Russian youth soccer championship in 2018-2019

The youth championship of Russia in football in 2018-2019 is a tournament of teams with the best young talents of clubs. The competition began only in 2008, when the doubles championship was abolished. The championship is replete with interesting matches, because it is played by hungry players to win, laid out to the maximum in each game.

Competition rules

The youth championship of Russia in football in 2018-2019 has 16 teams assigned to certain clubs of the Premier League. The main difference between the championship and the Premier League is the unshakable rule, according to which no more than three football players born before January 1, 1996 can be in the team at the same time. All other players must be under 23 years old.

The tournament regulations are identical to the adult competition, that is, each team spends two matches with opponents from the table (in its stadium and in the opponent's arena).Three points are awarded for a win, each team lays one point for a draw, the losing football team does not receive any points. The final places are distributed according to the points scored. The club, which appeared on the first line in the table, receives the honorary title of champions of the youth Premier League. Last season, Krasnodar became a triumphant championship.

Youth team Krasnodar

Matches are held the day before the meetings of the adult teams, so there are 30 rounds in the competition. The competition began on July 27, 2018, and the final matches of the championship will be held on May 25. The championship provides a winter break - from November to March. It is noteworthy that in the meetings of the youth championship of Russia in football 2018-2019, it is allowed to make up to 7 substitutions, and this opens up the opportunity for the coaching staff to widely rotate and practice various game schemes.

Championship goals

The expediency of introducing the youth league into the system of training beginner football players is beyond doubt. Previously existing doubles tournament provided for participation in the masts only of players who were not declared for the main Premier League meeting.This in no way affected the development of domestic football, which gradually fell into decay. With the appearance of the tournament for the youth, the RFU obliged every club in the elite division to create their own football school. Without compliance with this condition, the team simply could not go through the licensing procedure.

Today we can safely say that the Youth Football Championship was established for the following purposes:

  • popularization of sports among young men;
  • search and development of talented football players;
  • gaining experience with coaching and referee staff.

All the above tasks are performed by the tournament, and young football players have a wonderful competitive ground for practicing tactical and game skills. Someone may complain about the lack of incentive, because the victor of the competition receives nothing except the honorary regalia of the champion. However, for young football players, the most important thing is to win every match and to challenge an adult team as soon as possible, so they are probably all right with motivation.


Russian youth soccer championship 2018-2019 in full swing.The starting six rounds were played, and the leaders, middle peasants and outsiders of the tournament were already outlined. The championship table can be found below:

League position Club name Number of points
1 CSKA 14
2 "Dynamo" 10
3 "Rostov" 10
4 Arsenal (Tula) 10
5 "Ural" 10
6 "Locomotive" 9
7 "Wings of Soviets" 9
8 Krasnodar 9
9 "Ruby" 8
10 "Akhmat" 8
11 "Zenith" 6
12 "Yenisei" 6
13 "Spartacus" 5
14 "Orenburg" 5
15 "Anji" 5
16 "Ufa" 0

Contenders to win

The most award-winning youth league club is Spartak Moscow, which is not surprising, since the Red-and-Whites have one of the strongest football academies in the country. Talented players, even if they do not subsequently enter the adult team, are bought up by various Premier League clubs. However, in the past two years, the Spartak youth team has lost its position and the maximum that it claims to be is in the top ten (there is no talk about medals yet). In the current season, apparently, the situation will recur, because the young talents of the “red-whites” have lost points even in the match with “Anji”.

Youth Team Sparta

The list of the main contenders for victory in the youth championship includes:

  • CSKA;
  • "Dynamo";
  • Krasnodar.

The school “CSKA” has always been famous for its young talents, and from the last stars of the youth team of “Army men” who played at the world level, we can recall Alexander Golovin and Fyodor Chalov. In "CSKA" know how to temper the character and raise the younger generation. Moscow Dynamo, which won the tournament in question three times, is not far behind in this respect. Today in the youth team there are several prospects of players who determine the result of the “white-blue”. As for Krasnodar, on the basis of the club, the best football academy in the regions has been established, which regularly supplies “fresh blood” as the basis for the bulls. Last year's championship was perceived by many as a natural result of the fruitful work and financial spending of Sergei Galitsky. Will Krasnodar be able to win a second consecutive championship victory - we will find out very soon.

Thus, the youth championship of Russia in football in 2018-2019 is worthy of spectator's attention. And although the minimum number of fans goes to the matches of these teams, they definitely leave satisfied with what they see. In each match, young talents do not feel sorry for themselves; they fight in every part of the field and demonstrate non-childish passions on the way to adult football.

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