Salary increase for civil servants in 2019

Salaries of civil servants who are fully accrued from the state budget have not increased since 2014. In 2016, it was announced that after the end of the moratorium on the increase in salaries, an ordinary employee will receive an increase of 38%. However, soon the application was withdrawn and the question was postponed until better times. Judging by the latest news, a salary increase in 2019 will still take place, as has already been officially announced with the designation of specific numbers.

It should be noted that the principle of accrual of salaries of public servants consists of many components, therefore, it’s not so easy to figure out how the announced growth will affect real incomes.

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How much will the real increase

The government press service and the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation announced the upcoming reforms in this area, which will begin in 2018. Not only the size of the salary of civil servants will change, but the general principle of accruals will also be transformed, which will now take into account the incentive payments for the effective work of a single unit.

The departmental departments provide data, judging by which current wages are often differentiated unreasonably, therefore the situation will fundamentally change.

The Ministry of Economic Development promises that payments for officials throughout 2019 will be increased by 8%. For these purposes, 450 billion rubles have already been invested, which appear in the draft budget for 2019 under development. Finally, it will be possible to state that the planned measure will be realized only after the corresponding federal law is approved by the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation at the end of 2018. If this item passes all readings without changes, then the officials will indeed receive an increase in the form of 8% indexation. This increase in the salary of civil servants will affect only the part in which the salary directly appears; it does not apply to all other categories that make up wages.

Experts and analysts have announced approximate figures, judging by which the average salary of a civil servant in 2019 in Russia will be 137, 8 thousand rubles. This will include all items of charges, and not just the “bare” salary. This averaging is also quite conditional and does not allow to know the real picture, because the salaries of officials at different levels differ significantly.If a civil servant in the presidential staff receives about 200 thousand each month, then a category I specialist is 26 thousand. This difference is more than significant and served as a reason for dissatisfaction among younger employees of the apparatus.

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When to expect indexing

One part of the expected increase is indexing. It is worth noting that in this case we are not talking about a real increase in income. The goals pursued by the indexation are to catch up with the level of annual inflation and “tighten up” wages in accordance with its rate.

Judging by the latest news, the first stage of increase is scheduled for the first or second quarter of 2019. The size will be 4%. The second stage is expected in the last quarter, presumably in October. The size will be the same 4%, but already taking into account the previous increase.

Stimulation payments

But the main changes will affect stimulation payments. At the moment, monthly payments to officials consist of the following components:

  • salary for a certain position;
  • salary in accordance with the rank;
  • length of service (for employees with experience of up to 5 years - 15%, 5 - 10 years - 20%, 10 - 20 years - 30%);
  • additional payments for civil servants, provided that they work in secret units or in conditions of particular complexity (the size of co-payments varies from 60% of salary for the lower ranks to 200% for management).

Many analysts and economists make predictions that in 2019 there will be an increase in the first two components, while the rest will not remain on the same scale. Now they will not be ubiquitous, but will be distributed only to those who actually fulfill all the official standards prescribed in the employment contract, or exceed them, which will have to be proved individually. The stimulation payments from the federal budget in 2019 are planned to allocate the amount of 380 billion rubles.

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Responsible bodies involved in the development of the criterion approach declare that the emphasis will be placed on the salaries of young specialists, because there is a need to attract competent young personnel to the ranks of civil servants. Another goal of the reform is to make the civil service attractive for Russians, which will cause healthy competition and stimulate the acquisition of additional higher education and the overall growth of the competence of the staff. One of the mechanisms that can be applied for this is the increase in salaries, along with a reduction in the total number of civil servants.

At the moment, the criterion principle is only being developed by the relevant authorities, and it is likely that it will take effect from the beginning of 2019. In any case, according to the plan for 2019, it must be approved and launched to function.

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