Sliding door systems

Everyone , but their main advantage is sliding door systems. The doors of the closet are the main constructive element. To produce high-quality doors, the system "". Sliding doors are bound to be framed. The frames are usually made of either steel or aluminum. sometimes from other materials, but only under the order. To the door from the inside from below and from above, rollers (for a steel frame) are fastened, due to this it moves along original guides, they are called tracks. Vertical parts are absorbed by special protective edges, so-called schlegel.

The type of frames used allows us to distinguish two types of sliding door systems - steel and aluminum.

System of steel

Very simple in the assembly, while relativelyinexpensive, there is the possibility of adjustment. Differences from others are made both by geometry and by the color capabilities of the profiles used. The colors of the steel system are selected depending on the colors used in the chipboard - this is about 19 colors. The advantage is that the profiles made by the Italian technologies are repeatedly covered with plastic of the most different colors. The lengths of the special profiles are chosen, so that they would be most suitable for the production of the doors of the wardrobe. Production of the profile is carried out with the expectation of minimizing the residues, when manufacturing door mechanisms.

Aluminum systems

They are more reliable than other traffic systemsdoors. This depends primarily on the fact that the frame made of aluminum, gives a high degree of rigidity to the doors, while they do not have a backlash on the guide profiles. The support wheels in the aluminum system are hidden inside it, which does not allow them to be seen. Thanks to this, it is possible to use similar systems to separate space. If the door is decorated with a transparent or translucent material, then the aluminum system must be used unambiguously, which will make the movement mechanism invisible. The colors used in aluminum systems can be the most diverse, but steady demand for champagne, for wood (walnut, cherry, oak), for gold.

Materials that are used for fillingsliding doors, panel doors (made from chipboard), made of plastic, mirror doors, made of mirror, silver color, or tinted under graphite or bronze, glass doors 4mm thick and above. Glass can be tinted, or it is possible to use colored glass. Combined doors can consist of several parts, each of which is made of different materials. And finally, they can be executed in a mosaic style - the curved mosaic panels are pasted, often from mirrors.

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