Replacing window glass

May 21, 2010
Renovation of apartments

replacement window glassAlthough metal-plastic bags with hermetic glazing are very popular now, the glass replacement skill may still be useful nowadays. Windows with simple glazing are good because the broken glass can be removed, and in its place it is easy to insert a new one. Special skills are not required for this, only some skill is needed.

First, carefully remove the remains of broken glass, as well as nails and putty. To prevent injury, it is better to work in tight gloves. The window frame without finishing should be primed and painted with quick-drying acrylic paint. The glass of the desired size can be ordered from the glazier or cut it yourself.

For work you will need: a spatula, a glass cutter, window putty, kerosene for lubrication, a hammer and thin cloves, as well as, as already mentioned, a primer and acrylic paint of a suitable color.

Replacing the window glass with your own hands

  1. Grind the frame clean and primed with a special compound. Then the frame can be covered with quick-drying paint.Sometimes frames are painted without prior priming.
  2. Outline the boundaries of the cut with a felt-tip pen and cut the glass-cutter, after having dipped it in kerosene.
  3. Cut a sheet of glass and, putting it on a hard edge, lightly tap with a glass cutter. Carefully break the sheet by pressing down.

    replacement windows in the windows

  4. We wait for the paint to dry and apply a thin layer of putty onto the frame, which is carefully leveled with a spatula.
  5. We put the glass on a cushion of putty.
  6. There are special window nails in the form of a bar with serifs. They are bent at a right angle on serifs and slaughtered close to the glass, and then break off. If there are no such nails, then you can use the usual thin nails. Drive them in at 10 cm intervals.
  7. Fill the folds of the frame with soft putty at an angle of 45 degrees. We level it with a spatula dipped in water so as not to putty putty.
  8. A few days later, when the putty dries completely, it is opened with varnish or paint.

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