Russian female names and their meanings (in alphabetical order)

With the adoption of Christianity, the Russian izoslov was enriched with names belonging to almost the entire world civilization: Greek, Jewish, Roman, and other names came to us with Byzantine holy calendar. Thus, it turns out that the female Russian names that surround us have very different origins, they came to us from different nations and enriched Russian culture with their sound, content and meaning.

Female names of Slavic origin

It is precisely the female names of Slavic origin that can be considered truly Russian. In the old days of female names of Slavic origin, there were a great many, but to this day only a few remained in use.

Russian names for women of Greek origin

Among all the modern female Russian names the most names are of Greek origin. They were often given as baptismal names, which led to their widespread use during the time of Christianity.

Female names of Latin (Roman) origin

In the old days, Latin (or ancient Roman) language was fairly widespread. Therefore, Roman names penetrated the cultures of so many nations. In due course female names of the Roman origin got the widest popularity in Russia.

Russian female names of Jewish origin

Female names of Jewish origin are also quite often met and are found in Russia. And the most famous of them is Maria.

Female names of Soviet origin

Most of the female names of Soviet origin were rarely used and did not take root, remaining more like historical linguistic curiosity. However, some of these names, compiled successfully, have been preserved and have become quite widely known.

Popular and rare female Russian names and their meanings - this is fate, purpose. All female names define the purpose of life, therefore, since ancient times the choice of a name has been a sacred ritual, called “reproach”. Unfortunately, almost forgotten now. Parents, choosing the name of their daughter, are guided by anything but the simplest settings.Despite the diversity of female Russian names, parents sometimes choose the most appropriate name for their daughter becomes very difficult. You can choose infinitely, but it is important to remember one simple rule: the rougher and tougher the Russian female name sounds, the stronger, bold and even courageous character the girl with that name will have. Those names that are dominated by vowels of sonoric sounds most often reward their owners with softness and tenderness.

When choosing a name for the daughter, it is important to achieve harmony between the name, surname and patronymic. If we talk about the basic traditions of naming, then quite often parents name their daughters in honor of relatives, prominent personalities, celebrities.

And, of course, like other names, Russian female names are not without meaning, they carry a certain message, a message. So, the most popular and common Russian female names are Alexandra, Daria, Elena, Elizaveta, Anna, Tatyana.

Among the female Russian names there are the most interesting, melodic and beautiful. These can be the names of Vasilisa, Valeria, Veronika, Victoria, Eugene, Miroslav, Polina, Julia.Increasingly, modern parents are choosing these once-rare names for their daughters.

A characteristic feature of female Slavic names is the presence of several bases, most often two. Here, for example, Yaroslav, Miroslav, Svetlana, Milolika and others. Female Slavic names are quite simple, understandable, to grasp their meaning you do not need to refer to special literature. That is why they are so popular.

If we touch upon the ancient Slavs, then it becomes clear that they, as a matter of fact, adhered to a double name, as they believed in a mystical connection between him and his owner. So, the real name was known only to a narrow circle of people, that is, relatives. Everyone else knew the so-called "false name." As a rule, the second name was given to the child as a teenager, as it indicated a certain feature of his behavior and character.

In the past few years, parents began to choose female Slavic names for their daughters, which were rare for quite a while. And all because you want to emphasize the individuality, expressiveness, and also to give the child certain features characteristic of this name.The most beautiful and resounding female names of Slavic origin can be called Yarin, Miroslav, Zlata, Vladislav, Lyubomila, Lyubov, Lyudmila, Milana, Milena, Snezhana.

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