Rolled lawns for summer cottage

Rolled lawns are considered modern design of the dacha, as well as an alternative to standard sowing grass. They are used for a variety of sporting events. You can install furniture on them and have a family picnic. But most often the turf is used for decorative design of the site, as it is the most beautiful decoration of landscape design.

The main advantage of this type of lawn is that it can be landscaped with a fairly short time. Make a suburban area a cozy corner of nature can quality rolled lawn Nizhny Novgorod has many shops where you can buy this material. A green velvet lawn will delight with its natural freshness, soothe the nervous system, and at a certain location it can visually enlarge the borders of the summer cottage and help build a beautiful composition on it.

Also, the advantages of the finished lawn cover includethat it can perfectly clean the air of dust and gas, help create a beneficial ecological microclimate, muffle noise and absorb vibration. Lawn grass, as an air conditioner with excellent power, can have a cooling effect.

The advantage of the lawn is also resistant to frost, drought and rain. It practically does not trample down, does not germinate by weeds and does not spoil by pests. Green soft carpet can significantly save time and effort. You can lay it on warm days. After winter, such a coating will require low costs to restore its former appearance and beauty.

But lawns in rolls have several disadvantages. After laying in the eyes, visibility of seams between parts of the turf may be noticeable. They can stand out for two months. Due to improper care, detachment of turf can form, which subsequently leads to its deterioration. Detachment occurs when poor watering, so it must be strictly carried out. The service life of a rolled lawn is much less than a standard lawn, which is obtained by sowing.

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