Senseit mobile phone: models and reviews

In the mobile device market, in addition to"Classical" companies, there are other manufacturers specializing in this or that niche. In particular, they are developers of protected devices. Just about one of these we'll talk about in this article.

Moreover, it will be about the nationalmanufacturer - Senseit. It represents a large range of electronic products, which includes mobile devices. What different phones Senseit, reviews about the most popular models, as well as other useful information about the developer, we will outline in this review.


Senseit phone

About the companies that make protected smartphones,we mentioned for good reason. In fact, Senseit is just one of those. At least the entire line of its devices, available today, consists exclusively of such phones. In particular, as indicated on the main developer site, it is these smartphones that are best suited for users who face complex working conditions in their daily lives. For example, a builder, traveler, sportsman, etc. will no longer have to worry about the safety of their device. Now it is enough for them to purchase a Senseit phone, which is not afraid of temperature drop, impacts and falls, moisture and dust.

And that's not it...

In addition, the protected Senseit phones also have a wide range of functions, stylish design, convenient ergonomics.

In general, in order to know more about the described models, we propose to make a comparison and give a brief overview of some of them.

Device Rulers

Senseit mobile phone

All products of the company are divided into two groups.The first one is called Adventure, which in translation means "adventure". Already by the name it is easy to guess that we are talking about more secure smartphones that have an increased threshold of the ability to resist and, accordingly, a higher degree of protection. So it is - these are the models that really can not be afraid of moisture, dust, impact of physical force. This line includes R390 +, P3, P4, P7, as well as model P101. It is noteworthy that some of the listed modifications are presented in several color solutions (usually black, yellow and green).

The second direction is a group of Life models("a life"). This line is represented by devices E400, E500, L100, L108, and also L301. Here there are telephones that are intended for use in everyday life. Outwardly, they look the same as many other devices we have in common (there is no rubberized coating on the case, rough caps, thickened glass of the screen).

"Protected" device group

Senseit reviews

For example, a ruler consisting of "protecteddevices, is represented by two smartphones with a touch screen and two keyboard devices. The most expensive and at the same time the most functional here is the R390 +. The cost is 11 thousand rubles. According to the reviews, this is the most functional device capable of withstanding unfavorable weather conditions. There is a powerful camera with 8 megapixels, MT6572 processor for budget smartphones, operating system 4.2.2.

Second in the rating is the next model - the phoneSenseit P4. Her camera will be weaker (only 5 megapixels), the operating system is older (2.3.6), the processor is even older. But this model will cost only 10 thousand rubles. True, reviews about it are not the most flattering because of low productivity.

Two more devices in the group"Protected" is the mobile phone Senseit P3 and P101. Their cost is an order of magnitude lower - about 4-5 thousand rubles, but their level of reliability exceeds what any of the smartphones can do. These devices can be called a "caller" with a minimal set of additional functions. Judging by the feedback, these phones perform their task excellently; at least, keep the battery much longer than smartphones. This phone Senseit will be an indispensable thing in the campaign or when practicing extreme sports.

Ruler "For Life"

Senseit cell phone

Another group of vehicles is the so-calledLife-devices. It includes three smartphones (with a large touch screen), as well as two keyboards (typical "dialers"). Of course, these devices have a large margin of functionality than the "protected" devices described above, but they are not able to withstand the destructive factors that they can meet even in everyday life.

The most advanced here is a mobile phoneSenseit E500. It has a 13 megapixel camera, a powerful 4000 mAh battery, and an MTK 6582M processor. Indeed, this model can be called the most advanced of all, although its cost is only 10 thousand rubles.

It is followed by the E400 - Senseit cellular phone witha weaker camera and a smaller screen. However, the technical component here is the same (in all likelihood, the model is the predecessor of the E500, so its cost is lower) - only 9 thousand rubles.

The third smartphone - L301 - is equipped with an even simpler processor, a 5-megapixel camera and costs only 5,000.

The second "wing" of this line is keyboarddevices L100 and L108. The first differs in that it has a very large (by volume) battery for 2100 mAh, with which such a device can easily work for several weeks. The second is just equipped with the support of two SIM cards.

mobile phone Senseit reviews


Of course, describing any device and itstechnical characteristics, it would be advisable to refer to the recommendations left by the buyers of these data. That's what we did in the process of preparing this review.

And we managed to find out that in general the phoneSenseit has a lot of advantages - a low price, a good build, well-chosen components. However, he also has some serious shortcomings. In particular, it is characterized not by the most stable work. According to some reports, the device can suddenly lose the network, shut down or reboot at the time of the call. Users also caution that Senseit smartphones sometimes "lose" one of the modules: for example, the camera or the GPS system is shut down and stops functioning. There are many such examples, and they all talk about the instability of the phone.

I would like to draw special attention to support. Mobile phones that periodically lose the network signal and turn off for no reason need fixing - this is an obvious fact. At the same time, as the reviews describe, in any attempt to contact the supplier company, the customers do not get anything. All contact information listed on the site is irrelevant because no information is received at all for any requests.

Secure Senseit phones


The idea of ​​launching a domestic manufacturersmartphones are not new (in fact, all the accessories for the phone come from China). Here, to the "pluses", you can include low cost, availability of such devices.

On the other hand, there is a question of stability andreliability of work. No matter how interesting the developer company was, the Senseit mobile phone (the reviews confirm this) remains unstable. Because of this, working with him is uncomfortable and better - to turn to a more reliable supplier (which today is plentiful).

The same goes for support. If you find a factory marriage in the form of unstable or poor-quality work of a smartphone (especially developed by a Russian company), you will have an obvious desire to contact her and somehow solve the problem. But this, judging by the comments, it is impossible to do.

A little about reviews

Finally I would like to give one more clarification,concerning recommendations. In the process of searching for reviews, we found such a pattern: many users often purchase a gadget, focusing on good reviews about it. It turns out that buyers get into an unpleasant situation purely because of untruthful comments. There is a rhetorical question: "To whom such untrue reviews are needed?"

mobile phone Senseit e500

Therefore, while searching for information about the device,check the mass of the sources. If you see that the site has either very good or bad comments - be on your guard. Perhaps the first will turn out to be custom and untrue, and the latter will be what will actually wait for you.

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