Russian comedies of 2017-2018

We invite you to read the review on the Russian comedies 2017-2018 year. For you, we have selected those films that, in our humble opinion, are able to find a response from the widest possible audience of viewers.

Kitchen. last fightKitchen. last fight

Premiere: April 20, 2017 (hereinafter the current release date of the film is shown in Russia, unless otherwise noted)

Genre: comedy

Director: Anton Fedotov

Cast: Dmitry Nazarov, Dmitry Nagiyev, Sergey Lavygin, Oleg Tabakov, Anfisa Chernykh, Kirill Kovbas, Sergey Epishev, Mikhail Tarabukin, Nikita Tarasov, Mikhail Bashkatov, etc.

Probably the most important Russian comedy, which went to the cinemas during the 2017-2018 year, is a new full-length film from the “Kitchen” series. Actually, we will begin with it. This is another full meter, released directly from the already become a cult series, the main theme of which is everything that is directly related to food and its preparation. At the same time, it is also a farewell to their beloved heroes.You will learn about all this and many other things just by watching a movie. Interesting?

Private Pioneer 3Private Pioneer 3

Premiere: during 2017

Genre: comedy, adventure, family

Director: Alexander Karpilovsky

Cast: Semyon Treskunov, Egor Klinaev, Anfisa Vistingauzen, Maxim Ivanov, Timofey Tribuntsev, Andrey Merzlikin, Oleg Blinov, Stanislav Rumyantsev, Daria Rudenok, Maria Lisovaya, etc.

The third chapter in the history of the life of the Soviet pioneers. The main characters have already grown, and this part will be for them the logical conclusion of their teenage personality formation period. After that, each of them will begin a completely different life. In adulthood, of course, there will be many other acquaintances, which means there will be new adventures. But it will be a completely different story. In the meantime, they need to finish school.

Merry nightMerry night

Premiere: during 2017

Genre: comedy

Director: Artur Ilinykh

Cast: Mikhail Efremov, Roman Yunusov, Masha Malinovskaya, Daniil Belykh, Vladimir Dolinsky, Boris Kamorzin, Evgenia Loza, Alexander Tyutin, Ivan Kokorin, Alexander Ogorodov, etc.

This is a story about how well-off spouses still decided to get out of their everyday hustle and bustle to rest properly.It turned out that the husband wanted to go to one place, and his wife chose another. In the end, both were upset. And did not go anywhere. Yes, they were so angry with each other that I had to call a lawyer to judge both. It will be confusing and funny, but the thing is, as it turned out, in the royal diadem ...

Happy birthdayHappy birthday

Premiere: September 7, 2017

Genre: comedy

Director: Roman Karimov

Cast: Nikita Sanayev, Eldar Kalimulin, Danila Chvanov, Alina Titova, Victoria Ivankova, Agisha Semashkova, Yevgenia Godunova, Irina Savakova

It seems to us that the list of the best Russian comedies of 2017-2018 should necessarily include the new directorial works of Roma Karimov. The author of such cult film production as “Inadequate People”, after hooligan and riotous comedies like “Everything and at once” and “Walk, Vasya!” Continues to amuse people, so to speak, with ridiculous debauchery, shown in almost details. “Happy Birthday” is a story about how friends celebrate their birthday together. In the style of "Bitter!". But with the taste of Roman Karimov. In the literal and figurative sense.

Grandma easy behaviorGrandma easy behavior

Premiere: August 17, 2017

Genre: comedy

Director: Marius Weisberg

Cast: Alexander Revva, Glukoza, Filipp Kirkorov, Elena Valyushkina, Vladimir Tolokonnikov, Yevgeny Gerchakov, Yola Sanko, Olga Blagaya, Natalia Bardo

Marius Weisberg, the author of such comedies as “Love in the big city” and “8 new dates”, decided to surprise the audience of the audience, who like such films, with a tape called “Grandmother of easy virtue”. Immediately, the two Kadyklabovist Alexander Revva got himself two main roles here: men and grandmothers. Also here is the singer Glukoza. Well, without the "I" Philip Kirkorov has not done.

How Vitka Garlic was taking Lyokh Shtyr to the home for the disabledHow Vitka Garlic brought Lyokh Shtyr to the home for the disabled

Premiere: September 2017

Genre: comedy, drama, crime

Director: Alexander Hunt

Cast: Alexei Serebryakov, Yevgeny Tkachuk, Olga Lapshina, Alina Nasibullina, Georgy Kudrenko, Roman Shalyapin, Alexandra Veleskevich, Ksenia Orlova, Natalia Vdovina, Dmitry Arkhangelsky, etc.

