Stadium in Kaliningrad to the 2018 World Cup

The stadium in Kaliningrad for the 2018 World Cup is being built according to the schedule. Not so long ago, the first corner block of the cover was successfully installed, which will generally be made in a rectangular shape with a deliberately left opening in the middle. It is planned that by the end of 2017 the object will be put into operation, as it was agreed in the contract earlier.

Kaliningrad Arena

The Kaliningrad Stadium will host several matches in the group stage of the long-awaited football tournament, which Russia organizes for itself and the rest of the world as early as 2018. It belongs to the North-Western Cluster, which also includes St. Petersburg.

For the World Cup 2018 in Kaliningrad will open a sports facility, which will accommodate a total of 35 thousand spectators. It was planned that the capacity of the arena would be 45 thousand, but difficulties arose at an early stage of the project development. They, in fact, followed the economy, and with it appeared a number of other factors, which resulted in complex,but the solvable questions that still convinced the representatives of FIFA that even without additional 10,000 spectator seats, Kaliningrad would cope with its duties with a bang.

Following this, I would like to note that upon the completion of Mundial, the stadium management plans to reduce the number of seats to 25 thousand. This, however, will be enough for Baltika fans to come to the arena and support their favorite club. It will also allow the facility to freely conduct various social events.

It is not known for certain whether the real name of the sports facility being erected will change upon the completion of the Russian Mundial.

The facade of the Baltic Arena

Kaliningrad "Allianz Arena"

The World Cup 2018 in Kaliningrad waited in the same way as in Vladivostok. However, as history has shown, for this indicator Königsberg surpassed the final destination on the Trans-Siberian Railway. Till.

Well, enough of the lyrics! The stadium, which is now being built in Kaliningrad, can easily be called the new “Baltic”. At the very beginning of the process, project managers planned that the Baltic Arena would become a kind of Kaliningrad-based Allianz Arena.Time has shown that the stars are against, so to speak.The territory of the Baltic Arena construction

Now the fact can be traced, even if it is not so obvious that it looks more like Cape Town, although, in contrast, it is an oval-circular, rectangular. Although from Bavaria, he has something too. Perhaps even more.

Stadium construction progress

On the available photos of construction available on the Web, the stadium is distinguished by the fact that, as you can see, it is assembled according to the principle of the LEGO designer. However, if you saw this, then this, I confess, is already good.

One way or another, the stadium’s roof will not have a sliding roof as originally planned. Along the perimeter of the field at the level of the highest point of the installed canopy will be emptiness. This means that the stands will be covered, while the lawn will remain under the open sky.

It is known that the designers are engaged separately in solving the issue related to the design of the facade. As in Munich, in Kaliningrad, they want to do something similar - a color-changing structure, depending on the air temperature at the current moment in time. Such a construction itself is supposedly made of special plastic.

Note that by this time the first corner stadium covering unit had already been installed. But exactly one year later, according to the plan, the arena should be ready. In total, the units installed on the perimeter, as follows from the approved project, there are already 16 pieces. 7 of them have already been mounted.

Construction of the stadium in Kaliningrad

Plan and price of construction works

It should be said that considerable forces were involved in the construction of the stadium: in addition to hundreds of workers, four crawler cranes of various capacities and a mass of auxiliary equipment were involved on the construction site.

It is known that the created coating from the blocks above the stadium will be presented in the form of a closed structure. And, as we have said, in the middle there is an open doorway - right above the football field.

Construction of the site cost the customer about 20 billion rubles. And then, this is the same price, established already after the previous developer went bankrupt. It can be said economical.

According to rumors, by the spring should be completed all the work on installing the coating, after which the workers will proceed to the execution of finishing works. Subsequently, the lawn must be sown, and decorate the facade.

As for the construction of the stadium itself, it looks like the following: a two-tier system of seating spectators for 35,000 seats. The state-of-the-art security and video surveillance systems are ready to make the new Baltika Arena super comfortable and super-fit for its constant or periodic visit to the company of family and friends.

Construction of the stadium in Kaliningrad

The concept of "Allianz Arena" in the stadium "Kaliningrad" can be traced with the naked eye. Actually, there are indigenous Germans, and here Russian Germans. Or are they just Russians, not Germans? In general, they still shared their experiences with each other.

Sport facility on the map of the former Königsberg is located at the following address: Oktyabrsky Island. Kaliningrad "Allianz Arena", I think, it will be easy to find here.

I would like to believe that in the future the new Baltika, like the old one (we note, and it is still in operation), will receive the status of a monument of federal significance. Well, that one has long been one hundred years old, and in all this time, she only did not see.

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