Sanatorium "Miskhor" (Yalta, Crimea): prices, reviews, how to get there, phone and other contacts

After long workingdesire to relax and rebuild your body. Everyone faces a choice of a place where you can combine a wonderful holiday with healing and strengthening health. It is necessary to take into account the location of the chosen hotel and the environment. Sanatorium "Miskhor" is located in a picturesque place of Crimea and meets all the requirements for an unforgettable, wellness holiday.

the south coast of Crimea

The Republic of Crimea combines all the necessaryConditions for recreation: climate, beautiful and amazing nature, sea, mountains, clean air. On the southern coast of the Crimea there are many historical unique parks and palaces. Rest will be not only relaxing, but also cognitive, as all the palaces and parks have an interesting and fascinating history. Located between the endless Black Sea and the Crimean mountain range, the south bank is protected from winds. Therefore, a sub-tropical climate has formed here, the temperature rarely drops below 0o. The beach season lasts from May to October. The air is clean and has healing properties. On the coast grow unique plants and trees listed in the Red Book. Most of them have healing properties. Since ancient times this place inspires great artists and poets with its landscapes, and thanks to the royal family and its surroundings on the open spaces of the coast, masterpieces of architecture have been erected - palaces and castles. Vorontsovsky Palace, the castle "Swallow's Nest", Livadia, Massandra, Alupka Palace have long attracted visitors with their beauty and mysterious history. On the territory of the southern coast there are sanatoriums and health centers, children's camps, the most famous of which is Artek. The cities of Alushta and Yalta, as well as the famous resort villages Gurzuf, Partenit, Simeiz, Foros, Alupka, Koreiz.

Miskhor settlement

Mishor - the warmest corner of the south of the Crimea. The name went from the Greek word and means "lying in the middle". The length of Mishor is about ten kilometers, and next to it are Gaspra and Koreiz. Since 1958 Miskhor has been included in the urban settlement of Koreiz, but people still continue to call this area an old name.
Mishor is one of the pearls of the southcoast. On its vast expanses there is an amazing Miskhorn park - a monument of garden and park culture, which was laid in the late 18th century. The bronze sculpture "The Mermaid" will not leave anyone indifferent. The work of art, whose author is the famous Estonian academician A. G. Adamson, is covered with a lot of mysterious legends, which only gives the sculpture a mystery. The Mishor sculpture "The Girl of Arza and the Robber of Ali Baba" and the famous monument to the Sunken ships in the city of Sevastopol were also the creations of the academician.
From the village you can climb the cable car to Mount Ai-Petri. Its height is 1234 meters above sea level.
A place to visit and spend your vacation -this is the Crimea, Miskhor. Sanatorium "Ai-petri", resort hotel "Pine Grove", Sanatorium "Dyulber" and "Mishor" are health resorts that dilute their architecture with the amazing landscape of the village.

sanatorium Miskhor

The history of the Mishor sanatorium

At the beginning of the XIX century in the territory of the presentsanatorium was placed a summer residence of the merchant Tomakov, which was called "Nyura". Famous people such as I. Bunin, F. Shalyapin, A. Kuprin came to get well and relax to the merchant. Later the dacha moved to the estate to other owners, in 1922 the owners converted it into a recreation house "Rabis". This place inspired the famous writer Maxim Gorky, who came here to treat the lungs. His play "At the bottom" he wrote here. Mishor retained its tradition of providing healing properties to this day, people come from all over the world to enjoy Crimean landscapes and healing air. Since 1971, on the site of the former holiday home, the buildings of a large sanatorium-and-spa establishment have been erected, which occupies an area of ​​18 hectares. The sanatorium is open all year round and can accommodate up to 2,000 tourists and is accredited. Thanks to the developed infrastructure and good location (near the city of Yalta, Miskhor), the sanatorium is very popular among people of different ages.

Location of the sanatorium

Mishor sanatorium prices

There was a health resort on the landscape landscape between the Black Sea and Ay-Petri mountain, 15 kilometers from the city of Yalta.
Before you go on vacation, you need to studyinformation about the region, get acquainted with the weather conditions, find out where the stations are located, Miskhor settlement, sanatorium. How to get there: from the railway station or bus station of the city of Simferopol by bus or trolley bus to the bus station of the city of Yalta. Then change to bus number 27 or number 32 and go to the stop "Mishor". On request, you can take a taxi.

Description of the room fund

Among the beautiful green landscape, the snow-white buildings of the health resort stand out clearly.
Two sleeping buildings have an identical architecture: Ten-storey buildings with an elevator are located 150 meters from the sea shore. The third sleeping building is a four-story building, with its dining room, located 300 meters from the beach. Against the background of listed buildings, the administrative three-story building stands out due to its original architecture. The building is a few tall arches, decorated with blue stripes. Separately, there was another dining room and a six-story medical building.

sanatorium mishhor krym reviewsThe number of rooms consists of five types: "Economy", "three-place standard", "standard", "superior comfort" and "luxury". All rooms are equipped with a shared bathroom with shower, necessary appliances (TV with cable TV, refrigerator and other small appliances). In the rooms of the "economy" the refrigerator is shared and located in the corridor. They can accommodate from 2-5 people and are located in the medical building. From the balconies of the building №1 and №2 you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the endless Black Sea. The presence of two rooms in the "luxury" rooms can accommodate up to 4 people. Such numbers are located in the building number 1. In the administrative building there are rooms "three-bed standard" with balconies on the beautiful landscapes of the park.
All guests of the sanatorium are provided with a comprehensivefour meals a day in the dining room or restaurant, depending on the level of the tour. For those staying in the "luxury" or "superior" rooms, snacks are available on the buffet. The menu includes diet and baby food.
The health resort accepts all comers, includingchildren from four years. Address: Alupkinskoye shosse, 10, Bolshaya Yalta, Miskhor. Phone of the sanatorium: +7 978 023 09 29, +7 (495) 668-62-82. Kind administrators are ready to answer questions.

