeters. But it is specifically designed for the fact that the Stels Navigator 470-24 will be driven by teenagers. And they themselves are smaller in weight category than adults. Therefore, they need a smaller plug.

Also on it there is a traffic blocker. This is a useful thing for those people who most like to drive on roads and other smooth surfaces. The fact is that some of the energy from the torsion of the pedals goes into the spring. Therefore, on a good road it is better to block the plug so that the efforts are not lost in vain.

 stels navigator 470 24


Since this is a teenage bike, then in size itshould be suitable for them. On this ruler set the wheels to 24 inches. So the design gets a little lower. Therefore, it can go to children from 9 years.

The tires here are typical for a mountain bike - "toothy". They provide maximum grip and allow you to move around well in mud and sand.

The rims are made of aluminum alloy. In addition, they are also double. That is, they are made with two metal walls. So the design becomes much stronger, and the rim - less prone to deformation.


One model can be produced in differentmodifications. Quite often these brakes are different. If the name of the bike sounds like a Stels Navigator 470 V, then the rims are installed on it. If there is a letter "D", then disk.bicycle stels navigator 470

Of course, they will be mechanical: driven by an iron wire. In this regard, hydraulic would be better. Disk brakes perform their function better. But the rims also have their advantage: they are easier to install and tune.


In terms of configuration, it is no different from depreciation. The simplest speed switches from Shimano are also installed here. This equipment is put on many budget bicycles.

The front has 3 stars as standard, and the rear- a cassette on 7. That is, it turns out 21 speed. In principle, this will be enough for teenagers. They do not need a 27-speed transmission. In addition, she wears out faster, so her maintenance costs more.stels navigator 470 v

The design of the switches themselves is very convenient - a coin-operated one. In order to change the asterisk, simply press the lever, and do not turn the handle, as was the case with older models.


The positive thing about all Stealth bicycles is that they are immediately fixed with a bell, a footboard and wings. Do not buy them separately, but you can remove them yourself.

Reviews about "Stealth Navigator" 470

This is a good teenage bike forcalm skiing. Usually children from 9 to 15 years do not try to conquer mountains on their two-wheeled friend, so they do not need a super cool bike. In addition to cheap equipment, it also has several disadvantages.

stels navigator 470 md 24

One of these is the wings. They almost do not fulfill their function. Often serve purely for beauty. The thing is that they are made in a sporting style, so they are shortened. Since they do not cover the wheel completely, the dirt still flies on the bicyclist. Also, users often complained that they have a bad attachment. Because of him, mud flaps fall off. Therefore, in order to ride in bad weather, you have to replace them with full (though ugly) wings that will cover the wheels completely.

Inconvenient handles are another problem. But it does not specifically refer to this model, but concerns all cheap bikes in general. After a long walk on my hands, calluses appear. This can be avoided by replacing them with softer ones. Or wear special gloves before the trip.

For a comfortable ride you need good pedals. On "Stealth" most often put the most simple, made and plastics. With them, you need to be careful, because when they fall or just under heavy loads they can crack. If desired, you can buy and put iron pedals. They have more pronounced spines, so they have more grip on the sole.

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