Rest in Crimea 2018

In Crimea, the holiday season begins in May and lasts until the end of September. Despite this, during the off-season there are numerous sanatoriums and guest houses. Citizens who want to combine a comfortable rest and improve their health, no time limit is provided (most importantly, the price of vouchers during the off-season differ significantly in the direction advantageous for the vacationer).


The best time to relax in the Crimea will be the second half of June - July. During May, the presence of cool weather is noted, despite the fact that the air warms to a temperature of about +20 degrees and above. August is traditionally considered to be the hottest month in the whole peninsula, if holidaymakers have heart problems, hypertonic disorders, such time for rest is contraindicated for them. Those who decide on early booking in September will be able to count on the most comfortable pastime. The bottom line is that the heat in this period begins to subside a bit, and the sea continues to retain heat. The number of vacationers on the peninsula is significantly reduced, there are practically no schoolchildren and students.For this reason, hotels gradually reduce the cost of rest with the onset of the autumn period.

Rest in Crimea 2018

Regardless of which month was chosen for a holiday, hotels offer an all-inclusive service, within which you can comfortably spend time and enjoy quality services. In order not to be mistaken with the choice of the optimal time, you will need to familiarize yourself with the air temperature, a similar indicator of water in various resorts of the Crimea.

Time of the tourist season: May-September
The optimal time for rest: June July
Treatment at resorts: Salt caves on the Southern coast, mineral waters of Evpatoria
Entertainment: tourism, diving on the west coast
What to see: Swallow's Nest, Genoese fortress

Advantages of rest in the Crimea

It is worth considering where to rest in the Crimea, try to do it yourself or with children. The peninsula has the following advantages:

  • Excellent by all indicators of nature, you can observe scenic views that can cause emotion even among the most skeptical of the rest;
  • Due to the fact that the peninsula is washed by the warm waters of the Black Sea,there is enough healthy air, hot sand on the beaches - the most favorable climate is ensured, which further contributes to the formation of a healthy human body;
  • For therapeutic purposes, the mud of Evpatoria is used, on the peninsula there are numerous sources of mineral waters, visiting the South Coast, you can easily try all the features of salt caves;
  • As an option, numerous resorts are available for selection, which have a strictly targeted specialization, depending on the available set of diseases. For example, some institutions specialize exclusively in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, others help with bronchial diseases, still others simply have a tonic effect on the body, increases its tone and allows you to feel just fine;
  • It is noted that every year the infrastructure of the peninsula, aimed at meeting the needs of tourists, is systematically developing and expanding, new resorts, resorts and places of recreation are becoming available. In particular, the very quality of the service itself is improving to a significant degree, as indicated by the positive reviews of satisfied customers who have decided to visit Crimea with a 10-day trip.

What to do in the Crimea

Today you can try in the Crimea a lot, both traditional and absolutely incredible types of recreation. The most popular among them is a beach holiday, which is worth a visit alone or with your family. If we speak for the South Coast, it is mainly pebble beaches that prevail on it. The east coast will be an excellent choice, as you can enjoy your time on the sandy beaches, while the sea itself is quite shallow and warms up well even in cold May.

Rest in Crimea 2018

Those in need of treatment should try the spa services, which specializes in the South Coast and Evpatoria itself. Traditionally, in the specified region there are numerous sanatoriums aimed exclusively at treatment. If it’s preferable to stay with children, you should definitely visit the East Coast with its incredible conditions and comfort.

Those who prefer modern diving, it is best to try to go to the West Coast of Crimea, where you can also choose the original sailing.Fans of informal recreation will be pleased to have the opportunity to go to Koktebel or Kazantip at one of the festivals held regularly here. Individual attention deserve climbing walls, where you can try to get the initial, but the necessary climbing skills. This is only a small part of what the Crimea can attract tourists.

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