Yalta Mishor sanatorium

Treatment and prophylactic base

The use of integratedsanatorium treatment, developed by professional doctors, as well as modern equipment will allow holidaymakers to strengthen their health, relax and restore their strength for a whole year ahead, relieve stress and increase resistance to them, gain harmony of thought and body.
After a doctor's examination, the therapist is appointedappropriate treatment, on the basis of which a set of procedures will be implemented. The cost of treatment is included in the cost of the tour. Additional procedures are paid separately.
Sanatorium "Miskhor" provides treatmentdiseases of the nervous system, respiratory system, circulatory system, endocrine system, eating disorders, sleep and metabolic disorders. The medical building is equipped with modern equipment. Procedures of physiotherapy, laser therapy, paraffin therapy, aromatherapy, relaxation therapy, acupuncture, functional diagnostics and many other things are conducted. The rehabilitation programs are based on water procedures and curative gymnastics. Treatment without a doctor's appointment or without a sanatorium card is carried out at the expense of a guest.
Healing nature will become an elixir torecovery and strengthening of immunity for a long time. Questions about the health procedures can be asked by phone or at the address: Bolshaya Yalta, Mishor settlement, sanatorium. Prices for accommodation in 2015 with basic treatment, depending on the chosen number and season, range from 1502.00 rubles to 5810.00 rubles; with individual treatment - from 1595.00 rubles to 5976.00 rubles.

Miskhor Health Resort How to get there


The territory of the sanatorium is a beautiful smalla park. The paths between the buildings are neatly tiled. Walking from the hull to the polyclinic will bring pleasure and strengthen the muscles. Rest will not only be healthy for the body, but for the figure. Along the paths are benches, on which after sea procedures you can rest before eating, enjoy the clean air. Lawns adorn the trimmed and well-groomed ornamental plants. Sanatorium "Miskhor" has its own equipped beach with small pebbles.

Mishor sanatorium phone

Entertainment and reviews

The health resort guarantees an uninteresting rest foradults and children. On the territory of the sanatorium there are cinemas, halls for conferences and banquets, gyms, various sports grounds, sauna, billiards, children's playgrounds, swimming pools (including children's). With the children there are professional animators, entertaining events. For adults, there are night bars, discos. In the village there are a hairdresser, a currency exchange, a communication department, a ticket office for transport.

Crimean Miskhor Sanatorium Ai Petri

A full rest is the Black Sea, a healingnature, health resort "Miskhor", Crimea. Reviews left by tourists on tourist sites, cause a double impression about the health resort. The main contingent of visitors is families with children. Professional animators hold themed events and celebrations. Children are delighted with the impressions they received, which is confirmed by positive reviews. Attentive and polite doctors work in the clinic, provide an excellent medical base, but all the "most interesting" procedures are performed for a fee. The courteous attitude of the staff motivates people to return again and again to the Mishor sanatorium. The food is balanced. Twice a week they spend days of national cuisine. These days, waiters serve visitors in national costumes. All the negative impressions concerning the food and the comfort of the rooms are covered by the beautiful nature of the southern coast. Excursions to mysterious and historical places with a professional guide, water activities - motorcycle, banana, diving - deliver boundless joy and a fountain of emotions.

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Sanatorium Miskhor (Yalta, Crimea): prices, reviews, how to get there, phone and other contacts Sanatorium Miskhor (Yalta, Crimea): prices, reviews, how to get there, phone and other contacts Sanatorium Miskhor (Yalta, Crimea): prices, reviews, how to get there, phone and other contacts Sanatorium Miskhor (Yalta, Crimea): prices, reviews, how to get there, phone and other contacts Sanatorium Miskhor (Yalta, Crimea): prices, reviews, how to get there, phone and other contacts Sanatorium Miskhor (Yalta, Crimea): prices, reviews, how to get there, phone and other contacts Sanatorium Miskhor (Yalta, Crimea): prices, reviews, how to get there, phone and other contacts Sanatorium Miskhor (Yalta, Crimea): prices, reviews, how to get there, phone and other contacts Sanatorium Miskhor (Yalta, Crimea): prices, reviews, how to get there, phone and other contacts Sanatorium Miskhor (Yalta, Crimea): prices, reviews, how to get there, phone and other contacts Sanatorium Miskhor (Yalta, Crimea): prices, reviews, how to get there, phone and other contacts Sanatorium Miskhor (Yalta, Crimea): prices, reviews, how to get there, phone and other contacts