Rolled curtains - practical and stylish

Rolled curtains are the most practical and very simple window decoration. It is not difficult to guess from the name that such “curtains” are a smooth cloth of cloth rolled up. Folding and unfolding of the canvas occurs using a special mechanism.

Fabric rolleta, they rolled curtains are very convenient in use and practical. One of the main advantages of such shadow canvases is an exquisite appearance, which is great for creating coziness in a room without using huge curtains.

It is very easy to buy roller blinds in our company Blinds Maroussia on the website - among the huge variety you can choose ready-made options that are most suitable for a particular window and room. In addition, you can create your own original curtains and blinds with the help of our staff, taking into account all the preferences and wishes.

Design features for roller blinds

Such curtains can not only protect the room from bright light, but also create a truly cozy corner.Installing roller blinds on the plastic windows, you can avoid the artificiality of the room and maintain a special range of interior.

A variety of this type of curtains has a huge range of colors, allowing you to select the fabric individually, as well as varying degrees of translucency, with which it is easy to pick the right amount of daylight.

Blinds Marusya company focuses on popular and high-quality materials, so here you can find roller blinds made of various fabrics - nylon, cotton, polyester, as well as other types of natural and synthetic fabrics. The company's specialists are always ready to answer any questions.

The fabric used for such curtains is durable, because it has resistance to temperature, has anti-dust, anti-static and anti-bacterial properties. That is why the use of roller blinds is ten times more practical than old-fashioned curtains.


Regarding the transmission of light rays, there are several types of roller blinds. Some of them are almost transparent, others - have a certain level of blackout, and the third curtains are made of several layers of fabric, therefore, they completely do not let the sun rays through.

Blinds are an excellent and modern alternative to curtains and curtains from the last century that go out of fashion.

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