Russian Cup 2018-2019

Russian Cup 2018-2019 year - an annual competition held in parallel with the Premier League under the auspices of the RFU. For many teams, this is the only chance to win a prestigious trophy and get into the European Cups. On the example of "Tosno", a modest club, which in the past was able to sensationally won the Russian Cup, we can judge the unpredictability of the tournament. Despite the skepticism of many experts who note the low importance of this competition for the grandees of Russian football, its popularity is increasing every year, and more and more fans come to the stadiums.

A few words about the rules

Russian Cup 2018-2019 is a knockout tournament. It starts from the 1/256 stage of the final, when teams from minor amateur and semi-professional leagues converge in the fight for the passage to the next stage. Clubs from the FNL - the second-highest football championship of Russia, start in the Cup with the 1/32 finals, and the most interesting begins in the 1/16 finals, when the squad includes RFPL teams.

Russian Cup

Each stage consists of one match, as a result of which the winner is determined. If, within 90 minutes of the normal time, the scoreboard remains equal, two extra halves of 15 minutes are appointed. When extra time did not help to identify the winner of the confrontation, a series of penalties is appointed. The team that won the game goes to the next stage, the losing squad leaves the tournament.

What does winning the Cup promise?

The club that won the trophy in question receives several bonuses at once, among which are:

  • solid premium from the RFU;
  • the right to participate in the Super Bowl of Russia 2019;
  • opportunity to play in the group stage of the Europa League.

For many teams, including the FNL and the basement of the Premier League, the Russian Cup in 2018-2019 will be the only opportunity to please their fans. It is no secret that the grandees of domestic football are often put on the regular championship, therefore, in this tournament, reserve teams or youth are put up for the match. As a result, even a team from minor leagues that is mediocre in recruiting players can create a sensation due to dedication, dedication and lack of concentration of the opponent.

Match schedule

The calendar of the games of the Cup of Russia on football 2018-2019 year at the stage of the 1/16 finals is as follows:

Date of play Members Location
26. 09. 2018 "Tyumen" - "CSKA" Tyumen, "Geologist"
26. 09. 2018 Baltika - Lokomotiv (Moscow) Kaliningrad, "Kaliningrad"
26. 09. 2018 "Luke-Energy" - "Yenisei" Great Luke, "Express"
26. 09. 2018 Torpedo - Dynamo (Moscow) Moscow, "Stadium them. Edward Streltsov "
26. 09. 2018 Khimki - Ruby Khimki, Arena Khimki
26. 09. 2018 "Avangard" - "Krasnodar" Course, "Labor Reserves"
26. 09. 2018 "Tambov" - "Wings of the Soviets" Tambov, "Spartak"
27. 09. 2018 “Volgar” - “Zenith” Astrakhan, "Central"
27. 09. 2018 "Syzran-2003" - "Rostov" Syzran, "Crystal"
27. 09. 2018 Chernomorets - Spartak Novorossiysk, "Central"
27. 09. 2018 "Seagull Peschanokopskoe" - "Anji" Peschanokopskoye, "Stadium them. I.P. Chaika "
27. 09. 2018 Nizhny Novgorod - Ufa Nizhny Novgorod, Nizhny Novgorod
27. 09. 2018 "Neftekhimik" - "Ural" Nizhnekamsk, "Neftekhimik"
27. 09. 2018 "SKA-Khabarovsk" - "Akhmat" Khabarovsk, "Stadium them. Lenin "
27. 09. 2018 Sakhalin - Arsenal (Tula) Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Spartak
27. 09. 2018 "Dynamo-Barnaul" - "Orenburg" Barnaul, Dynamo

It is noteworthy that all Premier League clubs will begin the draw of the KR 2018-2019 guest matches.This is a kind of curtsy from the leaders of the RFU in the direction of less powerful teams, which will now be a little easier at the home stands to defeat a more eminent and strong opponent.

Final tournament

According to the RFU officials, starting from 2019, all the final matches of the Russian Football Cup will be held at the Luzhniki stadium in the capital. The arena, reconstructed for the 2018 World Cup, is one of the grandest sports facilities in the country. The stands of the stadium can accommodate 81 thousand spectators, and in the final match they will surely be filled to capacity. Last year, even the modest sign "Tosno" - "Avangard" was able to collect more than 50 thousand fans.

It is noteworthy that the Luzhniki Arena is used exclusively for cultural events and home games of the Russian national football team, which in the autumn of 2018 will take part in the UEFA National League. None of the teams of the Premier League, it is not home, which equalizes the chances of the finalists to win. This stadium, located near the Sparrow Hills, has a rich history, so to speak at it is a great honor for any club.

Cup favorites

In the light of nondescript performances in the Premier League, many experts were quick to identify several football teams who would certainly want to save the season by winning the Russian Cup. Among them:

  • CSKA;
  • "Spartacus";
  • "Locomotive";
  • Krasnodar.

“CSKA” after the departure of Alexander Golovin in “Monaco”, as well as the completion of the career of the Berezutsky brothers and Ignashevich, started a serious restructuring. The beginning of the season showed that the army team will not fight for the championship this season, so the importance of the Cup is beyond doubt. In the case of passing to the spring stage of the competition, when CSKA can debug team interactions, the wards of Viktor Goncharenko will become the main contender for victory.

The second clear favorite of the Russian Cup is Lokomotiv. Despite the preservation of the backbone of the championship and reinforcement in the offseason, the “railroad workers” started the regular championship casually and were lost in the middle of the standings. If the wards of Yuri Semin will not be able to get into the knockout round of the Champions League, then the only opportunity to rehabilitate in the eyes of the fans will be the Cup.By the way, together with CSKA, Lokomotiv won this trophy seven times.

Match Cup of Russia on football

Departure from the Champions League and the sale of top scorer "Spartak" Quincy Promes does not inspire optimism in the fans of the "red and white". Obviously, it will be extremely difficult for Massimo Carrera to get around the current Zenit, which at the start of the Premier League demonstrates excellent football. If in the spring stage of the regular championship “Spartak” will lose chances for the first place, then the team will concentrate all its attention on the Cup of the country.

The “dark horse” of the tournament is considered by many to be “Krasnodar”. In terms of potential, the club of Sergei Galitsky is in no way inferior to the grandees of Russian football, but for a long time remains without trophies. It does not help either the rotation of the coaches, nor the inclusion in the composition of young and hungry football players to win. According to the theory of probability, the “bulls” are obliged to “shoot” sometime, so why shouldn't they do it in the current draw?

Thus, the Russian Football Cup 2018-2019, the calendar of which provides for matches until May, will bring fans a lot of unpredictable results and vivid emotions. The tournament, where even a modest club from the province can offer decent resistance to the grandees, will always arouse the genuine interest of No. 1 game lovers in the world.

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