Sony Xperia M5: review and features

From the modern market, Japanese manufacturers do not lag behind. The mass of new products from Sony is pleased fans. One of these interesting models is the representative of the Xperia series called M5.


Xperia M5 Review

The appearance of the device mimics even in smalldetails to its predecessor M4. Actually, it will be impossible to distinguish a brother from the M5. We can not say that this solution is bad, because the appearance of the smartphone Xperia M5 got attractive.

Plastic and metal in the body of the device attachsolidity. And given that the device is waterproof, there is no reason to doubt it. The company used the materials as efficiently as possible, so the phone looks expensive.

The front of the device housed a display, a camera,conversational and basic dynamics, sensors and company sign. The familiar touch buttons are on the display. The back panel, covered with glass, got a camera, a company logo and a flash. The upper end has sheltered the headphone jack, and the bottom - a USB socket and a microphone. On the right side is the shutter release, volume control and the power button. The opposite side was taken for the flash drive and sim card.

The device only accepts nanoSim. There are two variations of the device: one sim card and two.

In general, the smartphone has turned out to be stylish, albeit with the already implemented design. Somewhat upsetting the use of cheaper materials, but, most likely, the strength from this did not suffer.


Sony Xperia M5 Review

The phone was equipped with a diagonal of 5 inches. It will also please the resolution of 1920 to 1080, installed in Sony Xperia M5. Overview of the advantages of the screen does not end there. In addition to using the IPS matrix, the company applied its own technology Mobile BRAVIA. The company's development allowed to make the screen more saturated and bright.

The display is much better than the predecessor. If in M4 the pixels were noticeable, then in M5 as much as 441 ppi, and, accordingly, the grain size is not observed. The applied IPS matrix gives excellent viewing angles to the Xperia M5. Reviews of owners report the only drawback, namely not the best behavior of the display in the sun.


Smartphone Xperia M5

It is impossible to ignore the main advantageXperia M5. Overview of the camera should start with a mention of as much as 21.5 megapixels. Although this parameter has always been the strength of Sony. The camera of the smartphone has an Exmor RS matrix, which is often used by the company.

Do not lag behind in quality and frontal apparatus. Manufactured by similar technologies, like the main one, the front camera has 13 megapixels. In addition to good resolution, the device has a lot of shooting modes and useful functions.

Separately I want to note the video recording. The smartphone has an incredible 4K resolution. This feature allows the device to compete as a filming, even with video cameras.


Xperia M5 reviews

The device was equipped with a premium MTK chipsetwith the name Helio X10. The phone has eight cores running on a 64-bit platform with a frequency of 2.2 GHz each. Video accelerator is also installed quite good, namely Power VR G6200.

RAM will also please users of Xperia M5. The review indicates that there are as many as 3 GB. Actually, the filling allows the device to cope with all tasks without problems.

Not failed and the native memory of 16 GB. Of course, approximately 13 GB will be available, the rest will be the system. You can increase memory to 200 GB.

The smartphone works very quickly and without braking. In addition to the speed, minor defects, present in the M4, were fixed.


Sony Xperia M5 reviews

A significant problem is the batteryphone Xperia M5, the review of which will be interesting to all potential buyers. The battery capacity of only 2600 maH does not cause much enthusiasm. In principle, this is the minimum capacity for such a filling. The problem is that the battery is not removable and will not expand the capacity. All hope lies with the technology of saving the charge of Stamina.


Works M5 on the basis of "Android" new version 5.0. The new system also moved the design of the company. The appearance of the system has undergone almost imperceptible changes, but as a whole has remained habitual. The need for updates will not arise, because the device is shipped immediately with version 5.0.


The cost of the device will somewhat cool the ardor of those who wishpurchase Xperia M5. The review of the market makes it clear that the price of the device fluctuates around 400 dollars. This is much more expensive than its predecessor, but the smartphone is definitely worth its money.

Positive sides

The device has a huge number of advantages. Just want to highlight one of the best cameras among mobile devices. The quality is so good that the smartphone is able to replace medium cameras and video cameras.

Do not deprive the device and stuffing. Such hardware is quite capable of competing with many flagships. Although the phone is located in the middle category, all parameters bring it closer to the premium class.

The excellent display will also please owners. Saturated colors and high resolution are suitable not only for entertainment, but also for comfortable work.

Despite the use of inexpensive materials, the build quality and the protection of the device turned out to be good. In fact, the M5 is not inferior in this regard to its predecessor.

Negative sides

Disadvantages are much less, in principle, they can not even be noticed.

The most painful place of the device is its battery. Of course, saving technology will significantly increase the duration of work, but I want more capacity.

A double impression is formed about the appearance of the Sony Xperia M5. Reviews of some owners are full of dissatisfaction with the similarity of design with a number of models.

The result

Japanese manufacturers have once again replenishedits model lineup a successful novelty. The device was excellent and almost no flaws. The only thing that can scare off a buyer is a high price.

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