“Like Vitka Garlic brought Lyokh Shtyr to the home for the disabled” is not a pure comedy, and more is even a criminal drama, which is still not without humor. So it seems to us. Vicka Garlic is the son of Löhe Pin. Lyokha Shtyr is a criminal, and Vitka Chesnok, although he started a family, is still not completely satisfied with such a life. And here they meet later.Vitka grew up in an orphanage, and Lyokha needs to be taken to a disabled home. And here they go. And on the way everything happens to them. On the way they have a lot of dangers through which they must literally get through.

Also during 2017, the following films have already been released or will be released, in which the comedy genre plays an important role: family films with Olesya Sudzilovskaya “Yana + Yanko”, “Classmates: A New Turn” with Svetlana Khodchenkova, “Lucky Case” with team members KVN "Ural dumplings", "Save Pushkin" with Konstantin Kryukov, "Graphomafia" with Gosha Kutsenko, "From Ufa with Love" fiction "The Hole" with Mikhail Efremov, "Myths Fedor Bondarchuk, "Blockbuster" Roman Volobueva and others.

Well, the new “Yolki” at the end of 2017 will be released in the cinema. Where do without them ...

Also, the following short film will be your bonus: Z. It was shot by Vasily Sigarev, and in the main role Jan Troyanov is involved. This is a comedic horror film in which “Natural Blonde” Nikolai Baskov turns into a zombie. Enjoy your viewing!

We turn to the year 2018.

Fizruk saves RussiaFizruk saves Russia

Premiere: during 2018

Genre: Comedy, Action

Director: Egor Baranov

Cast: Dmitry Nagiyev, Anastasia Panina, Daniil Vakhrushev, Vladimir Sychev and others.

Probably among the Russian comedies that will be released in 2018, the most significant will be “Fizruk saves Russia”. This is a full-length film, which will be a direct continuation of the story begun in the TV series “Fizruk”. Dmitry Nagiyev, naturally, will return to the image of Thomas, with whom he literally cannot be separated. Return to the project, and many other actors of the series. The plot, according to rumors, will be built around the fact that Thomas once again became a wealthy and respected person, and this time the powers given to him should help save the whole country. Wow!


Premiere: during 2018

Genre: comedy, horror

Director: Yevgeny Abyzov

Cast: to be approved later

“Kebabs” is a comedy made according to the script of Zory Kryzhovnikov, who was previously famous for his “Bitter!” And “The Best Day” dilogy. As the picture slogan says, there will be a place in it for skewers, for sex, and for blood. It sounds menacing and at the same time logical.Still, someone loves meat with blood. In the literal and figurative sense. He directs a film about young people who went on vacation in the direction of an abandoned camp site, Evgeny Abyzov, who had previously delighted a considerable number of viewers with his comedies “Doubler” and “Easy to mention”.


Premiere: February 14, 2018

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Director: Oleg Trofim

Cast: Aglaia Tarasova, Diana Enakaeva, Maria Aronova, Alexander Petrov, Milosh Bikovich, Jan Tsapnik, Ksenia Rappoport, Ksenia Lavrova-Glinka, Pavel Maykov, Maxim Belborodov, etc.

Valentine's Day in Russia in 2018 will be even more romantic because the melodramatic comedy “Ice” will be released. She will tell about the talented figure skater Nadia, who by the will of fate was in a hospital bed. It seems that as a result of what happened, the old dreams are no longer to return, but suddenly hockey player Sasha appears in her life. Already from the very first glance, they disliked each other, but over time their relationship grew into something more. And now the story of great love is able to return Nadezhda’s hopes of the past in order to transfer it to a glorious future through a happy present. Will she be in it with Sasha?

Love storyLove story

Premiere: February 14, 2018

Genre: Comedy, Adventure, Romance

Director: Peter Todorovsky

Cast: Alexander Petrov, Vilma Kutavichyute, Michael Tee

The comedy "Love Story" has acquired additional genres for a fascinating story in the face of adventure and melodrama, to tell the viewer the story of how two people who in the past had loved each other suddenly met in the present. Seva - a loser actor, moonlighting in a taxi. Masha is a carefree girl who decided to go to her own wedding in Sochi by ordering a taxi. It was in Sochi that teenage love once flared between them. There are 1600 kilometers of adventure ahead and plenty of time to make the right choice for your future. The debut work of Peter Todorovsky, son of Valery Todorovsky and grandson of Peter Yefimovich Todorovsky.

Superbobrovy 2SuperBobs Time to go home

Premiere: during 2018

Genre: comedy, family, fantasy

Director: Dmitry Dyachenko

Cast: to be approved later, but, most likely, all the main actors of the original film will be involved in the continuation

The premiere of the sequel to the Russian family fiction SuperBobrov is scheduled for 2018. Its production should be done by Dmitry Dyachenko, who created the original comedy.By the way, he is the author of such films as “What Men Talk About,” “Radio Day” and “Faster than Rabbits,” as well as the TV series “Kitchen” and the full-length film “Kitchen in Paris”. Probably, all actors from the first part will be involved in the continuation. After all, together they - the power! And now they will need to return home. Without delay.

