Squinting: Cloth Beads

Posted by13.09.2017

Today we will make beads from cloth with our own hands. Their distinctive feature is that each bead will be made in the popular technique of blinking. We will tell you how to make beads, for which only a piece of cloth and the simplest jewelry will be needed. Do not worry, it is not difficult.

It is very important to learn how to make beads. Then you will be able to collect from them not only a jewel on the neck, but also a bracelet or even an unusual brooch. Fabric accessories are very popular now. Check out the finished products masters offer quite often, and they are not everyone can afford. Learn to make them yourself, then you will have a fashionable and beautiful accessory that any girl would envy.

What do we need?

  • scraps of fabric (about 4 * 4 cm, but the exact size depends on the desired diameter of the beads)
  • strong needle and strong thread
  • cotton wool, yarn or any other filler (it is needed for the "filling" of beads)
  • beads, glass beads, sequins or small beads for decoration (optional)
  • lace or brooch base

How to make beads?

We cut a square piece of fabric (about 4 * 4 cm) and with large stitches we mark a circle on it - one that fits completely into it.
Pull the string and shrink our shred in the bag.

At this stage we fill it with cotton or other filler, and hide the excess ends inside. Tightening.

And now the very blushing begins. We pierce our pouch with a needle anywhere. Pass the thread through the entire future bead. Tightening. We pierce in another place - we skip and tighten. To make the bead not one-sided, do it from all sides.

You can quilt bead from all sides. So it will turn out almost perfectly round. If you choose a fabric like felt, it will be very similar to those made using the technique of dry or wet felting made of wool (felting). And you can specifically make larger stitches to emphasize the stupor. In this case, by the way, it is better to choose a satin fabric for the base.

Make as many beads as you need to make your desired accessory.

About 20 beads will be required for standard beads using the technique of blinking. Much more beautiful when they are of different sizes: in the center are large, closer to the edges - smaller.To make beautiful beads, string the clasped beads on a cord, alternating them with beads or charms. The same can be done to make a bracelet.

Another great idea is to create a brooch. Choose a large pin as a basis (they can be found in the departments for creativity) and carefully attach to them the beaten up beads.

Such jewelry will be an excellent gift or a highlight in your dress. Especially cool beads in the technique of glaring look with simple monochromatic T-shirts and T-shirts or summer dresses, and the brooch looks great on a jacket or jeans.

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