What Men Talk About. ContinuationWhat Men Talk About. Continuation

Premiere: February 22, 2018

Genre: comedy

Director: Fluza Farhshatova

Cast: Leonid Barats, Alexander Demidov, Camille Larin, Rostislav Khait, Alexey Barabash, Elena Podkaminskaya, Tatyana Dogileva, Leonid Kanevsky, Christina Babushkina, Mikhail Prokhorov, etc.

In 2018, the third part will be released in the “What Men Talk About” series. Apparently, it will be more like the original film, rather than his sequel. This time, the four main characters will go to St. Petersburg to rest there from working everyday life. And on the way, they, as always, will fall into a variety of adventures. It will be fascinating, believe me. The rock band "Bi-2" will write again the soundtrack to the comedy about men's talk about daily life. True, the focus of this tape will be shifted to several in the direction of the search for happiness. Somehow it will be.

I am losing weightI am losing weight

Premiere: during 2018

Genre: comedy

Director: Alexey Nuzhny

Cast: to be approved later

“I'm losing weight” is a comedy directed by Alexei Nuzhny, which, we think, is ambiguous. And yet its main meaning is the idea of ​​clearly demonstrating the fact when a girl who lost her beloved person immediately tries to figure out what happened. In most cases, it seems to her that all this happened because of her overweight. The main character tries to lose a few kilograms. And life will be adjusted. At least she thinks so. And what does Alexey Nuzhny think about this?


Premiere: during 2018

Genre: Comedy, Adventure, Action

Director: Ruslan Paushu

Cast: Anna Churina, Alexander Robak, Egor Beroev and others.

Very brave story. This is indicated by the film's slogan. The plot here is built around the fact that the well-known top model, accustomed to luxury, falls on the bait of its sworn rival and finds itself in the taiga. Far from civilization, it is located along with jewelry, the cost of which is estimated at several million dollars.There’s no way to wait for help, except to ask her for a jeep. Those, although rampant, as it seems to her at first, but clearly better than any bear living in these parts. They agree to help her and bring her closer to civilization, but behind them are more dangerous people whose goal is that which keeps this glamorous fifa with them. And now she will certainly have to find out everything about herself, and also answer the question of who she really is.

Angels of cosmosAngels of cosmos

Premiere: during 2018

Genre: comedy, fantasy, adventure

Director: Anton Vereshchagin

Cast: to be approved later

Anton Vereshchagin, aimed at producing interesting family cartoons and movies, in 2018 will release the fantasy adventure comedy Angels of Space on large screens. It will be a story about how poor guy Rick and daughter of representatives of the political elite Ana fall in love with each other. But first they will need to become astronauts. To further save the Earth and Mars from impending danger. The events of the film will take place in the universe of Angels of the Cosmos, which in fact turns out to be something like a Hollywood show business. Something like this.

Night shiftNight shift

Premiere: during 2018

Genre: comedy

Director: Marius Weisberg

Cast: Vladimir Yaglych, Pavel Derevyanko, Ksenia Teplova, Natalya Bardo, Igor Zhizhikin, Valentina Mazunina, Elena Valyushkina, Sergey Glushko, Emin Agalarov

Another Marius Weisberg film on our list. “Night Shift” is a comedy about how Max, who previously worked at the plant, suddenly starts lying to his wife. Such peripetias in the life of the protagonist happened immediately after he was fired from his previous job. He has a beloved family to feed. But the wife of the dismissal should not know. And now he decides to temporarily earn extra money by a stripper, agreeing to the tempting offer of his classmate. I wonder how Anya will react to this after learning about Max?

Moscow is in loveMoscow is in love

Premiere: during 2018

Genre: comedy

Director: Konstantin Fam

Cast: Svetlana Khodchenkova, Evgeny Gerasimov, Vyacheslav Chepurchenko, Rinal Mukhametov, Martha Drozdova

“Moscow in Love” is not just a film in which Svetlana Khodchenkova plays one of the roles. Yes, she is the main one here, but even without her it will be interesting, believe me.One day, Cupid, as the name of a Moscow taxi driver, without knowing it, becomes a witness to the intersection of three love stories at once. And when it happened, he is not so badly and upset by the fact that Moscow simply does not notice him. It seems, finally, he found his place here.

Immortal lifeImmortal life

Premiere: during 2018

Genre: Comedy, Adventure

Director: Evgeny Shelyakin

Cast: Alexey Guskov, Timofey Tribuntsev, Oksana Fandera, Roman Kurtsyn, Igor Ugolnikov, Lydia Velezheva, Polina Pushkaruk, Stanislav Lyubshin

Director Yevgeny Shelyakin presents the story of how Alexander Khristoforov, who had worked as an actor in the past, turned out to be a frequenter of a historical amusement park over time. But not on their own. In the sense that he is now working here, but his heart still belongs to the scene.

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